Gods of War: Togo – Seek and destroy! Sobota, Czer 3 2023 

Yesterday with Duderson we played one more game in our never ending campaing of Japanese Empire vs Russian Empire. Today we played classical game – to destroy as many enemy ships as we can. Game lasted for around two and half hour and our fleets at the end were shadows, of what we had at the start.

We played our game in Bolter, local Wrocław game store/club with everything tabletop gamer, boardgames gamer or RPG player needs. Gods of War: Togo is again on Kickstarter – English version will be releasead as it was said after day of Kickstarter – HERE you can read about it. A lot of materials about this simple but not trivial system are HERE.

– another great game with Duderson – it was my big victory 28:4, but one more turn and probably it could be a draw, as my flagship was burning and received too many shoots on close distance.
– again I’m thinking that two battleships on two thousands points are must to have in case of my own Russian fleet, deploying them is another question.

Gods of War: Togo – Clash on the counter-courses Poniedziałek, Maj 29 2023 

Today we played with Duderson our never ending naval clash of empires of XIX/XX century – on my side tzar Empire of Romanow dynasty and on Duderson side Japan Empire. We played scenario called „Clash on the counter-courses”, where both fleets had to cross board on the opposite corner of the table. As always we played in Bolter, official partner of GM Boardgames – studio which released Gods of War: Togo and older Gods of War: Rober E. Lee and Gods of War: Napoleon.

If you are interested in this great game – we have one important news – rulebook is under translation to English and Royal Navy will be another fleet in this simple but not trivial game – HERE are more informations about it.

– great game, thank you Duderson! Waiting for one more game soon.
– this time it was my victory – 70 to 43.

Gods of War: Togo – Line battle on Japanese Sea Poniedziałek, Maj 8 2023 

Today with Witosław we played a battle on 2,000 of points per side, I played my Russian Baltic fleet and Witosław took his Japanese. Our game took around two hours, the losses were smaller than usually – I losed group of torpedo boats because of my mistake.

When we played a game designer announced new fleet – Royal Navy – some details of it on the bottom 😉 .

– it was great game in our never ending struggle with Witosław, at the end we counted points and it was 62 to 58 for Japanese – it was a Draw.
– one good thing I can say – Royal Navy is on sight and there is incoming project for it on Kickstarter HERE and some words on GM Boardgames on they Facebook HERE. Plus some words about it on my blog HERE.

Gods of War: Togo – Somewhere on Japan Sea Poniedziałek, Kwi 17 2023 

Today we played with Duderson battle on 2,000 per side – I played with Russian Baltic fleet composed of the same fleet I played last time. Duderson played Japan Imperial Navy. Both of us participate in Gods of War: Togo – league 2023 – so our result was send to organizer after game was over.

– at the end we counted points and it was 44 for Duderson and 56 for me meaning minor victory for my fleet.
– another great game, when I was taking care about mines in the water. Thank you Duderson!

Gods of War – Togo: Borodino’s vs Mikasa Piątek, Kwi 7 2023 

Today with Witosław we had game on higher points – 2,000 points per player. I used fleet of two Borodino class battleships, three cruisers – Varyag, Pallada class – Aurora, Novik and one group of torpedo boats. On the other side were Mikasa, three cruisers and three fleets of torpedo boats. We spend good time playing on „Wieczór weteranów” (in en – veteran evening) – day when Bolter is opened longer and all different games are played, today also painting evening was organised.

Somewhere in Pacific Ocean the story begun.

– good game which resulted as Draw – I had 50 points to Witosławs 54.
– we agreed to play revenge game in next two weeks.

Nothing related to navy, rediscovered this great song.

Gods of War: Togo – Bolter event on 25.03 Środa, Mar 29 2023 

On last Saturday in Bolter we had event organized by „Torgill” – Maciej Molczyk in system developed by GM Boardgames – company from Wrocław, Poland. They have two great systems I had possibility to own Gods of War: General Lee and Gods of War: Togo.

So it was – I had three great games before I went to my another birthday party, great time spend with several admirals including Torgill with whom I played our first game in Togo ever. If you want to ask any questions about Gods of War: Togo – here you can try to find answer – they Facebook profile.

So it begun!

From Torgill – GM Boardgames – organiser of this event:

– it was great to play my first tournament in Togo with many great people, wish to play again and one more time I had to do list before event, mines were waiting and did critical job.
– thank you Maciej for patience, but this time as I was a little bit late, I had to talk with my great neighbour and go back home for token orders.

Polish TV used it for one programme – „Morze”.

Gods of War: Togo – on a way to Tsushima Poniedziałek, Mar 20 2023 

Today with Duderson we played in Bolter bigger game on 2,000 points per side, I had Russian fleet composed of Borodino, Varyag, Aurora, Novik, Ushakov and two squads of Buynyi destroyers – two on one base. My oponent has Japanese fleet composed of Mikasa, Niitaka, Izumu, Skikishima, Takachiho and one squad of Hayabusa torpedo boats. We played scenario number one – line battle with exiting on the opposite corner of the table. So it begun with setting our fleets on the table.

– next time I should avoid mines, I tried to clear them, but without success, so I losed Aurora and Novik on minefield, Borodino and Varyag were heavily damaged because of them.
– we have plans to play big game again 🙂 .
– thank you Duderson for great game.
– in case of result, it was achievement on the level of Tsushima for Japanese.

Stopping ship or warship weren’t simple, it was time costing opearation involving many people.

Gods of War: Togo – Battle in island archipelago Piątek, Mar 17 2023 

Today we played with Łukasz in Bolter on 1200 points. We used many great terrains I bought from Klaudia – she do a great job in many different scales for different systems. Probably we used too many terrains, but we wanted to see them on the table. So we started – probably my 10th game and Łukasz 2nd, I’m still learning, but at least know rules to the level I can play.

– this time Russia won against Japanese.
– great game with many beautiful terrains, which will be avaible only for Togo in Bolter.
– Togo – one of the systems I get in on 2022′ – one of the best systems I meet from GM Boardgames avaible in Bolter
– I’m pretty sure English version of rules is coming soon.

Gods of War: Togo – Japanese – Russian war Piątek, Mar 3 2023 

Today we played with Marek in Togo, 1200 points per side. This battle was deadly to my Borodino class, as it was sunk first time. It was great game and I know that Borodino is not immortal.

Gods of War: Togo – Last struggle /Bogowie Wojny: Togo – Ostatnie starcie Sobota, Gru 31 2022 

Yesterday Friday with Witosław we played my last tabletop game in year 2022 – again we played on 1200 points – Witosław’s Spanish armada on my Russians Baltic Fleet. This time we had islands and Spanish had minefields. We played in Bolter who is official distributor of this great game developed by GMBoardgames studio.

We wczorajszy piątek zagraliśmy z Witosławem moją ostatnią grę w roku 2022 – znowu zagraliśmy na 1200 punktów – hiszpańska armada Witosława na moją rosyjską flotę bałtycką. Tym razem mieliśmy wyspy a Hiszpanie mieli także pola minowe. Graliśmy w Bolterze, który jest oficjalnym dystrybutorem tej świetnej gry stworzonej przez studio GMBoardgames.

it was big Spanish victory 34 to 18 or 19.
– this time I planned orders better than last time, so at least there is progress.
– at the end after 23:00 we shared wishes with everyone before leaving. Wishing everything the best in 2023.
– good information is that English rulebook is translated.
– my Russian and Witosławs Spanish roster sheets – look at the bottom.

było to duże hiszpańskie zwycięstwo 34 do 18 lub 19.
– tym razem lepiej planowałem wydawanie rozkazów niż ostatnio, tak więc jest postęp.
– na koniec po 23:00 podzieliliśmy się życzeniami ze wszystkimi, przed wyjściem. Życząc wszystkiego najlepszego w 2023.
– dobrą informacją jest, że angielska wersja podręcznika jest w tłumaczeniu.
– moja rosyjska rozpiska i hiszpańska Witosława – spójrz w dół.

In memory of Varyag. Ku pamięci Variaga.

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