Bolt Action: Ambush and counterstrike Piątek, Kwi 29 2022 

Today we played in Bolter two games with Karol – first was an ambush when Red Army tried to escape from a trap and another one was a typical Tank War.

– two good games, first one took us more time and second was much shorter.
– we still think how to improve some rules and setups.

Black Powder: France vs Prussia&Russia Sobota, Kwi 23 2022 

Today we had plan to recreate battle at Katzbach (Polish Kaczawa), but Rafał who had idea had issue and we just played as Prussia (Jakub), Russia (me) against forces of Napoleonic France (Jędrzej). We played in Bolter and get all those beautiful terrains from they storage. Thank you Adam and Rafał for everything today. Both sides had to control importants crossroads and graveyard in the middle to win this battle.

– it was victory of Prussian-Russian alliance,
– great game – thank you Kuba and Jędrzej and Bolter staff,
– it’s one of the simplest and cheapest system to start,
– unfortunately there were only three of us today.

Middle-Earth: Corsairs vs Dead of Dunharrow Piątek, Kwi 22 2022 

Today we played with Łukasz three games in Middle-Earth. This system is generally one of the cheapest to start and play. Some armies seems to be easy ones to be painted – the best one is here, but Gondor doesn’t look complicated as well.

– nice, small games.
– I have to paint The Three Hunters to get some valuable models to this band.
– I have to slow down and calm down (thank you H. for morning private message – it helped).
– I’m really tired of one thing I did in last few months. It’s not related to any of my friends or colleagues neither at work (to be sure I like all of you) nor any other. It’s related to too many things I had on me and it exploded in me afterwards. Now I’m thinking about what skills improve or relearn. New that SQL is a must have, also thinking how to return to long time ago forgotten Python with Selenium.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle, how to start? Part I. Niedziela, Kwi 17 2022 

Warhammer Fantasy Battle is so called „dead” system – but still there are people who play it. It’s square based system, where units move in formations (although some of them move as skirmishers and few of them circle wheel bases – like Night Goblin fanatics). „Dead” system – system which is not supported by it publisher.

Games Workshop
(GW) closed line of development for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (called in short WFB) when I started my current job (around 2016). To this day in they offer are many models for Age of Sigmar, which can be used to play in WFB (some of them are models released during 7/8th editions of WFB). So what we had in past? Games Workshop released following armies:

Bad guys were:
– Chaos (after 5th edition it was separated on Chaos Warriors, Beastmen and Deamons) – here are all of them,
– Chaos Dwarfs,
– Dark Elves,
– Orcs and Goblins,
– Skaven army,
– Vampire Counts.

Good guys released:
High Elves,
The Empire,
Wood Elves (up to 5th edition).

So called neutral:

– Dogs of War,
– Kingdoms of Ogres,
– Lizardmen,
– Tomb Kings.
– Wood Elves (from 6th edition).

Those mentioned are armies that were in WFB, still around half of them can be fielded with the current line of GW models.

When I looked on the shelf in the shop, I realized that probably the easiest armies to be collected now are demons of Chaos.

Nowadays from Games Workshop offer will be impossible to assemble: Bretonnians, Dogs of War, Kislev, Tomb Kings. Not easy but still possible will be creating something for Dwarfs, High Elves, The Empire, Wood Elves. Still many units are not in the offer – but it’s will be mentioned in next article.

What is still avaible in the Games Workshop offer? We will start from bad guys – Grand Alliance Chaos which covers in some way armies from past: Beastmen, Chaos Warriors, Deamons of Chaos and Skavens.

1. Chaos Warriors, old mortal Chaos – now called Slaves to Darkness:
– models for characters – wide range,
– Chaos Warriors on foot and on horse,
– Chaos Marauders on foot and on horse,
– Chariots,
– Spawns,
– character on Manticore.

2. Chaos Beastmen, called now Beasts of Chaos, even better choice than they Northern co-believers:
– Gors – typical core infantry,
– Ungors – typical cannon fodder,
– Ungor Raiders – skirmishers with bows,
– Chaos Warhounds,
– Bestigors – elite infantry,
– Centigors (they are usualy drunk, still avaible),
– Dragon Ogres,
– Ghorgon,
– Cygor,
– Cockatrice,
– Tuskgor Chariot,
– some characters as well.

3. Chaos Deamons with current name in offer as four different demoinc powers, so:
a) Blades of Khorne – deamons of Khorne:
– there are greater deamon of Khorne – Bloodthirster as well as many other units which were used in WFB in past. Most popular core units from 6th are:
– Bloodletters – minor deamons of Khorne,
– Flesh Hounds.
I don’t remember special or rare units but Mighty Skullcrushers probably appeard in 7th or 8th editions.

b) Disciples of Tzeentch – deamons of Tzeentch:
– of course we start with Kairos Fateweaver and Lord of Change as lords,
– Horrors of Tzentch,
– Screamers of Tzeentch,
– Flamers of Tzeentch,
– Horrors of Tzeentch,
– Burning Charoit of Tzeentch,
– some characters as well.

As we can see summoning horde of Tzeentch is even easier than those of Blood God.

c) Hedonites of Slaanesh – deamons of Slaanesh:
– at start – Keeper of Secrets and Shalaxi Helbane – both can be used as Greater Deamon of Slaanesh,
– Deamonettes of Slaanesh,
– Seekers of Slaanesh which looks like Mounted Deamonettes of old,
– Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh,
– some models which looks like good addition to Chaos Warriors.
– some characters as well.

For me not many, but deamonettes could fit well in Cult of Slaanesh from 6th edition Storm of Chaos.

d) Maggotkin of Nurgle – deamons of Nurgle:
– at start – Great Unclean One,
– Nurglings – small and happy deamons of disease,
– Plagueabearers of Nurgle,
– Beast of Nurgle,
– some characters as well.

It seems all, maybe I missed something for those Chaos power.

e) Skaven army seems to be well covered in Age of Sigmar:
– at start named and by many favourite character Thanquol and his rat ogre Boneripper,
– Doomwheel – one of those funny stuff you don’t like to come near your cavalry units,
– Hell Pit Abomination – effect of Skaven most advanced technology,
– Warp Lighting Cannon – another rare unit avaible to Skavens in the GW offer,
– Screaming Bell,
– Stormvermin – some better infantry unit avaible to the Skaven horde,
– Gutter Runners,
– Weapon teams – including Ratling Gun, Warpfire Thrower or Warp-Grinder,
– Night Runners – another skirmishing infantry,
– Plague Censer Bearers,
– Rat Ogors, Giant Rats and Packmaster – Rat Ogors – old Rat Ogres,
– Clanrats – core unit of many Skaven armies.
– Plague Monks,
– Warplock Jezzails of clan Skryre,
– Verminlord avaible as four different models,
– some characters as well.

As I realized that I started writing it some months ago and due lack of time I wasn’t able to publish it I publish it now as part I.

Everyone should remember – that Age of Sigmar uses round bases and WFB uses square bases. In case of getting army books – eBay, Allegro or other internet shop, maybe someone sell it. Of course everything is also in .pdf – I prefer paper books.

To be continued.

Happy Easter/Wesołych Świąt Zmartwychwstania Pańskiego Sobota, Kwi 16 2022 

I wish everyone Happy Easter, healthy, with family or/and friends and hope that everything will be good as it’s most important Christian holiday – especially for Catholics, Orthodox – I know it’s most important, still I prefer Christmas, were God was born. Wish sanity, health, normality and peace for our neighbours in the east – for ordinary ppl who don’t want this war in the Ukraine.

Życzę wszystkim Radosnych Świąt Zmartwychwstania Pańskiego, z rodziną lub/i przyjaciółmi i mam nadzieję, że wszystko będzie dobrze, jako że jest to najważniejsze święto chrześcijan – zwłaszcza dla Katolików, Prawosławnych – wiem, że jest to najważniejsze święto, mimo wszystko o wiele bardziej lubię Boże Narodzenie, kiedy Bóg się narodził. Życzę zdrowego rozsądku, zdrowia, normalności i pokoju dla naszych sąsiadów na wschodzie – dla zwykłych ludzi, którzy nie chcieli tej wojny na Ukrainie.

Bolt Action: Continuation War – battle for farm Piątek, Kwi 15 2022 

Today we played in Bolter our first one on one game with Franek. Scenario was invented at place by me – there were two farm building with supplies – holding each of them at the end was counted as three victory points, plus every destroyed enemy unit was worth one dice each. Each of us has reinforced platoon of 1500 points.

It happend somewhere in Finland, during continuation war with Soviet Union.

I was a little bit late, so Franek started with setting up terrains.

– thank you Franek for a game!
– artillery and mortars did many casultaties on both sides.
– I charged with sniper team and then panzerschreck and was defeated in close combat,
– at the end, when we counted points Franek was winner – his 7 against my 5.

Battle for Festung Breslau – assault from north Czwartek, Kwi 14 2022 

Today with Marian from Maniexite we played alternative history, where Red Army took north of the city of Breslau by fast attack of mechanized troops, took districts Kleczków, Nadodrze, Ołbin – all important bridges in the centre like Bridges: Pomorski, Uniwersytecki, Mieszczańskie, Piaskowe, Pokoju were blown up by brave German defenders – jet for maintain contact with all Grunwaldzki area gorgeus Grunwaldzki Bridge (former Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge) was spared.

Originally Red Army crossed Oder River to the west of Breslau and assaulted from west and south – those areas were heavily destroyed and trace of it is still visible – as Germans were blowing up whole quarters to made they artillery clear field of fire, also Soviet artillery and air bombings did destruction – this was total war.

– it was great game and scenery was part of Wrocław in area of Grunwaldzka (before Wrocław was Wrotizla, Wratislavia, Preslau, Breslau and Wrocław) – we should remember all of people who were living there.
– it was alternative story – as Soviets troops took Festung Breslau from west and south – area of Grunwaldzki and few others never saw street fighting.
– we cheated each other together – so it’s fair for us 🙂 .
– few more games and it will be Marian fully returned to Bolt Action!
– farewell to Planszó in Astra, many great games and many great people I meet there – still they will be avaible as internet shop. Thank you for everything and wish you return stationary as a Fenix!

Bolt Action: Breaktrough to Tunisia Środa, Kwi 13 2022 

Today we played bigger battle where Germans tried to do last attempt in stopping combined Allied forces from taking Tunisia and gaining good position to further assault on Sicily. In this game all Germans vehicles plus unit transported by trucks were first wave and started game on the table, all the others were 2nd wave. Then Allies started coming off board – units without transports were coming then, also as 2nd wave.

– thank you all for great time!
– This time Allied troops won!

WFB: Border clash beetwen Bretonnians and Orcs Wtorek, Kwi 12 2022 

Yesterday we played with Michał Border Patrol game on 500 points using WFB 7th edition rules. Michał wasn’t playing WFB for a long time, so it was time for him to refresh rules.

As Bretonnian (Michał) side decided to pray to the Lady, orcs started first turn of a game.

– great game and as it was Border Patrol it’s fast and good to bring back rules of WFB.

Bolt Action: From Tobruk to Kasserine Poniedziałek, Kwi 11 2022 

As you maybe know in Wrocław, Poland we play many different games – among them WFB, Middle Earth, 40k, Black Powder, many skirmishes – among those games is great Bolt Action from Warlord Games. While last time I had some serious things on my head, which was moving IT stuff from one office to the other, so I wasn’t playing games for last two weeks, but I’ve been on „last” game of African campaign supported by Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (IPN).

On last Wendesday 6.04.2022 we participated in event connected to history, model making, education and reconstruction.

Event was open by no one than director of Wrocław IPN dr. Paweł Rozdżestwieński and head of the branch (in PL called Naczelnik Oddziału) of the Office of National Education in Wrocław dr. Katarzyna Pawlak-Weiss. Then all fluff about Tunisian campaing were told, especially about battle of Kasserine Pass and fights for Mareth Line. In first part one of us – Maciej Molczyk said words about Polish Independent Carpatian Brigade up to the moment were it was changed to 3rd Division of Carpatians rifles, being part of 2nd Polish Corps. In addition there were ppl in uniforms of this unit.

In meantime IPN got great diorama, painted by Bonapartist Paint Studio.

After prelection Bolt Action games on two tables started, I said that I will be there for minutes, finally I left at the end of event.

Below photos are mix of photos done by Wrocław IPN with logo of IPN and some photos done by me. Text was translated from IPN post.