LoTR: Dead of Dunharrow vs Easterlings – 450 points Czwartek, Mar 2 2023 

Last Wendesday we played a game on 450 points with Łukasz, I played with The Dead of Dunharrow and Łukasz took his Easterlings cavalry.

– it’s time to start painting Rohan then Gondor and Mordor to have some bad boys and getting some more models to those armies.
– Dunharrow – like it, but some times losing with it is spectacular, the same as winning. This army is expensive in points and with eniemies with higher weapon skill there is problem to win combats. Anyway I will try to play with them, as I like this army.

Middle-Earth: Pass to Dunharrow Środa, Lip 20 2022 

Yesterday I played with Łukasz our campaing beetwen forces of good represented by Dead of Dunharrow and many different servants of Sauron controlled by Łukasz. We played scenario where both players started deploying in oppositive corners of the table

– it was Dunharrow victory 6:0,
– I had luck or Łukasz hadn’t it on the left flank, where his elite was stopped by long time cursed dead.

Middle Earth: A battle for hidden relic Sobota, Czer 18 2022 

Yesterday we played with Łukasz small game on 500 points per side – we played scenario, where six tokens are placed on the table – one of them is relic. Relic can be found after model get in contact with it and 6 is rolled – then all other tokens are removed from the table.

– it was great game, I won it 11:1 but I was more lucky than usual during our games with Łukasz. Had to paint some Gondor, for some variety of troops.

Middle-Earth: A stolen relic Piątek, Maj 6 2022 

Today evening we played Middle-Earth with Łukasz on 600 points per side. Łukasz played Corsairs of Umbar and I took my only painted Dead of Dunharrow. We played scenario where were six places, where artifact of old was probably hidden – to find it roll of 6 was necessary, after touching token with soldier on foot.

– it was nice game, Łukasz won it 6 to 2 – 6 for having a relic, while I got 2 for having standard bearer.
– need to paint Three Hunters, to have some different unit in this army.

Middle-Earth: Corsairs vs Dead of Dunharrow Piątek, Kwi 22 2022 

Today we played with Łukasz three games in Middle-Earth. This system is generally one of the cheapest to start and play. Some armies seems to be easy ones to be painted – the best one is here, but Gondor doesn’t look complicated as well.

– nice, small games.
– I have to paint The Three Hunters to get some valuable models to this band.
– I have to slow down and calm down (thank you H. for morning private message – it helped).
– I’m really tired of one thing I did in last few months. It’s not related to any of my friends or colleagues neither at work (to be sure I like all of you) nor any other. It’s related to too many things I had on me and it exploded in me afterwards. Now I’m thinking about what skills improve or relearn. New that SQL is a must have, also thinking how to return to long time ago forgotten Python with Selenium.

Middle-Earth: Battle of burial mounds Piątek, Lu 25 2022 

Today I played first game in Lord of the Rings with Łukasz as my mentor – we played scenario with five tokens on the board which should be secured – I guess they were some ancient tombs as Death of Dunharrow came to defend them against evil servants of Sauron. It was my first game and I know I want to play more. I’m still don’t remember most of things, but with following games it will be better and better.

Thanks for master Tolkien for writing whole universum of Middle-Earth – I read Lord of the Rings trilogy three times – now is time to read it in English. Hobbit in English was good experience (not sure when I have my original of this great book). Silmarillion and Unfinished Stories were also master pieces. Thanks to Peter Jackson for great movies – I will stay with those works and will not touch any new productions, which are politically correct – I’m not.

– thank you Łukasz for first game, I know we need to play another game 😉 .

Lord of the Rings: Dunharrow part II Poniedziałek, Sty 24 2022 

Yesterday I managed to finish the rest of my Dunharrow for my Middle Earth warband. First part is here. Now I wait for finding someone to learn rules and play first game. I’m happy that I know several people who can teach me playing this system.

So first army was finished this year, I’m happy with that.

In movie army of Oathbreakers cleared all servants of Sauron, in book it was different – they never came to Pelleanor fields, still played they role in defeating servants of Sauron.

Lord of the Rings: Dead Riders of Dunharrow Poniedziałek, Sty 17 2022 

„The Dead are following,” said Legolas. „I see shapes of Men and of horses, and pale banners like shreds of cloud, and spears like winter-thickets on a misty night. The Dead are following.””Yes, the Dead ride behind. They have been summoned,” said Elladan.

The Return of the King, „The Passing of the Grey Company”.

I got starter set with Dunharrow, Rohan and Mordor – I realized, that Dunharrow can be fast, nice project of people who betrayed Isildur and were cursed by him. More about them Lord of the Ring fandom. I finished some cavalry which were scouts during they live in Middle Earth.

I used several things to finish them, most of them from Games Workshop:
– as base Wraith Bone,
– contrast Hexwraith Flame,
Stirland Mud for bases,
Chaos Black for bases,
– flowers from Gamers Grass.

Now they wait for Isildur heir, to aid him and Gondor in time of need and to receive forgivennes for breaking an oath in past. They will be joined by whole host of King of Dead and his warriors.