A journey to Czech Prague – next days Wtorek, Maj 31 2022 

I went for WFB games and tournament organized by friends, but not only, as I wanted to see again capital of Czech Republic. I spend whole Friday of 13.05.2022 on walking in Prague, taking photos and tasting local Pilsner in the pub. Travelling to Prague costed me some nerves as I wasn’t able to take all my beloved miniatures with me – some of them were travelling alone. It’s only 5,5h by bus from Wrocław to Prague, I found nice hotel with great breakfasts, close to place we were playing – it was Hotel Sonata booked by Lastminute.com.

– I know I had to came back to Prague sooner than later.

Everything is a trip to somewhere.

A journey to Czech Prague – first day Poniedziałek, Maj 30 2022 

On 12.05 I travelled to Prague and spend there few nice days, next time should plan longer trip. On first day I meet Martin and few more new friends or friends known from internet groups. I travelled alone and planned everything myself. It was worth of it.

Bolt Action: Seelow Heights, on road to Berlin Niedziela, Maj 29 2022 

This windy Sunday we played with Karol average battle in case of points, as both forces had 1250 points. On one side were brave German Fallschirmjägers (paratroopers) supported by powerful feline – Königstiger – better known as Tiger II. On the other side were advancing Red Army accompanied by famous T-34-85 tank. After ordering some tosts and drink I was ready to start playing. It was great idea to have to include snacks and tosts in hobby shop. We played in Bolter, which has next Saturday birthday event.

– thank you Karol for great game! It was great to see Tiger II on the table.
– main problem of big cats are points, I had 16 Order dices vs Karols 7. In such disproportion one side should be defender (half of units hidden) with some units in reserves.
– I guess I was here for up to five hours, we played maybe 2,5h, then I had some interesting conversations after – thank you Adam, Arek, Karol, Rafał and the others, really great day after playing Witcher 2 until morning.
– we had some points with Adam and Arek about updating few things in Black Powder.
– some talk related to Wendesday landing in Salerno, Italy.

Black Powder: A road into the Alpine Mountains Sobota, Maj 28 2022 

Today we played scenario done by „Gargamel” – there were Adam Polish Vistula Legion, Bartosz and Jędrzej French on one side and Kuba Prussians, Tomek British and my Russians on the other side. French were escorting some important guns and others had to prevent them from doing it. On right side of the table were Alpine Mountains were French army was marching.

– nice game, but too many random situations. I think that we need to update some rules.
– battle was over after turn 5 and several unlucky charges done by French cavalry.

Bolt Action: Night fighting near Salerno Piątek, Maj 27 2022 

Today we played a part of Italian campaing which took place beetwen small forces of American Rangers and German patrols and crews of batteries covering a bay near the Salerno itself. Scenario was provided by Karol and I took Germans and Olek took forces of USA. We played it as part of bigger campaing we played last Wendesday in Bolter, Wrocław, PL. So it was a night…

– interesting game with objectives and many inexperienced units on German side with all veterans on the other side.
– thank you Karol for interesting scenario and Olek for game.
– today my strenght of will had been passed and my Confederates still don’t have cannon.

81 years ago German battleship Bismarck was sunk.

Bolt Action: Italian campaign – A race to Messina Środa, Maj 25 2022 

Today (25.05.2022) we played in Bolter first struggle of campaing on Sicyly – when Allies forces raced up to take Messina. This campaing is supported by Institute of Remembrance (IPN). One table were British against Germans and on the other USA against Germans and Italians. Who would be first in Messina general Bernard Montgomery or general George Patton?

Table of USA and Germans&Italians:

Table of British and Germans:

– thank you for great game to Karol (and for borrowed to me models), to everyone who participated, to sponsor Institute of Remembrance (IPN) and to place we played – Bolter!
– Victory belonged to British, as they were faster than USA – historically general Patton was much better than his British counterpart.

WFB: Bretonnians an Dark Elves on 1241 Czwartek, Maj 19 2022 

Today we played battle on small format of 1241 points. We played in Bolter, Wrocław, PL.

– my best unit were archers,
– I had some bad rolls so my knights charges then stopped.
– thank you for game to my enemy and place to shop!

WFB: Tournament in honour of Ludvik Jagellonsky Poniedziałek, Maj 16 2022 

Last Saturday it was pleasure to participate in event done by Martin and Alex in Prague. It was great that after WROHammer vol.3 I was able to rejoin them in Prague. Event was great and we have plans for repeating it in Prague (Czech Republic) and in Wrocław (Poland). We want to do events abroad those two cities too. Praha (PRAAGHammer) and Wrocław (WROHammer) communities have bond we want to continue to grow up!

Friendship and friends are important for everyone, as I had abroad most friends from Russia I have meet many great ppl from Czech Republic, want to meet more!

– it’s great to play with friends abroad, we want to repeat it in July, then probably Wrocław, then Praha. Then repeat.
– thank you Ludek, Tomas and Vladimir for three great games.
– I love our talk about everything.
– Alessandro mate, thank you for believing in me!

WFB: Bretonnian battle with Skaven in Praha Niedziela, Maj 15 2022 

Last few days I’ve been in Czech capital – Praha (EN Prague, PL Praga). Everything we have now started on 7th edition group in the fourth quater of 2021. Months of posts with invitation of new members give resulted in contact with Archibald and then Ludek, Martin and Petr. I realised that maybe we can do another WROHammer event vol. 3. From talk we started working on event which we organized on February 2022. Archibald, Ludek and Martin arrived from Praha, CZ and Janek from Gdynia, PL, we had some good meeting on Friday, then great games on Saturday and some beers after. Freshly after Wrocław WROHammer event in Praha had been announced, there were some ppl wanting to came there from Wrocław, finally I left my zone of control and travelled to beautiful capital of Czech Republic, then I was re-joined by Alessandro on day of the event.

Praha event took place in great hobby store Ogří doupě on 14.05.2022.

More about Praha later, as I have too many photos and some thinks in my mind.

– it was great experience to come there and meet Martin and to know more friends here in Praha, thank you Petr and Vladimir for great time!
– day before I was taken from the hotel and saw two oldest pubs and Hradczany, it was really nice to meet you or first time personally meet.
– we talked about everything, from Praha history, WFB and other games including RPG’s, PC games up to situation on the east.
– it was great to see first time in life metro.
– with Martin I played my first game abroad, it was great experience to finally visit city of friends we know from FB group.
– all the time I know that I can improve my English, but up to this date I know that is on enough level to talk with friends about anything, play tabletop games (last time I was translating Polish rulebook into English for Czech friend), to talk in business in case of support or regarding requirements with architects. Reading with understanding fantasy, history, news and technical documentation.

WFB 7th: A training before Prague event Czwartek, Maj 12 2022 

Last Sunday we continued our Polish-Italian struggle beetwen my Bretonnians and Alessandro greenskins. It was first time I tried my list on 1526 points and after game I decided to update it.

– most of Bretonnians unit fled the field, only mounted squires were on field at the end.
– it was great game and I revised my army list a little bit. Reduced number of knights and added one more lance of young Knights Errants. Instead of one her – another damsel lvl 2 was added.

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