Today with Marian from Maniexite we played alternative history, where Red Army took north of the city of Breslau by fast attack of mechanized troops, took districts Kleczków, Nadodrze, Ołbin – all important bridges in the centre like Bridges: Pomorski, Uniwersytecki, Mieszczańskie, Piaskowe, Pokoju were blown up by brave German defenders – jet for maintain contact with all Grunwaldzki area gorgeus Grunwaldzki Bridge (former Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge) was spared.

Originally Red Army crossed Oder River to the west of Breslau and assaulted from west and south – those areas were heavily destroyed and trace of it is still visible – as Germans were blowing up whole quarters to made they artillery clear field of fire, also Soviet artillery and air bombings did destruction – this was total war.

– it was great game and scenery was part of Wrocław in area of Grunwaldzka (before Wrocław was Wrotizla, Wratislavia, Preslau, Breslau and Wrocław) – we should remember all of people who were living there.
– it was alternative story – as Soviets troops took Festung Breslau from west and south – area of Grunwaldzki and few others never saw street fighting.
– we cheated each other together – so it’s fair for us 🙂 .
– few more games and it will be Marian fully returned to Bolt Action!
– farewell to Planszó in Astra, many great games and many great people I meet there – still they will be avaible as internet shop. Thank you for everything and wish you return stationary as a Fenix!