WFB: Tournament in honour of Ludvik Jagellonsky Poniedziałek, Maj 16 2022 

Last Saturday it was pleasure to participate in event done by Martin and Alex in Prague. It was great that after WROHammer vol.3 I was able to rejoin them in Prague. Event was great and we have plans for repeating it in Prague (Czech Republic) and in Wrocław (Poland). We want to do events abroad those two cities too. Praha (PRAAGHammer) and Wrocław (WROHammer) communities have bond we want to continue to grow up!

Friendship and friends are important for everyone, as I had abroad most friends from Russia I have meet many great ppl from Czech Republic, want to meet more!

– it’s great to play with friends abroad, we want to repeat it in July, then probably Wrocław, then Praha. Then repeat.
– thank you Ludek, Tomas and Vladimir for three great games.
– I love our talk about everything.
– Alessandro mate, thank you for believing in me!

WFB: Bretonnian battle with Skaven in Praha Niedziela, Maj 15 2022 

Last few days I’ve been in Czech capital – Praha (EN Prague, PL Praga). Everything we have now started on 7th edition group in the fourth quater of 2021. Months of posts with invitation of new members give resulted in contact with Archibald and then Ludek, Martin and Petr. I realised that maybe we can do another WROHammer event vol. 3. From talk we started working on event which we organized on February 2022. Archibald, Ludek and Martin arrived from Praha, CZ and Janek from Gdynia, PL, we had some good meeting on Friday, then great games on Saturday and some beers after. Freshly after Wrocław WROHammer event in Praha had been announced, there were some ppl wanting to came there from Wrocław, finally I left my zone of control and travelled to beautiful capital of Czech Republic, then I was re-joined by Alessandro on day of the event.

Praha event took place in great hobby store Ogří doupě on 14.05.2022.

More about Praha later, as I have too many photos and some thinks in my mind.

– it was great experience to come there and meet Martin and to know more friends here in Praha, thank you Petr and Vladimir for great time!
– day before I was taken from the hotel and saw two oldest pubs and Hradczany, it was really nice to meet you or first time personally meet.
– we talked about everything, from Praha history, WFB and other games including RPG’s, PC games up to situation on the east.
– it was great to see first time in life metro.
– with Martin I played my first game abroad, it was great experience to finally visit city of friends we know from FB group.
– all the time I know that I can improve my English, but up to this date I know that is on enough level to talk with friends about anything, play tabletop games (last time I was translating Polish rulebook into English for Czech friend), to talk in business in case of support or regarding requirements with architects. Reading with understanding fantasy, history, news and technical documentation.

WFB 7th: A training before Prague event Czwartek, Maj 12 2022 

Last Sunday we continued our Polish-Italian struggle beetwen my Bretonnians and Alessandro greenskins. It was first time I tried my list on 1526 points and after game I decided to update it.

– most of Bretonnians unit fled the field, only mounted squires were on field at the end.
– it was great game and I revised my army list a little bit. Reduced number of knights and added one more lance of young Knights Errants. Instead of one her – another damsel lvl 2 was added.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle, how to start? Part I. Niedziela, Kwi 17 2022 

Warhammer Fantasy Battle is so called „dead” system – but still there are people who play it. It’s square based system, where units move in formations (although some of them move as skirmishers and few of them circle wheel bases – like Night Goblin fanatics). „Dead” system – system which is not supported by it publisher.

Games Workshop
(GW) closed line of development for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (called in short WFB) when I started my current job (around 2016). To this day in they offer are many models for Age of Sigmar, which can be used to play in WFB (some of them are models released during 7/8th editions of WFB). So what we had in past? Games Workshop released following armies:

Bad guys were:
– Chaos (after 5th edition it was separated on Chaos Warriors, Beastmen and Deamons) – here are all of them,
– Chaos Dwarfs,
– Dark Elves,
– Orcs and Goblins,
– Skaven army,
– Vampire Counts.

Good guys released:
High Elves,
The Empire,
Wood Elves (up to 5th edition).

So called neutral:

– Dogs of War,
– Kingdoms of Ogres,
– Lizardmen,
– Tomb Kings.
– Wood Elves (from 6th edition).

Those mentioned are armies that were in WFB, still around half of them can be fielded with the current line of GW models.

When I looked on the shelf in the shop, I realized that probably the easiest armies to be collected now are demons of Chaos.

Nowadays from Games Workshop offer will be impossible to assemble: Bretonnians, Dogs of War, Kislev, Tomb Kings. Not easy but still possible will be creating something for Dwarfs, High Elves, The Empire, Wood Elves. Still many units are not in the offer – but it’s will be mentioned in next article.

What is still avaible in the Games Workshop offer? We will start from bad guys – Grand Alliance Chaos which covers in some way armies from past: Beastmen, Chaos Warriors, Deamons of Chaos and Skavens.

1. Chaos Warriors, old mortal Chaos – now called Slaves to Darkness:
– models for characters – wide range,
– Chaos Warriors on foot and on horse,
– Chaos Marauders on foot and on horse,
– Chariots,
– Spawns,
– character on Manticore.

2. Chaos Beastmen, called now Beasts of Chaos, even better choice than they Northern co-believers:
– Gors – typical core infantry,
– Ungors – typical cannon fodder,
– Ungor Raiders – skirmishers with bows,
– Chaos Warhounds,
– Bestigors – elite infantry,
– Centigors (they are usualy drunk, still avaible),
– Dragon Ogres,
– Ghorgon,
– Cygor,
– Cockatrice,
– Tuskgor Chariot,
– some characters as well.

3. Chaos Deamons with current name in offer as four different demoinc powers, so:
a) Blades of Khorne – deamons of Khorne:
– there are greater deamon of Khorne – Bloodthirster as well as many other units which were used in WFB in past. Most popular core units from 6th are:
– Bloodletters – minor deamons of Khorne,
– Flesh Hounds.
I don’t remember special or rare units but Mighty Skullcrushers probably appeard in 7th or 8th editions.

b) Disciples of Tzeentch – deamons of Tzeentch:
– of course we start with Kairos Fateweaver and Lord of Change as lords,
– Horrors of Tzentch,
– Screamers of Tzeentch,
– Flamers of Tzeentch,
– Horrors of Tzeentch,
– Burning Charoit of Tzeentch,
– some characters as well.

As we can see summoning horde of Tzeentch is even easier than those of Blood God.

c) Hedonites of Slaanesh – deamons of Slaanesh:
– at start – Keeper of Secrets and Shalaxi Helbane – both can be used as Greater Deamon of Slaanesh,
– Deamonettes of Slaanesh,
– Seekers of Slaanesh which looks like Mounted Deamonettes of old,
– Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh,
– some models which looks like good addition to Chaos Warriors.
– some characters as well.

For me not many, but deamonettes could fit well in Cult of Slaanesh from 6th edition Storm of Chaos.

d) Maggotkin of Nurgle – deamons of Nurgle:
– at start – Great Unclean One,
– Nurglings – small and happy deamons of disease,
– Plagueabearers of Nurgle,
– Beast of Nurgle,
– some characters as well.

It seems all, maybe I missed something for those Chaos power.

e) Skaven army seems to be well covered in Age of Sigmar:
– at start named and by many favourite character Thanquol and his rat ogre Boneripper,
– Doomwheel – one of those funny stuff you don’t like to come near your cavalry units,
– Hell Pit Abomination – effect of Skaven most advanced technology,
– Warp Lighting Cannon – another rare unit avaible to Skavens in the GW offer,
– Screaming Bell,
– Stormvermin – some better infantry unit avaible to the Skaven horde,
– Gutter Runners,
– Weapon teams – including Ratling Gun, Warpfire Thrower or Warp-Grinder,
– Night Runners – another skirmishing infantry,
– Plague Censer Bearers,
– Rat Ogors, Giant Rats and Packmaster – Rat Ogors – old Rat Ogres,
– Clanrats – core unit of many Skaven armies.
– Plague Monks,
– Warplock Jezzails of clan Skryre,
– Verminlord avaible as four different models,
– some characters as well.

As I realized that I started writing it some months ago and due lack of time I wasn’t able to publish it I publish it now as part I.

Everyone should remember – that Age of Sigmar uses round bases and WFB uses square bases. In case of getting army books – eBay, Allegro or other internet shop, maybe someone sell it. Of course everything is also in .pdf – I prefer paper books.

To be continued.

WFB 6th: 3rd edition of Dragon in Rumia Niedziela, Sier 8 2021 

On 7.08.2021 I participated in Dragon – event organized by friends from Gdynia in nearby town Rumia – norther Poland, are of Trójmiasto (Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk). We played on 1250 points, with all rules avaible for 6th edition (like Kislev Allied Contingent under 2,000 army lists from White Dwarfs etc.). It was worth to go out from safe zone of Wrocław and spend five and half hour in train to Gdynia – unhapilly there are no personal teleports – I wish one to Moscow and another one for such events 😉 .

– it was interesting to participate in such large event in so called „death system” – that system in reality never died and Dragon is a proof of it.

– there were many players from Trójmiasto and area, many Warsowians. Not sure about other cities.
– I was the only one from Wrocław – hope that next year more of us will come here.
– it was interesting to talk with many other players, wish to remember all your names next time.
– at the end Paweł organized after party in really interesting place hidden behind modern buildings – it was somekind of inn which survived in the middle of concrete. We talked there with some part of Warsowians mainly about WFB but also about other systems or history.
-many thanks for all drivers who really helped me in getting to Rumia and back and go to my hotel after party.

WFB: Hochland pistoliers Wtorek, Mar 2 2021 

Yesterday night around 20 o’clock I realized that I need to finish some started soldiers for my Empire and Kislev army. I’m really good in starting new projects and leaving them to start another one, which is not good, as I have many almost finished models on my deck.

This time from thinking about it, I started painting pistoliers and they horses. Most of work I did up to the midnight, with some details today morning before starting work.

Four more Hochland pistoliers join single one I painted in past. Now I have valuable unit of Empire noble sons, ready to fight for they elector Adelbrand Ludenhof, for Emperor Karl Franz from Holswig-Shliestein family, in the name of Sigmar!

WFB: bloody struggle beetwen Bretonnia and Empire Sobota, Lu 13 2021 

Today we played with Marian bigger game on 2250 points per side. Marian played Reikland and I played Bretonnians from border area of Parravon and Quenneles. We are still learning again new things, as we still do mistakes.

– It’s hard to counter magic, when your enemy have three wizards (lvl 4, lvl 2 and lvl 1) and you have one (lvl 2).
– first time from a long time I meet so many shooting, three cannons, two hellblaster volley guns.
– my best unit of Grail Knights was eliminated by enemy fire, even banner increasing ward save didn’t help them.
– Men at arms did nothing, at least the survived along bowmen.
– My army standard bearer – worked well as always, my Duc did not succed well.
– army list, maybe I will add it later here.
– at least we played good game – which finish was a Draw – Marian got 1472 points and I got 1542 points.

WFB: Just playing Bretonnia Piątek, Lu 12 2021 

Many years passed since I first time played 6th edition (started in 5th around 1997). I played less and less and stopped somewhere around 2005. My only army stand on shelf above my desk for a long time, and I played her rarely – once a year or not, up to the 2015. In 2015 when I started new job, I meet friend (thank you Krzysztof Sz.) who played Orcs and Goblins in 9th Age, I got it. I heard that GW has some plans for WFB, so I bought Green Knight, two trebuchets, three boxes of Men at Arms. It was good choice, as GW discontinued my beloved system. Then everything started – I got Bolt Action and due that meet great ppl I never know before – it was 2016, I started new work, greatest one. Then I realized, that among ppl I meet are many ppl collecting or playing WFB, happilly I refreshed contacts with ppl I losed 15 years ago (thank you Marian P, Marcin S, Piotr K, Rafał W. and many more). We started playing smaller games, like for 1000, 1200, 1500 points per side, but now is historical moment – 2250 points, my army looks almost the same as on last tournament I played in Sfan (shop in Wrocław) with exception – now I have Men at Arms I hadn’t had in past, plus I have some more archers. Some magic items and virtues on characters are different, still I don’t remember all stuff my Duc Tancred de Beauville had in past. Many things changed, like most of time I’m playing 7th edition, but I like to return to 5th and 6th.

I have more Bretonnians, still many need to be repainted, refreshed or bases need to be done again.
Some of the banners where hand painted, I should use Latin on them, not English.

WFB: Empire and Kislev vs Night Goblins Czwartek, Sty 14 2021 

On 14.01.2021 we played with Marian (from small game – 1000 points per side, we played in 7th edition, still I used army book for 6th edition Empire. Both sides had everything painted, so it’s a kind of game I like. It happend somewhere in Kislev, on the border with World Edge Mountains.

Empire troops were composed of:
7 Knights Panther with full command group, lead by a captain (equiped as knights) with Banner of Valour
7 Kislev Winged Lancers with full command group, lead by a boyar (equiped as lancer) with Enchanted Shield
10 handgunners with marksman
2 x 5 Ungol Horse archers
Great Cannon

Night Goblins were composed of:
49 Night Goblins with full command group, three fanatics, lead by a hero with Mad Cap Mushrooms
30 Night Goblins with full command group, three fanatcis
10 Squig Hoppers
15 Squigs in a herd, pushed by 9 night goblins
3 Stone Trolls

– great game with minor victory for Marian’s Night Goblins – it was 1031 for Marian vs 795 for me (we counted standards, generals, half of units and quarters).
– I really need to replace in such small games one heavy cavalry unit with infantry with detachment.
– there weren’t any magic spells in games and not many magic items at all.

WFB: Bretonnian archers Sobota, Sty 9 2021 

Last time when I was painting at home with friends few months ago I decided to strip my old Bretonnians archers from old paint and repaint them. Then two or three months later I finished them. In late 90′ I took two units of archers in addition to two units of KoTR and I managed to get third place (don’t remember convent name – Szederiada or Melkoriada – event which happend on weekend in schoold on Romualda Traugutta in Wrocław). I won some blisters as well as 24 more Bretonnian archers – now I want to paint or repaint most of them.

I love Bretonnian fluff – especially that from 5th edition, as well from 1st edition of WFRP – when I was young I tried to combine both with strange effects. Then 6th edition and 2nd edition of WFRP happened. After years I can say – I prefer fluff from 5th edition rather than from 6th, but in case of diversity of units I prefer 6th over 5th (still miss some better infantry and better archers – like Bergerac company). Generally in case of fluff – I guess that no one could shoot longbow in 6th edition fluff – as commoners paid 90% tax to they lord – on Chaos where we are, too dark reality for me.

To paint them I used following paints and contrasts from Games Workshop:
– basecoated them using Wraith Bone.
– bases are Death Forest Green – as I realized that I’m not sure which colour replaced Goblin Green and after tests I liked that new paint.
– skin colour is Contrast Guilliman Flesh.
– belts, bags etc. Doombull Brown.
– bows, arrows were done by Contrast Wyldwood.
– uniforms were painted with Contrast Apothecary White and Contrast Talassar Blue.
– boots were painted with Contrast Black Templar.
– metal elements including helmets, buttons etc. Leadbelcher with Nuln Oil.
– fleur-de-lys on banner – first was Leadbelcher, then Zamestri Desert, then Auric Armour Gold and some wash with Reilkand Fleshshade.

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