WFB: Border dispute beetwen Bretonnia and Empire Piątek, Maj 26 2023 

Yesterday we played small battle on 1250 points beetwen my Bretonnians and Łukasz Empire.

– good game, I guess it was Empire victory, suppose 12:8 or 15:5. Thank you Łukasz for great game!
– it’s my last attempt to make WROHammer alive, if I fail shadow of me could be seen playing WFB, but never again I will try to organize anything related to this system, at least I can see that this scenario wouldn’t happen now.
– as making Old World alive again we started playing Mordheim, to be sure I will play both, Mordheim and WFB. Thank you guys who joined our small group playing Mordheim – it’s really nice to see ppl I know from other systems like Bolt Action or other systems, to play together.
– still searching for a job, not sure if I want to be a software tester – probably would like to test games of any kind, but cannot get in that industry.

WROHammer: Final of the league 2022/23 Sobota, Maj 13 2023 

Today we played final of the league started last year – more details HERE. We played in Bolter and we had a lot of fun enjoying our games. From me I want to say big thank you to Krzysztof, for taking seriously idea I throwed on tournament I organised last August, many thanks, you did great job!

Today there were five of us from eleven players involved – many thanks to Rafał – organizer of MISFIRE that he took place of person which cannot be there.

I played first game with Alessandro, my Tilean friend of many games – we had Draw 10:10, then I played my second game first time with Rafał and from start I was thinking to not do mistakes, I losed 15:5 – it was great game anyway, hope we will play again. For my third game I became photographer on my will.

Below is mix of photos of our battles:

– the first place belongs to Alessandro, second to Bartek and third to me – we had great fun, to be sure we plans another league, but first we need to take some rest after that.
– thanks to all participants and I hope to see you again, as I find enough ideas and power to organise more smaller WFB events, probably for smaller points as well.
– we turn back to 6/7 edition, at least we have such plan with some limits.
– of course, I want to go to Prague from time to time to see and play with my Czech and German friends there.

WFB: Exploration of Albion – a fight for lost comrades Czwartek, Kwi 20 2023 

„One more beer for our friendship said Rurik Brassgaze, one more said his new fellow, young knight Louis de Beauville! – camp was full of Bretonnians knights and they servants and Dwarfs they meet during travel in wild area of the Albion. Both parties agreed that they will rejoin they forces, to achieve they mission together, both were tracking Dark Elves who catched they kinsmen in area close to small port Neue Reikdorf in Albion. Both sides had many common in tracking they enemy”.

Today we played smaller game in WFB with army books from 6th and rulebook from 7th edition. It was game played two on two with 600 points per gamer. Together with Alessandro Dwarfs we played on one side, on the other were Dark Elves of Bartek and Krzysiek.

– good to hear before game, that I’m looking happy – strange, as I’m looking for some interesting job – not remote anymore.
– It was nice game and we will repeat it with maybe more points, next time we want to just give a try to old Mordheim.
– we are open to play smaller points, I’m still thinking about some form of campaing, where everyone have a castle and three random places like a town, village, mine, shrine, forest etc. so troops can be a little bit different – still no idea how to organize it.
– next WROHammer will be probably something different to previous one, but anyway, we have to talk about it, in small team.

„Do you smell they fear? Yes, it’s delicious – we have more captives, but we should go for more – release Cold One Knights, they smell them! Yes, let’s start hunting for hummies and davies, run! Catch them all!”.

WFB: In a search of tomb of long forsaken Khorne warrior Wtorek, Kwi 18 2023 

„Somewhere in the north Bretonnia Khorne warriors party landed from the sea and were looking for long forgotten tomb of ancient Khorne warrior, which name was cursed in past and only in they sagas is sung as ‚Bloody whip for Bretonnians’ – damsel of the lady Eleonora had dream about horrors buried in ancient grave, she warned duc Tancred de Beauville to ride forth, as they were on the road in area of tomb – so Bretonnians ordered by they duc had to investigate a tomb, when they appeard – another party emerged from the forest.”

Today we played with Basiorek in Bolter on one thousand points in classical 6th edition of WFB with 7th edition rulebook. Basiorek was playing Khorne army from Norsca or even more to the north, while I was playing my classical Bretonnians from barony of Beauville. As I have to mention some armies from Old World and areas far beyond can be still done with use of current Games Workshop offer – look HERE.

Photos done from Khorne side were done by Basiorek, from my side were done by me.

– at the end we counted scores and Basiorek owned 732 to my 712 – so with such love difference it was draw.
– great game on smaller points, hope to repeat it in the close future.
– it’s funny, I know Basiorek because of our common friend Klocek for many years and we played a lot of Warhammer: Invasion card game, but it was first time we played tabletop game and it was WFB 🙂 .

„When the dust of battle settled, the crypt was found empty, and the Chosen of Khorne withdrew into the forest with the coffin. Duc Tancred ordered his squires to scout next day, as night fell, a few of the best have convinced the duke to move now.”

WFB: WROHammer vol.5 – In nomine principis Henrici Pii Czwartek, Mar 16 2023 

On last Saturday 11.03 we played another event in WFB 7th edition in Wrocław, Bolter. Last edition had more players, but we look for the future, as we know next one will be even better! Our friends from Prague arrived on time and event started on time and we finished in time accepted by Bolter. Then we went for some dinner and beers.

We played on modified rules of Grumpy made by Alex avaible here.

Some photos I did after my first and only game.

– great time with many great ppl, many thanks to Piotr from Bolter for all time support!
– there were different armies as there were: Bretonnia, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, The Empire, Greenskins, Ogre Kingdoms, Vampire Counts and evil Chaos minions called Skavens.
– first place belonged to Daniel with Ogre Kingdoms (44), second place belonged to Alessandro (43) with Greenskins and third place belonged to Wojciech with evil Skavens (42 if I’m correct).
– everyone took prizes, three for everyone plus there were vouchers for 1st, 2nd, 3rd plus Ranald luck and Shalya mercy.
– thank you Alessandro for being judge and to Marian for photos, sorry for losing first match 12:8, I’m usually play weaker cavalry Empire plus Kislev 😉 .

WFB: Underground Empire counterstrike Sobota, Mar 4 2023 

Yesterday I played another game with Sambor in our WROHammer league 2022-23 – thank you Palen, for organising page and league! We had interesting battle in WFB 7th edition. There were several points when game stopped for a moment. I tried to do my best and do photos of those moments.

We played on modified set of rules for WFB – Lore of Grumpy released by Alex, we use version from Semptember/October of 2022.

– great game against Sambor.
– at the end it was 14:6, I was loser in this battle beetwen noble Bretonnians and vile Skavens.
– several moments in the game where crucial for both sides.

WFB: Neigbours disputes over Marienburg Środa, Lu 22 2023 

Last days I had too much free time, sometimes things happen unusual way. Still there are positives – I can play more games including WFB – today 7th edition. With Bartłomiej we played game on 1250 points per side, I played my Empire and Kislev, my opponent played first time his Bretonnia.

– it was great game and it’s nice to see that younger generations are intrested in file and rank system, especially WFB.
– need to paint some meele infantry and more missile armed handgunners and crossbowmens, maybe hellblaster, as again I saw that I have too much cavalry which should fight with enemy weakend by my own fire.

WFB: A clash with enemy who doesn’t exists Niedziela, Lu 19 2023 

Last Saturday I played another game in 2022-2023 league of WROHammer, which was started due efforts of Palen. I had chance to play against Piotr’s Skaven’s. We played with rules attached to page mentioned on the top. We play 7th edition rulebook and army books are generally from this edition as well.

– it was great game, although I have to rethink how to play against such monstrous things like abomination.
– some more days to thinking about changes, not only in tabletop games.

One common thing with my battle, one side was tablet from the field.

WFB: Start of WROHammer 7th edition league Sobota, Wrz 10 2022 

After one small tournament during holidays I dropped words about league and thankfully to Krzysiek we have it – here is official page of league – thank you Palen! So we have first round of good, old WFB. Some of us played in last few days: Alessandro with Piotr, Bartek with Adrian and me with Krzysiek.

– thank you Krzysztof for doing league!
– today we played in Bolter, thank you Bolter team for place to play and Bolter Cafe for great toasts and Mio Mio we can order here.
– armies we played are visible on photos.
link to WROHammer group, link to WFB 7th edition and link to our Czech friends group based in Prague – Praaghammer.
– wish everyone great games in league!
– victory 11:9 belongs to Krzysiek Dark Elves.

WFB 7th: Never ever go on ogres without guns Czwartek, Maj 5 2022 

Today we played smaller game in WFB on 1250 points per side, I took my cavalry Empire and Kislev and my enemy took Ogres. It was nice, two hours game, where I discovered, that one cannon could make difference – but I don’t have any such device today.

– this day belong to Ogre Kingdoms!

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