General d’Armee: Battle for crossroads Poniedziałek, Lu 13 2023 

On last Saturday we played bigger battle in General d’Armee – on one side were British and Portugal led by generals Damian and Tomek, on the other side were mix of many different European nations represented by French, Prussia and Russia led by Bartosz, Jakub, Piotr and me.

– it was great battle – from initial four players we grow up to six generals around the table.
– victory belonged to continentals and cavalry did great job on the left flank.

General d’Armee – Prussia vs Russia (EN/PL) Sobota, Sier 6 2022 

Last Tuesday we played with Karaś small battle in General d’Armee – we still learn this system and it was third game I played and second one with field marshal Karaś. I played with my Russians and Karaś played with his Prussians.

W ostatni wtorek zagraliśmy z Karasiem małą grę w General d’Armee – nadal uczymy się systemu i to była moja trzecia gra i druga w którą zagrałem z marszałkiem polowym Karasiem. Grałem swoimi Rosjanami i Karaś grał swoimi Prusakami.

– Prussians took bridge and route Russians.

– Prusacy zdobyli most i odrzucili Rosjan.

Black Powder: Breakthrough/Przełamanie (EN/PL) Sobota, Lip 30 2022 

Today in, Wrocław, Poland we played struggle beetwen those bad French plus Polish Vistula Legion and Prussia, Russia and one Poland regiment in the service of Tzar Alexander. Our battle was on two flanks and unfortunately flank held by Prussia got too many attacks from French side – they were broken.

Dzisiaj w Bolterze we Wrocławiu zagraliśmy potyczkę między tymi złymi Francuzami i wspierającym ich polskim Legionem Nadwiślańskim a Prusami, Rosją i jednym polskim regimentem w służbie cara Aleksandra. Nasza bitwa toczyła się na dwóch skrzydłach i niefortunnie skrzyło trzymane przez Prusy pękło z powodu licznych francuskich ataków.

– we wait for September to play something bigger.

– czekamy na wrzesień by zagrać coś większego.

Black Powder: Let’s start in Anno Domini 2022 Sobota, Sty 22 2022 

Today we played on small battle (only three of us arrived – me, Jędrzej and Karaś) in Black Powder 2nd edition. On one side were French and on the other Spain and Russia. We played in – Wrocław, PL. Many thanks for Bolter crew – today Basiorek and Rafał, as we got all terrains we need (today I was there around 6th hours).

– great game as always, thank you developers from Warlord Games for it (many old game developers responsible for my belowed WFB).
– we had some mindfuck with some rules, as we missed Krisu and Damian, still we had fun.
– Wrocław, PL – is open to play with ppl from other countries 🙂 .
– I know I had to paint more, thank you Marian for friendy reminder! To be shure, when I’m happy with painted batallion, Marian paints army.
– wish all great weekend!

Music I love, even if policy sucks I like Russians and normality in contacts with Russia and Bialorussia. Let’s remember tragic fate of Romanow family.

Black Powder: Austrians vs Russians Piątek, Lip 9 2021 

Today we played with Marian from Maniexite a game in Thank you Rafał and Piotr for help with terrains. Any time, any way – good game.

fast and nice game won by Marian Austrians.
– lost of my main batallion happened too fast.

Black Powder: Polish Uhlan Regiment – Russian Empire Wtorek, Czer 8 2021 

After painting batallion of Russian infantry year ago, I started investigating if there were any Polish units in Russian army and I discovered, that there were Polish uhlans. It was fast decision – I wanted to have them in my Tzar army. Many thanks to friend from Maniexite for help in case of sending me this URL and then great pictures of different uhlan units uniforms in Russian Empire army (if I want more uhlans, next one unit will be Wohlynian Uhlans) – I added picture of Polish uhlans I got at the end. As we have discussion on our FB group about banners in light cavalry, I will give standard bearer banner I found here. First unit for light cavalry brigade is finished, more to be done in the future.

Black Powder: 2nd batalion of Brest Litovsk, Lithuania, Livonia and Smolensk inspections Niedziela, Maj 16 2021 

Today I finished second batalion of Brest Litovsk, Lithuania, Livonia and Smolensk inspections – at least I hope that such regiment existed – research before me, still guys are under Moscow banner. I have plan to create brigade composed of three batalions.

Models in unit are compositions of Warlord Games and Perrys Miniatures and they fit well. Paintes used there are mix of GW ordinary paints and shades plus contrasts (black, green and skin) – I will add list later to this post.

From today I know one more thing about cartridge boxes – I guess that in such big organization which was tzar army someone send them wrong ones 😀 .