WFB: Neigbours disputes over Marienburg Środa, Lu 22 2023 

Last days I had too much free time, sometimes things happen unusual way. Still there are positives – I can play more games including WFB – today 7th edition. With Bartłomiej we played game on 1250 points per side, I played my Empire and Kislev, my opponent played first time his Bretonnia.

– it was great game and it’s nice to see that younger generations are intrested in file and rank system, especially WFB.
– need to paint some meele infantry and more missile armed handgunners and crossbowmens, maybe hellblaster, as again I saw that I have too much cavalry which should fight with enemy weakend by my own fire.

WFB 7th: Inter arma silent Musae… Czwartek, Lu 24 2022 

Today, in that sad day from the morning we played a very friendly game on 1526 points with Sambor Skavens – it was a test of some interesting works of Skaven engineers. I took Empire (belowed Middenheim – City of the White Wolf and Bergsburg – city of goddess of mercy Shallya) and Kislev (stanitsa – Wrotizla), as I have them magnetized and was able to put box with them easily to the bag.

We played on 1526 points as our friends living in Prague organize event with such points limit.

Summary of our struggle:
– thank you Sambor for great game again,
– thanks for Bolter for place we play,
– still learning this army.

Summary of 24.02.2022:
– I just wish peace beetwen Russia and Ukraine, as most of ordinary people wants to live in it, I wish international friendships which are priceless as any other. We managed to find great people in Prague, but as Pole living in Wrocław, PL I wish to have friends everywhere – Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, French, British, Americans etc. – hobby is shortest way to find interesting people. You meet person, you have a chance to knew different cultere, traditions, cuisine etc.
– to be sure I’m right side and I can say, that I enjoy meeting people of different nations – in my life I found friends in other nations, especially Russians, Moldovians but also Spanish, Dutch, Belgians, Denmark, Germans, Bialorussians, Ukrainians. Found Czechs and British (or Archibald found me). We are all the same as a people.

As I love Russians, I also meet many great Ukrainians – I wish peace for both nations. Life is too short, to be victim of war.

WFB 7th: Bretonnia on Empire and Kislev Niedziela, Sty 23 2022 

Yesterday we played with Jędrzej our first WFB ever – for me it was a pleasure – first time I played with Empire and Kislev against Bretonnians (I play Bretonnians since 1997’/1998′). We played on 2250 points in, Wrocław, PL.

– Bretonnian won this game, I believed that Steam Tank can do something, but after losing eight wounds during one combat it could just stay.
– Jędrzej played last time 8-10 years ago, but he still remember rules well.
– It was a pleasure to play that game.
– It’s great that playing other systems we still find ppl who played WFB and they return to game. We also find ppl who never played WFB and they start playing in it.

WFB 7th: The Empire & Kislev vs Vampire Counts Piątek, Sty 21 2022 

Today with Dudzio we played game on 2250 points. I took Empire and Kislev and Dudzio took Vampire Counts. We played in Bolter, Wrocław, PL.

– still learning about playing Empire and Kislev.
– Dudzio is learning to play Vampire Counts.
– at the moment we stopped – it was something near Draw or Minor Victory for Dudzio.

WFB 7th: Empire and Kislev vs hungry Ogres Niedziela, Gru 12 2021 

Today we played standard pitched battle on 2000 points.

– has to paint some more infantry, war machines – for 2000 points I have too much cavalry.
– need to paint 10-15 Dwarfs, they seem to be great unit.
– thank you Kriss for great game.

WFB 7th: Dwarfs vs Empire and Kislev Sobota, Paźdź 9 2021 

Today in sunny Wrocław (PL), we played friendly Polish Italian match in Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition. First time I tried Steam Tank and need to learn how to use it.

I guess, that next time we should order some pizza to Bolter where we played (if we can of course).

– as many times before, it was great game with Alessandro, today I was massacred – but this is part of our hobby, still it depends on with whom you play.
– it was great to see Rafał, Generał and Krzysiek, still need to plan better our still small events (need to learn from Kris about multiple games).
– first time with Steam Tank – need to learn how to use it, maybe from General or Wuja.
– we agreed to play next Saturday, so everything before us>
– we spend some time of talking about rules – probably playing with 6th editions army books on 7th edition rulebook is better – still there are more models in 7th edition – we need to do a party like in Bilbo house and talk, play and talk.
– wish everyone great Sunday!

WFB: Empire and Kislev vs Chaos Warriors Czwartek, Sier 12 2021 

Today we played with Tomek battle on 1250 points per side, using 7th edition rules. Tomek played Chaos Warriors and I was playing Empire and Kislev force.

it was our first game and first Tomek’s game after eight years.
– we played on smaller points and we agreed to play on at least 2,000 points next time.
– it was nice game and final result could be something around draw.

WFB: Empire and Kislev, High Elves vs evil Beastmen Sobota, Sty 23 2021 

On the Saturday of 23.01.2021 we played pitched battle – four players, four armies – each army value was up to 1500 points. So we played two on two. On the good side was my Empire and Kislev and Piotrek’s High Elves, on the bad side were two armies of Beastmens – lead by Marian and Marcin.

Good armies can have variety of reasons to join they forces against evil side – in this case it could be High Elves looking for they ancient treasures or artefacts left in the Old World, when they had colonies centuries ago. Empire and Kislev force where send to check what they are doing – with no conflict or almost in, they realize that common enemy want also check what is hidden inside old elven ruins.

– first big battle in 2021, wish more such battles.
– need to read again 7th Rulebook, as we still had some doubts and still have.
– we played on Marian’s board on Marcin’s improvised table with my terrains (photos below).
– first time my mortar did something to someone and not exploded. Cannon was more succesfull than ever.
– my roster was almost the same as in previous games.
– first time I used Lore of Shadows and those spells are really nice (4 and 5 are my favourites) – first Total Power from a long time (three 6’s).

WFB: Empire and Kislev vs Night Goblins Czwartek, Sty 14 2021 

On 14.01.2021 we played with Marian (from small game – 1000 points per side, we played in 7th edition, still I used army book for 6th edition Empire. Both sides had everything painted, so it’s a kind of game I like. It happend somewhere in Kislev, on the border with World Edge Mountains.

Empire troops were composed of:
7 Knights Panther with full command group, lead by a captain (equiped as knights) with Banner of Valour
7 Kislev Winged Lancers with full command group, lead by a boyar (equiped as lancer) with Enchanted Shield
10 handgunners with marksman
2 x 5 Ungol Horse archers
Great Cannon

Night Goblins were composed of:
49 Night Goblins with full command group, three fanatics, lead by a hero with Mad Cap Mushrooms
30 Night Goblins with full command group, three fanatcis
10 Squig Hoppers
15 Squigs in a herd, pushed by 9 night goblins
3 Stone Trolls

– great game with minor victory for Marian’s Night Goblins – it was 1031 for Marian vs 795 for me (we counted standards, generals, half of units and quarters).
– I really need to replace in such small games one heavy cavalry unit with infantry with detachment.
– there weren’t any magic spells in games and not many magic items at all.

WFB: Empire and Kislev vs Tomb Kings vol.2 Wtorek, Gru 22 2020 

Today with Kuba we played probably last time in 2020. Main reason is another lockdown which starts from 28th in Poland – I suppose that there will be no place to play until 17th of January. But let’s come back to our game. We played on 1600 points per side, using army books from 6th edition and rules from 7th edition.

Empire and Kislev:
– Empire captain with Sword of Might and Icon of Magnus, full plate armour and barded warhorse
– Kislev boyar with Bitting Blade, Enchanted Shield, heavy armour, lance and warhorse.
– Empire lvl 2 wizard using Fire Magic with two Dispel Scrolls (never used, as we assumed, that I cannot dispel incantations with scrolls).
– 9 Knights Panthers with full command group and War Banner.
– 9 Winged Lancers with full command group.
– 10 Kislev Ungol archers with full command group.
– 5 Kislev Ungol archers with champion and musician.
– 10 Handgunners.
– 10 Great Swords.
– Great Cannon and Mortar.

Tomb Kings:
– Tomb Prince and two liches (don’t remember what they had).
– around 25-30 Tomb Guards.
– unit of 20 skeleton archers.
– around 25-30 skeletons with spears.
– 4 Carrions.
– Screaming Skull catapult.

– my second game with other WFB army than Bretonnia, decided to use heavy cavalry working together.
– did nothing with my artillery, the same with Kuba’s catapult.
– I won minor victory. It was 818 points I got versus 512 points got by Kuba on me.

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