Yesterday we played small battle on 1250 points beetwen my Bretonnians and Łukasz Empire.

– good game, I guess it was Empire victory, suppose 12:8 or 15:5. Thank you Łukasz for great game!
– it’s my last attempt to make WROHammer alive, if I fail shadow of me could be seen playing WFB, but never again I will try to organize anything related to this system, at least I can see that this scenario wouldn’t happen now.
– as making Old World alive again we started playing Mordheim, to be sure I will play both, Mordheim and WFB. Thank you guys who joined our small group playing Mordheim – it’s really nice to see ppl I know from other systems like Bolt Action or other systems, to play together.
– still searching for a job, not sure if I want to be a software tester – probably would like to test games of any kind, but cannot get in that industry.