„Somewhere in the north Bretonnia Khorne warriors party landed from the sea and were looking for long forgotten tomb of ancient Khorne warrior, which name was cursed in past and only in they sagas is sung as ‚Bloody whip for Bretonnians’ – damsel of the lady Eleonora had dream about horrors buried in ancient grave, she warned duc Tancred de Beauville to ride forth, as they were on the road in area of tomb – so Bretonnians ordered by they duc had to investigate a tomb, when they appeard – another party emerged from the forest.”

Today we played with Basiorek in Bolter on one thousand points in classical 6th edition of WFB with 7th edition rulebook. Basiorek was playing Khorne army from Norsca or even more to the north, while I was playing my classical Bretonnians from barony of Beauville. As I have to mention some armies from Old World and areas far beyond can be still done with use of current Games Workshop offer – look HERE.

Photos done from Khorne side were done by Basiorek, from my side were done by me.

– at the end we counted scores and Basiorek owned 732 to my 712 – so with such love difference it was draw.
– great game on smaller points, hope to repeat it in the close future.
– it’s funny, I know Basiorek because of our common friend Klocek for many years and we played a lot of Warhammer: Invasion card game, but it was first time we played tabletop game and it was WFB 🙂 .

„When the dust of battle settled, the crypt was found empty, and the Chosen of Khorne withdrew into the forest with the coffin. Duc Tancred ordered his squires to scout next day, as night fell, a few of the best have convinced the duke to move now.”