Bolt Action: Assault in area of Termoli Środa, Czer 8 2022 

Today (06.06.2022) we played 3rd game of Italian campaign – battle of Termoli – town which has port and road to the north and south Italy. It’s part of games played in Bolter and supported by Polish Institute of Remembrance (called shortly IPN – Instutut Pamięci Narodowej).

– spliting table for several zone areas for Order Dices was great idea, we played six turns.
– thank you all for game and for borrowing models for me.
– thank you for interesting prelection before game started!

About Audie Murphy – the most decorated American soldier. He took part in Italian campaign.

Bolt Action – Take a bridge/Zdobądź most Czwartek, Czer 23 2022 

Last Wendesday we played in with Karol (Germany) and Franek (Soviet Union) scenario where Red Army should take a bridge, to stop German trucks going out. Red Army was advancing from the forest, Germans were deployed in the town and also on Soviet side of deployment as rear guard. We played for around 2,000 points per side. Red Army main task was to control area of bridge on 4 turn, German side had to prevent from it.

W ostatnią środę zagraliśmy w Bolterze z Karolem (Niemcy) i Frankiem (Związek Radziecki) scenariusz, w którym oddziały Armii Czerwonej powinny zająć ważny most, by zatrzymać konwój niemieckich ciężarówek próbujących się ewakuować. Armia Czerwona nacierała przez tereny leśne. Niemcy byli wystawieni w mieście oraz po radzieckiej stronie wystawienia, jako tylna straż. Graliśmy na około 2,000 punktów na stronę. Głównym zadanie dla Armii Czerwonej było kontrolowanie mostu do czwartej tury, Niemcy mieli za zadanie niedopuścić do tego.

– dzięki Franku i Karolu za grę!
– następnym razem postaram się opisać nieco zasady tej miłej i przyjemnej gry bitewnej, a w dodatku taniej na wejście.
– brzydzę się szarością, ale jest to najłatwiejsze, by nimi zacząć, tak więc o ile sam nigdy nie gram niepomalowanymi, akceptuję je u moich kolegów.
– jesteśmy w stanie zrobić gry pokazowe dla osób zainteresowanych, a moi koledzy bez wątpienia pomogą w dobraniu farb i nauce malowania, ja maluję ale znam po prostu lepszych ode siebie.
– jeśli ktoś myśli, że gry bitewne, RPG czy karcianki są tylko dla chłopców, to grubo się myli. Usłyszałem to kiedyś, kiedy zaproponowałem parze przyjaciół mojej dawnej sympatii i w sumie moich zagranie w Warhammera: Inwazję – usłyszałem od faceta – to nie takie babskie… zatkało mnie. Czyli co, płeć piękna nie może? Też byłem na tym kierunku co on, ale uważam, że naprawdę fajnie, jak dziewczyny grają z nami facetami.

– thank you Franek and Karol for a game!
– next time I will try to write down review of rules of this nice game, in addition it’s cheap to be collected.
– I hate grey plastic of all shadows of grey, Franek knows it.
– we are able to do demo games for ppl who are interested, my friends can help with paints and teaching painting, I’m painting, but I know better than me.
– if someone thinks that tabletop games, RPG or card games are only for boys, it’s a big mistake. I heard it once, when I proposed a couple of friends of my ex sympathy that we can play Warhammer: Invasion and I heard from guy that it’s not for ladies… I didn’t know what to say to him. So that more beautiful gender shound’t play? I was on the same studies and I know, that’s it’s really nice when girls play with us.

General d’Armee – blow after blow, 2nd game Niedziela, Czer 19 2022 

Yesterday we played with Tomek another training game in General d’Armee. We practice it with smaller armies than proposed in rulebook and without some rules as at now they could make our game practice totally impossible. But we will return to those rules in the close future.

On Saturday we played again with small forces deployed on table – no fog of war, no reserves, visible units as they are – just learning in simplest way. So on one side were Tomek British and on the other were Europeans from Russia and others – as we wanted to have all miniatures painted.

We played on standard 48″x72″ table representing some crossroads and different types of fields – some of them were difficult terrain limiting movement to half. Everyone in those armies were regular (excluding British infantry), gun batteries were Elite. Both sides had four regiments each and up to four dices from adiutants.

– up to this point I know that there are some more important things we have to use in our games, at now we focus on basic rules, as we want to know them well. We will play with more rules next time.
– there are different sort of soldiers avaible – so for me playing this system in usual meeting engage scenarios armies should be created with system points as irreguar cossacs or freshly recruited soldiers behave different way than regulars, veterans or elite units. Rulebook says which formations can be elite – those famous units like guards, 95th regiment and so on. It will need some investigation in the future as bulk of most armies were regular or recruits with some exceptions.
– unit can be of different size, small, standard and large. We field them the same way as we do it in Black Powder.
– ranges and movement are shorter for units than in Black Powder – muskeet has 9″ of range of fire, rifles are much better so it’s another reason to use skirmishing units like Jagers. I have to paint my own unit of that infantry. Units move less than in Black Powder, it’s a plus as tables are not from rubber 🙂 .
– I discovered some useful things on this blog: Sir Able Brush and on this blog Chasseur Acheval – there is useful army creator – really nice work. On second blog I found some ruleset called 321 – Fast Play Napoleonic Rules.
– there will be more about General d’Armee on my blog, just need time – me and people I play.

General d’Armee – first blood Sobota, Czer 18 2022 

On last Friday finally with Kuba „Karaś” we played first game in General d’Armee. It was discovering something new – we played it first time and limited some special rules like Fog of War which can be really interesting addition to this game when we will know well all basic rules – at first sight all those tables scared me, but after we started everything were more clear.

– thank you Kuba for a game, it’s seems that we will play in it in the future. It was our first game, so I try to think all things I saw during our game play in General d’Armee.
– we played six turns, so it was good game on Friday evening, we started around 19 and finished a little before 22:00.
– thank you Rafał for proposing rulebook for General d’Armee, after some talk how to improve playing in Napoleonic times. I still like Black Powder from Warlord Games, but we should also play system from TooFatLardies studio.
– there will be one more article when I gather my thoughts – as on Friday (17.06) I played first game and on Saturday (18.06) I played another game with Tomek.

Middle Earth: A battle for hidden relic Sobota, Czer 18 2022 

Yesterday we played with Łukasz small game on 500 points per side – we played scenario, where six tokens are placed on the table – one of them is relic. Relic can be found after model get in contact with it and 6 is rolled – then all other tokens are removed from the table.

– it was great game, I won it 11:1 but I was more lucky than usual during our games with Łukasz. Had to paint some Gondor, for some variety of troops.

Black Powder: Officer for cavalry brigade Piątek, Czer 17 2022 

Today morning I manged to finish base for my newly painted officer – so now my Polish Uhlans will be deployed as separate brigade, never again to be field with infantry and artillery. Now officer is waiting for his second brigade of Don Cossacs.

Bolt Action: Dawn strike, Soviet Union vs Germany Środa, Czer 15 2022 

Today I played on one side with Łukasz playing Soviets, on the other side were Sławek with Germans. With Łukasz our platoons had 2,000 of points and Sławek as defender had 1,500 points – it was test, as usually in reality attackers overhelmed defenders with numbers. The main objectives was to have control over bridge and/or two fords – both fords in points were equal to bridge. In addition Germans could blow up bridge, but no one would earn points for it.

As Soviet military intelligence reported area was full of retreating Germans unit, so assault started in the morning without artillery barrage.

– thank you Łukasz and Sławek for great game. Thanks to for terrains and table to play.
– I’m pretty sure that assaulting troops should have more points than defenders.
– it looks like German victory as there were more German troops in area of bridge and fords.

Bolters Birthday, Black Powder, Gods of War: Robert E. Lee and others Sobota, Czer 4 2022 

Today Bolter celebrated it 5th birthday in current localization on Podwale, Wrocław, Poland. There were many different tables with different systems – like Bolt Action, Black Powder, Gods of War: Robert E. Lee, Star Wars and others. I promised that I will be on Black Powder, but I managed to take some photos from interesting battles in Gods of War and from Star Wars with famous AT-AT taking part in the struggle on Endor. Today I played with comrade Michał as combined Russian&Poles and Spanish brigades, on other side were French of Jędrzej and Germans lead by Damian. It was nice to see that people were observing our struggle.


  • thank you Bolters team for great place to meet and play – for all time smart talk, advice, great atmosphere – to Adam, Basiorek, Kuba, Piotrek, Rafał, Wiktoria. You all do a great job!
  • many great people I meet here and know that there are much more I don’t know.
  • wish happy birthday, hundred years and better times!
  • With Michał we failed and that bad French and Germans won battle.
Let’s say – soldiers should stay on the tables. Real soldiers should shake hands, politicians should avoid wars.

Bolt Action: Salerno – Allied landing by air and sea Środa, Czer 1 2022 

Today we played second part of campaign on Sicily. It was recreation of combined action of Allies forces in area of Salerno, Italy. American and British troops landed by air and sea in area of Salerno. This campaing we play in Bolter and is supported by Polish Institute of Remembrance,

– thank you all for good game.
– as German side we forgot briefing and losed initiative.
– Allied side won this battle.

A journey to Czech Prague – next days Wtorek, Maj 31 2022 

I went for WFB games and tournament organized by friends, but not only, as I wanted to see again capital of Czech Republic. I spend whole Friday of 13.05.2022 on walking in Prague, taking photos and tasting local Pilsner in the pub. Travelling to Prague costed me some nerves as I wasn’t able to take all my beloved miniatures with me – some of them were travelling alone. It’s only 5,5h by bus from Wrocław to Prague, I found nice hotel with great breakfasts, close to place we were playing – it was Hotel Sonata booked by

– I know I had to came back to Prague sooner than later.

Everything is a trip to somewhere.

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