Market Garden – A British bridgehead at Son Czwartek, Wrz 8 2022 

Yesterday we played in Bolter first battle of Market Garden campaign, our first battle had place in Son, close to Eindhoven. Before game we had great prelection done by Piotr Galik from association Semper Fidelis. So it begun on 17.09.1944 – when American and British paratroopers when dropped down to secure bridges and allow Allied tank divisions moving thru them to the heart of Germany.

– thank you all for great game!
– Karol tested bridge building with me in one of our games beetwen Red Army and Germans. I was again builder of a bridge – now for British.

Into the 3rd Reich – Outskirts of Berlin Piątek, Sier 26 2022 

Today we played with Karol scenario where Soviet Union sappers were building bridge and German army had to prevent them from doing it. Additional points were for Red Army for crossing river via constructed bridge. I had force of 1100 points, as I was defender with my Red Army, Karol had around 1600 points. In addition I had free sappers constructing bridge. At this moment I cannot say more as scenario can be changed a little bit.

My list was something experimental for me and is here. Karols stuff is on photo on the plate.


  • it was interesting game and some kind of test we done as well. Thank you Karol!
  • In case of objective – it was Red Army victory, in case of dices Germans took more.
One of the Russian songs I love and understand as many words are similar.

Suburbs of Voronhez – war on eastern front Środa, Sier 17 2022 

Today we played with Maciek battle in times before Tigers and Panthers arrived to eastern front. Both sides had they HQ close to front line and main target for each player was to take and destroy enemy HQ placed in tents.

– thank you Maciej for great game!
– it was Maciek’s German victory.
my list – yet at game T-34 wasn’t participating – Maciek took less models – when I saw what he has, I said that for having fun game I will take down T-34.

Duel in the sun: British vs DAK Czwartek, Sier 11 2022 

Today we played in Marian estate small game which happened in the African desert not far away from Tobruk. Both sides seem similar – jet Germans were a little bit more mobile. Marian played DAK (Deutsche African Corps) and I took his British 8th Army.

Main target were to take and hold lone 8,8 anti air gun – holding it to an end was worth 3 VP, each unit was worth 1 VP. Half of units were placed 20″ from each corner and other half came in second turn as wave.

– it was DAK victory over British Commonwealth – 10 to 3 VP.
– thank you for great game Marian from Maniexite.

Warsaw Uprising 1944′ – Ambush on Marszałkowska Poniedziałek, Sier 1 2022 

Last time I was asked if I can organize game related to Warsaw Uprising 1944 – something historical and victorious – I was interested in history of uprising in the past, so I started searching what part of this can be used for scenario. In my mind were different battles beetwen Home Army (Armia Krajowa) and German forces occupying Warsaw. I had at start five possible city battles:

1. Liberation of Gęsiówka concentration camp, where Home Army of batallion „Zośka” liberated 348 European Jews – Panther tank captured by insurgents were used in this action. Most of the then free Jews joined Home Army.

2. Battle for Warsaw University, where soldiers of Polish army attemt to capture building of univeristy with use of self made armoured car „Kubuś” and captured German APC called „Jaś/Szary Wilk”.

3. Battle of landings at Czerniaków – river landing of Polish People Army (Ludowe Wojsko Polskie) of general Berling – to support Home Army in they battle for Polish capital. Many soldiers of LWP were from Kresy Wschodnie of 2nd Republic of Poland.

4. Battle for Pasta – after I realized that we don’t have building representing Pasta itself, I started searching and realized that I can develop scenario related to ambush on Marszałkowska street on forces going to support garrison of Pasta.

5. Defence of Michl palace – valiant defence done by batallion: „Parasol” (Umbrella). Soldiers managed to hold on against five enemy attacks supported by tanks and elite SS soldiers.

In case of Warsaw Uprising its heroic as well tragic part of Poland and Poles history – we shouldn’t forget about it. Up to 200,000 of Poles were killed or murdered – not to forget about massacres of Ochota and Wola. After uprising which started on 1st of August and lasted 2nd of October 1944′ Hitler orders were clear – to destroy Warsaw completly and build new city in her place. Fortunately city was rebuild and it’s still capital of Poland.

Let’s return to scenario, I realized what terrains are in Bolter and started drawing map of Marszałkowska and surrounding streets. Of course I miscalculated with terrains – but I realized it when we started building table composed of three table 48″ on 72″. Whole scenario will be published when I correct it.

Main targets were for:
– Home Army to not allow Germans to leave field going north to Marszałkowska and Sienna.
– German column had to leave with as many units as they could via Marszałkowska and Sienna.

– I overcharged with tables and buildings – we should use two tables 48″ on 72″.
– game was good and I was moderator and scenario was also of my own – jet before publishing it I have to correct it and maybe retest with someone even with other kind of WW II participants.
– all ruins on the left should be buildings as Marszałkowska wasn’t destroyed in days I wanted to do ambush on German column going to PAST’a building.
– I have to rewrite rule for hidding set up and finding such units, at least we checked it.
– I added rule for throwing Mołotow coctail with range of 6″ and +2 penetration, always hitting from the top, it will be rewritten with other things before I add this scenario probably in both languages PL/EN.
– main plan focused on three waves, but we soon realized that we have much more German miniatures – Home Army soldiers unit’s which were lost respawned again in some points – that must be corrected too.
– thank you Bolter stuff and Rafał for moderation, to Home Army players Łukasz and Michał and for German players Karaś and Sławek.
– special thanks to dr Piotr Galik who told us some stories I know and some I never get in – as I well remember that on Polish side were ppl of other European and non European nations, I well remember Gęsiówka – but never investigated that fate of freed prisoners is uknown – I hope that some of them survived Uprising. I never knew that Polish and other pilots from Allied side fled to Warsaw as addition to they normal flights. It was great to hear something new!

Bolt Action: Last German victory Sobota, Lip 23 2022 

Yesterday we played in Bolt Action on „Veterans evening” in Bolter. I was playing from 16:00 starting with Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition and then as planned joined big Bolt Action battle at the end of second world war. It happend somewhere in Germany. Germans had to retake they 8.8 guns and Americans had to prevent them from this.

Wczoraj zagraliśmy grę w Bolt Action na „Wieczorze weteranów” w Bolterze. Od 16:00 zacząłem grać w Warhammera Fantasy Battle 7 edycję i po tym dołączyłem do dużej bitwy w Bolt Action rozgrywającej się pod koniec drugiej wojny światowej. Wydarzyło się to gdzieś w Niemczech. Niemcy za cel mieli odzyskać ich działa 8.8 i Amerykanie mieli ich powstrzymać.

– we finished game around 22:30, came home around 23:30 as we had to clean table from units and terrains.
– nice game with several expensive models like M26 Pershing, Tiger II, Jadgtiger.
– at the end Germans had many succeses – we assumed they won.

– skończyliśmy grę około 22:30, wróciłem do domu około 23:30 jako, że musieliśmy posprzątać stół z jednostek i terenów.
– miła rozgrywka z kilkoma drogimi jednostkami jak M26 Pershing, Tygrys II, Jadgtiger.
– pod koniec rozgrywki Niemcy mieli wiele sukcesów – uznaliśmy, że odnieśli zwycięstwo.

Bolt Action: Longest Day – History Point/Najdłuższy dzień – Przystanek Historia Niedziela, Lip 10 2022 

On last Friday I participated in „Przystanek Historia” (History: Point) opened by president of Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) dr Karol Nawrocki with words: This story stop can be place on map of Wrocław, in which we will talk about past and future. I’m convinced,that in this place there will be no shortage of reflections about the Second World War and what happened after 1945.

We know that this great Allied operation could not have taken place without the contribution of the Polish airmen, Polish sailors, General Maczek, who fought at Falaise, and those who marched from different directions, retaining hope for a free and independent Poland, said the IPN President Karol Nawrocki during the event.

It’s great that on this oppening was president of IPN – so „Przystanek Historia” started cycle of events called „Wakacje z IPN” (Holidays with IPN). To be sure it’s a lot of different workshops for young people as well as for adults, speeches and also Bolt Action in high callibre details. More about it is avaible on Institute of National Remembrance page. I can recommend for everyone to read it here: IPN History Point in Wrocław. Event was created by Bolter for IPN.

So it begun at night of 5/6 June 1944, 6928 American paratroopers of famous 101st paratrooper division jumped down to occupied France to secure roads to beaches and make as much chaos to occupying German forces as they can – it was Operation Albany. Then invasion on beaches started in the morning of 6th June were Allies forces started sea landing on beaches Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword – Operation Overlord started. Our forces on Friday recreated landing on Utah beach and brave fight of paratroopers for Sainte-Marie-du-Mont with it great church towering over town.

Some TV material is here: Wrocław TVP.

W ostatni piątek brałem wziąłem udział w „Przystanku Historia” inaugurowanym przemową prezesa Instytutu Pamięci Narodowej (IPN) dr Karola Nawrockiego słowami: Ten Przystanek może być na mapie Wrocławia miejscem, w którym będziemy mówić o przeszłości i dla przyszłości. Jestem przekonany, że w tym miejscu nie zabraknie refleksji i o II wojnie światowej i o tym co wydarzyło się po roku 1945.

Wiemy, że wielka operacja aliantów nie mogłaby się odbyć bez wkładu Polaków, bez pięknej odysei wolności polskich lotników, polskich marynarzy, gen. Maczka, który bił się pod Falaise, ale także tych, którzy szli z różnych stron, nie porzucając w 1939 roku nadziei na wolną i niepodległą RP – mówił prezes IPN dr Karol Nawrocki podczas otwarcia placówki.

Świetnie, że na tym otwarciu był prezes IPN – tak więc „Przystanek Historia” rozpoczął cykl spotkać zwanych „Wakacje z IPN”. Dla pewności – mają to być liczne, różnorodne warsztaty, konferencje tak dla młodych jak dla dorosłych wliczając w to także Bolt Action w wysokiego kalibru detalach. Więcej o tym możecie przeczytać na stronie Instytutu Pamięci Narodowej. Mogę każdemu polecić przeczytanie o tym w tym miejscu: Otwarcie Przystanku Historia. Wydarzenie powstało we współpracy Boltera z IPN.

Tak więc zaczęło się wszystko w nocy z 5 na 6 czerwca 1944, 6928 spadochroniarzy z słynnej 101 amerykańskiej dywizji powietrzno-desantowej skoczyło z samolotów do okupowanej Francji by zabezpieczyć drogi do plaż oraz zasiać tyle zamętu ile się da wobec okupujących kraj Niemców – było to w ramach Operacji Albany. Następnie nad ranem 6 czerwca nastąpił desant morski sił alianckich na plaże Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword – Operacja Overlord się rozpoczęła. Nasz siły w piątek odegrały lądowanie na plaży Utah i bohaterskie walki spadochroniarzy o miasteczko Sainte-Marie-du-Mont z swoim wielkim kościołem górującym nad dachami okolicznych domów.

Trochę materiału na Wrocław TVP oraz dodatkowy materiał z programem.

– it was great event, with workshops, great Bolt Action table, prelections.
– great job to people from Bolter and for people supporting preparations.
– great job to IPN and it employees.

– było to świetne wydarzenie, z warsztatami, wielkim stołem do Bolt Action, prelekcjami.
– świetna robota ekipo Boltera oraz dla osób wspierających.
– świetna robota IPN i dla jego pracowników.

Bolt Action – Take a bridge/Zdobądź most Czwartek, Czer 23 2022 

Last Wendesday we played in with Karol (Germany) and Franek (Soviet Union) scenario where Red Army should take a bridge, to stop German trucks going out. Red Army was advancing from the forest, Germans were deployed in the town and also on Soviet side of deployment as rear guard. We played for around 2,000 points per side. Red Army main task was to control area of bridge on 4 turn, German side had to prevent from it.

W ostatnią środę zagraliśmy w Bolterze z Karolem (Niemcy) i Frankiem (Związek Radziecki) scenariusz, w którym oddziały Armii Czerwonej powinny zająć ważny most, by zatrzymać konwój niemieckich ciężarówek próbujących się ewakuować. Armia Czerwona nacierała przez tereny leśne. Niemcy byli wystawieni w mieście oraz po radzieckiej stronie wystawienia, jako tylna straż. Graliśmy na około 2,000 punktów na stronę. Głównym zadanie dla Armii Czerwonej było kontrolowanie mostu do czwartej tury, Niemcy mieli za zadanie niedopuścić do tego.

– dzięki Franku i Karolu za grę!
– następnym razem postaram się opisać nieco zasady tej miłej i przyjemnej gry bitewnej, a w dodatku taniej na wejście.
– brzydzę się szarością, ale jest to najłatwiejsze, by nimi zacząć, tak więc o ile sam nigdy nie gram niepomalowanymi, akceptuję je u moich kolegów.
– jesteśmy w stanie zrobić gry pokazowe dla osób zainteresowanych, a moi koledzy bez wątpienia pomogą w dobraniu farb i nauce malowania, ja maluję ale znam po prostu lepszych ode siebie.
– jeśli ktoś myśli, że gry bitewne, RPG czy karcianki są tylko dla chłopców, to grubo się myli. Usłyszałem to kiedyś, kiedy zaproponowałem parze przyjaciół mojej dawnej sympatii i w sumie moich zagranie w Warhammera: Inwazję – usłyszałem od faceta – to nie takie babskie… zatkało mnie. Czyli co, płeć piękna nie może? Też byłem na tym kierunku co on, ale uważam, że naprawdę fajnie, jak dziewczyny grają z nami facetami.

– thank you Franek and Karol for a game!
– next time I will try to write down review of rules of this nice game, in addition it’s cheap to be collected.
– I hate grey plastic of all shadows of grey, Franek knows it.
– we are able to do demo games for ppl who are interested, my friends can help with paints and teaching painting, I’m painting, but I know better than me.
– if someone thinks that tabletop games, RPG or card games are only for boys, it’s a big mistake. I heard it once, when I proposed a couple of friends of my ex sympathy that we can play Warhammer: Invasion and I heard from guy that it’s not for ladies… I didn’t know what to say to him. So that more beautiful gender shound’t play? I was on the same studies and I know, that’s it’s really nice when girls play with us.

Bolt Action: Dawn strike, Soviet Union vs Germany Środa, Czer 15 2022 

Today I played on one side with Łukasz playing Soviets, on the other side were Sławek with Germans. With Łukasz our platoons had 2,000 of points and Sławek as defender had 1,500 points – it was test, as usually in reality attackers overhelmed defenders with numbers. The main objectives was to have control over bridge and/or two fords – both fords in points were equal to bridge. In addition Germans could blow up bridge, but no one would earn points for it.

As Soviet military intelligence reported area was full of retreating Germans unit, so assault started in the morning without artillery barrage.

– thank you Łukasz and Sławek for great game. Thanks to for terrains and table to play.
– I’m pretty sure that assaulting troops should have more points than defenders.
– it looks like German victory as there were more German troops in area of bridge and fords.

Bolt Action: Assault in area of Termoli Środa, Czer 8 2022 

Today (06.06.2022) we played 3rd game of Italian campaign – battle of Termoli – town which has port and road to the north and south Italy. It’s part of games played in Bolter and supported by Polish Institute of Remembrance (called shortly IPN – Instutut Pamięci Narodowej).

– spliting table for several zone areas for Order Dices was great idea, we played six turns.
– thank you all for game and for borrowing models for me.
– thank you for interesting prelection before game started!

About Audie Murphy – the most decorated American soldier. He took part in Italian campaign.

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