Today we played with Łukasz three games in Middle-Earth. This system is generally one of the cheapest to start and play. Some armies seems to be easy ones to be painted – the best one is here, but Gondor doesn’t look complicated as well.

– nice, small games.
– I have to paint The Three Hunters to get some valuable models to this band.
– I have to slow down and calm down (thank you H. for morning private message – it helped).
– I’m really tired of one thing I did in last few months. It’s not related to any of my friends or colleagues neither at work (to be sure I like all of you) nor any other. It’s related to too many things I had on me and it exploded in me afterwards. Now I’m thinking about what skills improve or relearn. New that SQL is a must have, also thinking how to return to long time ago forgotten Python with Selenium.