Warhammer Fantasy Battle, how to start? Part I. Niedziela, Kwi 17 2022 

Warhammer Fantasy Battle is so called „dead” system – but still there are people who play it. It’s square based system, where units move in formations (although some of them move as skirmishers and few of them circle wheel bases – like Night Goblin fanatics). „Dead” system – system which is not supported by it publisher.

Games Workshop
(GW) closed line of development for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (called in short WFB) when I started my current job (around 2016). To this day in they offer are many models for Age of Sigmar, which can be used to play in WFB (some of them are models released during 7/8th editions of WFB). So what we had in past? Games Workshop released following armies:

Bad guys were:
– Chaos (after 5th edition it was separated on Chaos Warriors, Beastmen and Deamons) – here are all of them,
– Chaos Dwarfs,
– Dark Elves,
– Orcs and Goblins,
– Skaven army,
– Vampire Counts.

Good guys released:
High Elves,
The Empire,
Wood Elves (up to 5th edition).

So called neutral:

– Dogs of War,
– Kingdoms of Ogres,
– Lizardmen,
– Tomb Kings.
– Wood Elves (from 6th edition).

Those mentioned are armies that were in WFB, still around half of them can be fielded with the current line of GW models.

When I looked on the shelf in the shop, I realized that probably the easiest armies to be collected now are demons of Chaos.

Nowadays from Games Workshop offer will be impossible to assemble: Bretonnians, Dogs of War, Kislev, Tomb Kings. Not easy but still possible will be creating something for Dwarfs, High Elves, The Empire, Wood Elves. Still many units are not in the offer – but it’s will be mentioned in next article.

What is still avaible in the Games Workshop offer? We will start from bad guys – Grand Alliance Chaos which covers in some way armies from past: Beastmen, Chaos Warriors, Deamons of Chaos and Skavens.

1. Chaos Warriors, old mortal Chaos – now called Slaves to Darkness:
– models for characters – wide range,
– Chaos Warriors on foot and on horse,
– Chaos Marauders on foot and on horse,
– Chariots,
– Spawns,
– character on Manticore.

2. Chaos Beastmen, called now Beasts of Chaos, even better choice than they Northern co-believers:
– Gors – typical core infantry,
– Ungors – typical cannon fodder,
– Ungor Raiders – skirmishers with bows,
– Chaos Warhounds,
– Bestigors – elite infantry,
– Centigors (they are usualy drunk, still avaible),
– Dragon Ogres,
– Ghorgon,
– Cygor,
– Cockatrice,
– Tuskgor Chariot,
– some characters as well.

3. Chaos Deamons with current name in offer as four different demoinc powers, so:
a) Blades of Khorne – deamons of Khorne:
– there are greater deamon of Khorne – Bloodthirster as well as many other units which were used in WFB in past. Most popular core units from 6th are:
– Bloodletters – minor deamons of Khorne,
– Flesh Hounds.
I don’t remember special or rare units but Mighty Skullcrushers probably appeard in 7th or 8th editions.

b) Disciples of Tzeentch – deamons of Tzeentch:
– of course we start with Kairos Fateweaver and Lord of Change as lords,
– Horrors of Tzentch,
– Screamers of Tzeentch,
– Flamers of Tzeentch,
– Horrors of Tzeentch,
– Burning Charoit of Tzeentch,
– some characters as well.

As we can see summoning horde of Tzeentch is even easier than those of Blood God.

c) Hedonites of Slaanesh – deamons of Slaanesh:
– at start – Keeper of Secrets and Shalaxi Helbane – both can be used as Greater Deamon of Slaanesh,
– Deamonettes of Slaanesh,
– Seekers of Slaanesh which looks like Mounted Deamonettes of old,
– Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh,
– some models which looks like good addition to Chaos Warriors.
– some characters as well.

For me not many, but deamonettes could fit well in Cult of Slaanesh from 6th edition Storm of Chaos.

d) Maggotkin of Nurgle – deamons of Nurgle:
– at start – Great Unclean One,
– Nurglings – small and happy deamons of disease,
– Plagueabearers of Nurgle,
– Beast of Nurgle,
– some characters as well.

It seems all, maybe I missed something for those Chaos power.

e) Skaven army seems to be well covered in Age of Sigmar:
– at start named and by many favourite character Thanquol and his rat ogre Boneripper,
– Doomwheel – one of those funny stuff you don’t like to come near your cavalry units,
– Hell Pit Abomination – effect of Skaven most advanced technology,
– Warp Lighting Cannon – another rare unit avaible to Skavens in the GW offer,
– Screaming Bell,
– Stormvermin – some better infantry unit avaible to the Skaven horde,
– Gutter Runners,
– Weapon teams – including Ratling Gun, Warpfire Thrower or Warp-Grinder,
– Night Runners – another skirmishing infantry,
– Plague Censer Bearers,
– Rat Ogors, Giant Rats and Packmaster – Rat Ogors – old Rat Ogres,
– Clanrats – core unit of many Skaven armies.
– Plague Monks,
– Warplock Jezzails of clan Skryre,
– Verminlord avaible as four different models,
– some characters as well.

As I realized that I started writing it some months ago and due lack of time I wasn’t able to publish it I publish it now as part I.

Everyone should remember – that Age of Sigmar uses round bases and WFB uses square bases. In case of getting army books – eBay, Allegro or other internet shop, maybe someone sell it. Of course everything is also in .pdf – I prefer paper books.

To be continued.

WFB: Empire and Kislev, High Elves vs evil Beastmen Sobota, Sty 23 2021 

On the Saturday of 23.01.2021 we played pitched battle – four players, four armies – each army value was up to 1500 points. So we played two on two. On the good side was my Empire and Kislev and Piotrek’s High Elves, on the bad side were two armies of Beastmens – lead by Marian and Marcin.

Good armies can have variety of reasons to join they forces against evil side – in this case it could be High Elves looking for they ancient treasures or artefacts left in the Old World, when they had colonies centuries ago. Empire and Kislev force where send to check what they are doing – with no conflict or almost in, they realize that common enemy want also check what is hidden inside old elven ruins.

– first big battle in 2021, wish more such battles.
– need to read again 7th Rulebook, as we still had some doubts and still have.
– we played on Marian’s board on Marcin’s improvised table with my terrains (photos below).
– first time my mortar did something to someone and not exploded. Cannon was more succesfull than ever.
– my roster was almost the same as in previous games.
– first time I used Lore of Shadows and those spells are really nice (4 and 5 are my favourites) – first Total Power from a long time (three 6’s).

WROhammer vol. 2 PL/EN Sobota, Lu 29 2020 

Kolejna odsłona WROhammer’a, tym razem gospodarzem był „Profi”. Zagraliśmy w dwóch czterosobowych zespołach – żółtych i czerwonych. Każdy z uczestników wystawił armię na 1000 punktów, na zasadach 7 edycji WFB. W skrócie: w pierwszej grze celem było zdobycie przedmiotu, drugiej utrzymanie go, w trzeciej zdobywca przedmiotu mógł go użyć.

Next part of WROhammer, this time the host was „Profi”. We played in two teams of four people each – yellows and reds. Each participant developed army for 1000 of points, on rules from 7 edition of WFB. Shortly: in first game our target was to took item, second hold it in our hands and in third players who got item could use it.

Planszóweczka na Bielanach, miejsce gdzie graliśmy. Planszóweczka on Bielany Wrocławskie, place we played.


Jeden ze stołów. One of the game boards.


Pierwsza gra z Krasnoludami Remo, czary jakie wylosowałem to 1 i 4 z magii życia. First game I played with Remo’s Dwarfs, spells I got were 1 and 4 from Lore of Life.


Bitwa zwierzoludzi Mariana i ożywieńców Generała. Battle beetwen Marian’s Beastmen army and Generals Undead army.


Ale wróćmy do mojej rozgrywki. Krasnoludzka linia. But come back to my own game. Dwarf battle line.


Bretońska linia, oba oddziały rycerzy na prawym skrzydle. Bretonnian battle line, both knight units on right flank.


Żyrokopter przyleciał. Gyrocopter came.


Ruch w stronę kuszników i skarbu kryjącego się na wzgórzu. Move toward crossbowmen and treasure hidden on the hill.


Na innym stole. On the other gameboard.


Rycerze Królestwa rozbili kuszników (nikt nikogo nie trafił i niezdane morale krasnoludów to był pech). KoTR broken crossbowmen unit (no one hit no one and failed morale for Dwarfs was bad luck).


Próba przędzenia krasnoludów ze wzgórza nie wyszła. Attemp to pursue Dwarfs from the hill didn’t passed.


Rycerze Graala rozbici przez zabójców trolli. Grail Knights broken and pursued by troll slayers.


Rycerze Królestwa przybywają z pomocą chorążemu, Panna Graala rzuca Mistresh of Marsh na zabójców trolli. KoTR came to aid army standard bearer, damsel casts Mistresh of Marsh on troll slayers.


Do walki włącza się żyrokopter. Also gyrocopter join fight.


Rycerze Królestwa przeganiają krasnoludy z wzgórza.


Gra na stole obok. Game on board next to us.


Przygotowanie do kolejnej tury. Preparing for next turn.


Armia przygotowana do obrony przedmiotu przed hordą orków Marcina. Czary jakie miałem to 1 i 5 z magii życia. Army prepared for defending item against horde of orcs. I got spell 1 and 5 from Lore of Life.


Horda ruszyła w moją stronę. Horde marched toward my side.


Daleko na prawym skrzydle rycerze królestwa ruszyli naprzeciw orków. Far away on right flank KoTR moved toward the orcs.


Przedmiot ustawiłem w lewym górnym rogu pola bitwy. I placed item on top left corner of battlefield.


Najlepszą obroną jest atak, rycerze Graala ruszyli. The best defence is offence, Grail Knights moved.


I zaszarżowali, niestety gonili za daleko. And charged, unhapilly pursued to far.


Rycerze Królestwa zaszarżowali. KoTR charged.


Rycerze Graala gonili za daleko i wpadli w ogień balist. Grail Knights pursued too far and find themselfs in the fire of goblin spear chuccases.


Trolle poganiane przez czarnego orka rozbiły zbrojnych i wpadły na chorągiew armijną. Trolls whiped by black orc defeated unit of men at arms and get in touch with battle standard bearer.


Rycerze Graala próbowali wrócić, ale byli ciągle blokowani. Grail Knights tried to help, but where blocked all the time.


Po pokonaniu sztandarowego wódz orków położył swoje łapy na skarbie. After defeating battle standard bearer orc chieftain put his hands on treasure.


Kolejna gra z Mrocznymi Elfami Krzyśka. Wylosowałem czary 2 i 5 z magii życia. Another game – this time pitched battle was with Krzysztofs Dark Elves. I got spells 2 and 5 from Lore of Life.


Linia Mrocznych Elfów. Line of Dark Elves.


I ruch do przodu. And move forward.


Mój ruch, a właściwie dwie spalone szarże. Jedna o cala, druga o pół cala. Modły do Pani czas zacząć. Diabelska magia przeciwnika. My movement phase, two failed charges. During one I missed inch, in second half of inch. Praying to The Lady should be started. Evil magic of my enemy.


Szarże przeciwnika i ruch oskrzydlający. Charges of my enemy and his flanking move.


Łucznicy ustrzelili kilku mrocznych jeźdźców na tyłach. Archers shoot down few Dark Raiders on the rear.


Początek końca. Resztki rycerzy królestwa padły, podobnie jak i Panna Graala. Beginining of the end. Remnants of KoTRs felt, the same as damsel of the Lady.


Epicka bitwa sztandarowego Graali, który pozbył się rycerzy na Cold One i mrocznych jeźdźców, ale chwilę później był to koniec. Epic battle of Grail Knights unit standard bearer, who destroyed Cold One Knights and Dark Raiders as well, but moment later it was over.


– wielkie dzięki Profi za podjęcie się organizacji, równie wielkie dzięki Planszoweczka.pl za miejsce.
– dzięki wszystkim za wspaniałą atmosferę i przybycie!
– nadal nie wiem co brać na tysiąc punktów Bretonnią.
– z krasnoludami, miałem szczęście i zrobiłem błędy, które łatałem, z orkami błędem było nie danie Graalom przedmiotu, z Mrocznymi Elfami – spaliłem szarże.

– many thanks to Profi for organization of event, many thanks to Planszoweczka.pl for place.
– thank you everyone for great atmosphere and arrival!
– I still don’t know what to take on one thousand points for Bretonnia.
– with Dwarfs I got luck and did mistakes, which I tried to repair, in second battle great mistake was to not give item to a Grail Knights, with Dark Elves I failed important charges.

Bretonnia vs Beastmen WFB VII ed. Sobota, Gru 7 2019 

Dzisiaj w Planszóweczce zagraliśmy z Mariem z Maniexite bitwę na 1500 punktów na stronę, na zasadach VII edycji WFB. Była to moja pierwsza gra przeciw czystej armii Zwierzoludzi Chaosu (a gram z przerwami ponad 20 lat).

Today in Planszówka.pl I played with Mario from Maniexitebattle on 1500 points per side, on rules of good old VII edition of WFB. It was my first game against Beastmen army itself (I play with breaks more than 20 years).

Bretonnia przed bitwą, pieszy paladyn nie wziął udziału w grze. Bretonnia before battle begins, foot paladin not enjoyed this game.


Zwierzoludzie Mariana. Marian’s beastmens.


Centrum armii zwierzoludzi. Centre of Beastmen army.


Obie strony przygotowane do bitwy. Both sides prepered to battle.


Obie strony ruszyły w swoją stronę. Both sides moved forward.


Lekka kawaleria ruszyła na prawe skrzydło. Light cavalry moved on right flank.


Przy użyciu magii armia zwierzoludzi podeszła bliżej. With use of magic Beastmen horde came closer.


Bretońska szarża rozniosła główne oddziały. Bretonnian charge smashed thru main units.


Parę problemów mniej. Few problems less.


Gorgona zaszarżowała i rozbiła łuczników, ścigając ich po lesie. Gorgon charged and broken archers, hunting them in the forest.


Szarże zwierzoludzi, po prawej piękne stare modele minotaurów. Charges of Beastmens, on right beautiful, old sculpts of minotaurs.


Rycerze Graala przegrali, ale zdali morale. Grail Knights losed combat, jet passed morale test.


Odsiecz nadeszła. Help came.


Minotaury zostały pokane w walce wręcz, Ungory rozbite przez Rycerzy Graala. Minotaurs defeated in hand to hand combat, Ungors pursued by Grail Knights.


Minotaury zebrały się i wróciły do walki. Minotaurs passed morale and came back to fight.


Obie strony wymieniły uderzenia. Both sides fought each other.


Żądna krwi gorgona w szale rzuciła się na bretońskich rycerzy na pegazach. Feeling blood gorgon in fury charged on pegasus knights.


Chorąży armijny przestraszył się, spiął konia i uciekł przed gorgoną. Army battle standard bearer saw gorgon and fled the battle.


– straciłem chorążego (uciekła z pola bitwy), rycerzy na pegazach oraz łuczników, Marianowi został minotaur i gorgona.
– pierwsza gra przeciw zwierzoludziom.
– wstępnie jesteśmy umówieni na kolejną grę w najbliższym czasie.

– I losed army battle standard bearer (she fled battle field), pegasus knights and archers, from Mario side survived single minotaur and gorgona.
– first game againts The Beastmen army.
– we agreed to play next game soon.