WROHammer: Final of the league 2022/23 Sobota, Maj 13 2023 

Today we played final of the league started last year – more details HERE. We played in Bolter and we had a lot of fun enjoying our games. From me I want to say big thank you to Krzysztof, for taking seriously idea I throwed on tournament I organised last August, many thanks, you did great job!

Today there were five of us from eleven players involved – many thanks to Rafał – organizer of MISFIRE that he took place of person which cannot be there.

I played first game with Alessandro, my Tilean friend of many games – we had Draw 10:10, then I played my second game first time with Rafał and from start I was thinking to not do mistakes, I losed 15:5 – it was great game anyway, hope we will play again. For my third game I became photographer on my will.

Below is mix of photos of our battles:

– the first place belongs to Alessandro, second to Bartek and third to me – we had great fun, to be sure we plans another league, but first we need to take some rest after that.
– thanks to all participants and I hope to see you again, as I find enough ideas and power to organise more smaller WFB events, probably for smaller points as well.
– we turn back to 6/7 edition, at least we have such plan with some limits.
– of course, I want to go to Prague from time to time to see and play with my Czech and German friends there.

WFB: Exploration of Albion – a fight for lost comrades Czwartek, Kwi 20 2023 

„One more beer for our friendship said Rurik Brassgaze, one more said his new fellow, young knight Louis de Beauville! – camp was full of Bretonnians knights and they servants and Dwarfs they meet during travel in wild area of the Albion. Both parties agreed that they will rejoin they forces, to achieve they mission together, both were tracking Dark Elves who catched they kinsmen in area close to small port Neue Reikdorf in Albion. Both sides had many common in tracking they enemy”.

Today we played smaller game in WFB with army books from 6th and rulebook from 7th edition. It was game played two on two with 600 points per gamer. Together with Alessandro Dwarfs we played on one side, on the other were Dark Elves of Bartek and Krzysiek.

– good to hear before game, that I’m looking happy – strange, as I’m looking for some interesting job – not remote anymore.
– It was nice game and we will repeat it with maybe more points, next time we want to just give a try to old Mordheim.
– we are open to play smaller points, I’m still thinking about some form of campaing, where everyone have a castle and three random places like a town, village, mine, shrine, forest etc. so troops can be a little bit different – still no idea how to organize it.
– next WROHammer will be probably something different to previous one, but anyway, we have to talk about it, in small team.

„Do you smell they fear? Yes, it’s delicious – we have more captives, but we should go for more – release Cold One Knights, they smell them! Yes, let’s start hunting for hummies and davies, run! Catch them all!”.

WFB: Start of WROHammer 7th edition league Sobota, Wrz 10 2022 

After one small tournament during holidays I dropped words about league and thankfully to Krzysiek we have it – here is official page of league – thank you Palen! So we have first round of good, old WFB. Some of us played in last few days: Alessandro with Piotr, Bartek with Adrian and me with Krzysiek.

– thank you Krzysztof for doing league!
– today we played in Bolter, thank you Bolter team for place to play and Bolter Cafe for great toasts and Mio Mio we can order here.
– armies we played are visible on photos.
link to WROHammer group, link to WFB 7th edition and link to our Czech friends group based in Prague – Praaghammer.
– wish everyone great games in league!
– victory 11:9 belongs to Krzysiek Dark Elves.

WFB: Bretonnians an Dark Elves on 1241 Czwartek, Maj 19 2022 

Today we played battle on small format of 1241 points. We played in Bolter, Wrocław, PL.

– my best unit were archers,
– I had some bad rolls so my knights charges then stopped.
– thank you for game to my enemy and place to shop!

WROhammer vol. 2 PL/EN Sobota, Lu 29 2020 

Kolejna odsłona WROhammer’a, tym razem gospodarzem był „Profi”. Zagraliśmy w dwóch czterosobowych zespołach – żółtych i czerwonych. Każdy z uczestników wystawił armię na 1000 punktów, na zasadach 7 edycji WFB. W skrócie: w pierwszej grze celem było zdobycie przedmiotu, drugiej utrzymanie go, w trzeciej zdobywca przedmiotu mógł go użyć.

Next part of WROhammer, this time the host was „Profi”. We played in two teams of four people each – yellows and reds. Each participant developed army for 1000 of points, on rules from 7 edition of WFB. Shortly: in first game our target was to took item, second hold it in our hands and in third players who got item could use it.

Planszóweczka na Bielanach, miejsce gdzie graliśmy. Planszóweczka on Bielany Wrocławskie, place we played.


Jeden ze stołów. One of the game boards.


Pierwsza gra z Krasnoludami Remo, czary jakie wylosowałem to 1 i 4 z magii życia. First game I played with Remo’s Dwarfs, spells I got were 1 and 4 from Lore of Life.


Bitwa zwierzoludzi Mariana i ożywieńców Generała. Battle beetwen Marian’s Beastmen army and Generals Undead army.


Ale wróćmy do mojej rozgrywki. Krasnoludzka linia. But come back to my own game. Dwarf battle line.


Bretońska linia, oba oddziały rycerzy na prawym skrzydle. Bretonnian battle line, both knight units on right flank.


Żyrokopter przyleciał. Gyrocopter came.


Ruch w stronę kuszników i skarbu kryjącego się na wzgórzu. Move toward crossbowmen and treasure hidden on the hill.


Na innym stole. On the other gameboard.


Rycerze Królestwa rozbili kuszników (nikt nikogo nie trafił i niezdane morale krasnoludów to był pech). KoTR broken crossbowmen unit (no one hit no one and failed morale for Dwarfs was bad luck).


Próba przędzenia krasnoludów ze wzgórza nie wyszła. Attemp to pursue Dwarfs from the hill didn’t passed.


Rycerze Graala rozbici przez zabójców trolli. Grail Knights broken and pursued by troll slayers.


Rycerze Królestwa przybywają z pomocą chorążemu, Panna Graala rzuca Mistresh of Marsh na zabójców trolli. KoTR came to aid army standard bearer, damsel casts Mistresh of Marsh on troll slayers.


Do walki włącza się żyrokopter. Also gyrocopter join fight.


Rycerze Królestwa przeganiają krasnoludy z wzgórza.


Gra na stole obok. Game on board next to us.


Przygotowanie do kolejnej tury. Preparing for next turn.


Armia przygotowana do obrony przedmiotu przed hordą orków Marcina. Czary jakie miałem to 1 i 5 z magii życia. Army prepared for defending item against horde of orcs. I got spell 1 and 5 from Lore of Life.


Horda ruszyła w moją stronę. Horde marched toward my side.


Daleko na prawym skrzydle rycerze królestwa ruszyli naprzeciw orków. Far away on right flank KoTR moved toward the orcs.


Przedmiot ustawiłem w lewym górnym rogu pola bitwy. I placed item on top left corner of battlefield.


Najlepszą obroną jest atak, rycerze Graala ruszyli. The best defence is offence, Grail Knights moved.


I zaszarżowali, niestety gonili za daleko. And charged, unhapilly pursued to far.


Rycerze Królestwa zaszarżowali. KoTR charged.


Rycerze Graala gonili za daleko i wpadli w ogień balist. Grail Knights pursued too far and find themselfs in the fire of goblin spear chuccases.


Trolle poganiane przez czarnego orka rozbiły zbrojnych i wpadły na chorągiew armijną. Trolls whiped by black orc defeated unit of men at arms and get in touch with battle standard bearer.


Rycerze Graala próbowali wrócić, ale byli ciągle blokowani. Grail Knights tried to help, but where blocked all the time.


Po pokonaniu sztandarowego wódz orków położył swoje łapy na skarbie. After defeating battle standard bearer orc chieftain put his hands on treasure.


Kolejna gra z Mrocznymi Elfami Krzyśka. Wylosowałem czary 2 i 5 z magii życia. Another game – this time pitched battle was with Krzysztofs Dark Elves. I got spells 2 and 5 from Lore of Life.


Linia Mrocznych Elfów. Line of Dark Elves.


I ruch do przodu. And move forward.


Mój ruch, a właściwie dwie spalone szarże. Jedna o cala, druga o pół cala. Modły do Pani czas zacząć. Diabelska magia przeciwnika. My movement phase, two failed charges. During one I missed inch, in second half of inch. Praying to The Lady should be started. Evil magic of my enemy.


Szarże przeciwnika i ruch oskrzydlający. Charges of my enemy and his flanking move.


Łucznicy ustrzelili kilku mrocznych jeźdźców na tyłach. Archers shoot down few Dark Raiders on the rear.


Początek końca. Resztki rycerzy królestwa padły, podobnie jak i Panna Graala. Beginining of the end. Remnants of KoTRs felt, the same as damsel of the Lady.


Epicka bitwa sztandarowego Graali, który pozbył się rycerzy na Cold One i mrocznych jeźdźców, ale chwilę później był to koniec. Epic battle of Grail Knights unit standard bearer, who destroyed Cold One Knights and Dark Raiders as well, but moment later it was over.


– wielkie dzięki Profi za podjęcie się organizacji, równie wielkie dzięki Planszoweczka.pl za miejsce.
– dzięki wszystkim za wspaniałą atmosferę i przybycie!
– nadal nie wiem co brać na tysiąc punktów Bretonnią.
– z krasnoludami, miałem szczęście i zrobiłem błędy, które łatałem, z orkami błędem było nie danie Graalom przedmiotu, z Mrocznymi Elfami – spaliłem szarże.

– many thanks to Profi for organization of event, many thanks to Planszoweczka.pl for place.
– thank you everyone for great atmosphere and arrival!
– I still don’t know what to take on one thousand points for Bretonnia.
– with Dwarfs I got luck and did mistakes, which I tried to repair, in second battle great mistake was to not give item to a Grail Knights, with Dark Elves I failed important charges.