WFB 7th: Never ever go on ogres without guns Czwartek, Maj 5 2022 

Today we played smaller game in WFB on 1250 points per side, I took my cavalry Empire and Kislev and my enemy took Ogres. It was nice, two hours game, where I discovered, that one cannon could make difference – but I don’t have any such device today.

– this day belong to Ogre Kingdoms!

WFB 7th: Empire and Kislev vs hungry Ogres Niedziela, Gru 12 2021 

Today we played standard pitched battle on 2000 points.

– has to paint some more infantry, war machines – for 2000 points I have too much cavalry.
– need to paint 10-15 Dwarfs, they seem to be great unit.
– thank you Kriss for great game.

WFB 7th: Averland, Dwarfs, Greenskins and Ogres Sobota, Wrz 18 2021 

Today we meet to play event in Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition. Our games were for 800 points. Today four of us came: me with Orcs & Goblins (my first game ever with them), Alessandro with his Dwarfs, Kris with his Ogre Kingdoms and Maciej with his Empire. We played in Bolter – today was also a tournament in Lord of the Rings and after talk with Piotrek I think, about playing in it.

– we did small event in WFB 7th edition, hope to see more ppl next time – today were almost five of us.
– thanks to for place to play.
– today I decided to start someting new, still need to stop playing Cyberpunk 2077 first and start waking up early to have more time for painting.
– in few days I want to write some kind of article about current offer of Games Workshop – there are still many sets which can be used in Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
– everyone wish good weekend!

WFB: Abandoned wizard tower Sobota, Sier 28 2021 

Today we played typical Border Patrol (GW rules) with Alessandro and Krzysztof on 500 points. First game was played beetwen Alessandro Night Goblins vs Krzystof Ogres, second game was played beetwen my Empire and Krzysztof Ogres. I tried to make some scenario, so we agreed that the tower belonged to wizard who perished long time ago. Of course both sides want’s the tower – units 6′ from tower were Immune to Panic.

– games on small points can be really nice and fast as well.
– next time we will play on something more, like one thousand points. Maybe I will write some scenario, still it depends of how many of us will be interested.

WFB: Border Patrol on 7th edition Sobota, Sier 21 2021 

Today with Alessandro and Krzysiek we played Border Patrol on 7th edition of WFB. Alessandro played with band of Orcs & Goblins, Krzysiek with always hungry Ogres and I played noble Bretonnians with many common folk. In something up to three hours we played four games. Today games we played in Planszóweczka in Astra. We played with objective – it was taking church or defend it, but during games no one cared.

– I have cursed rolls for knights armour saves, especially for my enemies.
– we will organize it again, maybe in form of small campaign. Need to look on campaigns from 5th edition, maybe we should draw a map – not sure, never played other campaing than those from „Herohammer” era.
– 500 points is great amount to start playing WFB.
– we used revised rules for Border Patrol done by our friends Remo and Profi. Those rules are in Polish.
– thank you Alessandro and Krzysiek for great games.