A journey to Czech Prague – next days Wtorek, Maj 31 2022 

I went for WFB games and tournament organized by friends, but not only, as I wanted to see again capital of Czech Republic. I spend whole Friday of 13.05.2022 on walking in Prague, taking photos and tasting local Pilsner in the pub. Travelling to Prague costed me some nerves as I wasn’t able to take all my beloved miniatures with me – some of them were travelling alone. It’s only 5,5h by bus from Wrocław to Prague, I found nice hotel with great breakfasts, close to place we were playing – it was Hotel Sonata booked by Lastminute.com.

– I know I had to came back to Prague sooner than later.

Everything is a trip to somewhere.

A journey to Czech Prague – first day Poniedziałek, Maj 30 2022 

On 12.05 I travelled to Prague and spend there few nice days, next time should plan longer trip. On first day I meet Martin and few more new friends or friends known from internet groups. I travelled alone and planned everything myself. It was worth of it.