Black Powder: Hold the ground! Sobota, Czer 26 2021 

Today we played a bigger battle in Black Powder. There were two manors – one held by my Russians and another held by Gargamels Italians. There were two British – forces of Damian and Tomek – my Russians were on their side. There were Marians French, Kris Württemberg and Barteks Neapolitanians and Würzburg. I don’t remember how manors were threated at the end.

– Black Powder is really nice game, thank you to my game dealer Marian – I’m involved, jet not so fast with painting – unhapilly there is Cyberpunk 2077 which is blocker.
-I guess that we have a chance to build great community in all systems related to Black Powder era – I mean Black Powder, Sharp Practice etc.
– from Bartek we know, that in Praga there is local community playing Black Powder, hope we can find a contact with them.
– thanks for Rafał for terrains and for place to play.
– thank you Bartek, Damian, Grzesiek, Krzysiek, Marian and Tomek for great game.
Bistro Narożnik have great dumplings – they are my favourite pub on Nadodrze in Wrocław. Great that they survived plandemy.
– I want to support our hobby in Wrocław –,, Ada i Aga – whenever we will play, I will add it under raport. I miss Centrum Gier Bitewnych, old Bard and Sfan, but they got great replacement.

Sharp Practice: Battle for the barrels of moonshine Czwartek, Czer 24 2021 

A campaing is going on in wartime Europe of Napoleonic era – we played today with Kris following battle.

– interesting game with special events.
– tried to focus on everything and did not took any objectives. Next time I should go one way.
– thank you Kris for battle, Rafał for terrains.
– it’s not the end of campaign of course, developing new scenario belongs now for me, as today we played Kris scenario.
– first time my uhlans beat dragoons, then were beaten by a cannon and fled the field.

Musquets and Tomahawks: First blood ENG/PL Sobota, Czer 19 2021 

As Napoleonic wars seems to be popular in Wrocław with Marian we played first time in Musquets & Tomahawks. It’s similar game to Sharp Practice, which I like to play last times. There are also cards of activations – so in someway both games are similar – main differenceI observed are:
– systems of dices D6 in Sharp Practice vs D10 in Musquets & Tomahawks.
– modificators for shooting – more developed in Musquets & Tomahawks.
– sight range for models and many modificators.
– all units of one type on one side are actived at once – so they can shoot, run, fight, reload and so on – but can do one action.
– deck is different as both players take three cards – sometimes enemy player can activate your unit, you can activate enemy units etc.
– no shock points – or we don’t discovered them.

Jako, że wojny napoleońskie zaczęły być popularne w moim rodzimym Wrocławiu z Marianem zagraliśmy pierwszy raz w Muszkiety i Tomahawki. Ta gra jest podobna do Sharp Practice którą ostatnio miałem okazję polubić. W tej grze także są karty aktywacji, tak więc obie gry są w pewnym stopniu podobne do siebie. Główne różnice jakie zaobserowałem to:
– używane kości – D6 w Sharp Practice vs D10 w Muszkietach i Tomahawkach.
– więcej modyfikatorów do strzelania, oczywiście w Muszkietach i Tomahawkach.
– zasięg widzenia i inne modyfikatory z tym związane.
– wszystkie jednostki jednego typu są aktywowane na raz – mogą strzelać, biec, walczyć, przeładować i tak dalej – ale można zrobić jedną akcję.
– nie ma punktów szoku – lub nie odkryliśmy.

– after one game I cannot say too much about Musquets and Tomahawks, but it seems to be interesting skirmish like Sharp Practice.
– thanks for Planszóweczka for place we played.
– as it’s skirmish – it’s really cheap one – to start playing all u need is box of Perry or Warlord plastic miniatures – and you can create your band.

– po jednej grze nie mogę powiedzieć zbyt wiele o Muszkietach i Tomahawkach, ale wydaje mi się, że może to być system równie interesujący jak Sharp Practice.
– dzięki dla Planszóweczki za miejsce do gry.
– to jest skirmish – wejście w system jest tanie – by zacząć grać wystarczy pudełko plastikowych modeli od Perrych lub Warlorda – i możesz stworzyć swoją bandę.

Sharp Practice: Moonshine recipe Czwartek, Czer 17 2021 

Today we played with Kris in our campaing. After last battle Russian-Prussian alliance hasn’t got a supply convoy with vodka from hands of French and Swiss mercenaries. Today we played Russia on France and we played scenario with prisoner – famous moonshine creator.

– as a Bretonnian player I don’t know how to use Polish uhlans in Russian service, maybe few games later I will learn how to use them.
– we played on 50 points per side today.
– it was nice game – my Russians are still away in this campaing from they target.

Sharp Practice: Alliance of Black eagles vs France and Swiss mercenaries Czwartek, Czer 10 2021 

After losing townhall, brothel and store full of vodka week before Russians found an ally to retake they losed possesion. French cannot take this vodka for themselfs. So Russian and Prussian according to they spies report prepared an ambush on wagon train with important cargo. With „Prussian heir” Prussians my Russians and Poles prepared ambush, on the other side „General” – Swiss and Kris – French get into an ambush which doesn’t happend, as Russians used last bootles of alcohol last night, and were unable to march.

Summary of game, day and life:
– we played in group of four players, before I played only 1 vs 1.
– my Russians and Poles weren’t sobber, they moved at start so slowly, than Jagers had problem with jumping over a hedge. Prussians were much more disciplined. Need to paint some more unit of tzar army who whose raised on Polish territories.
– good game, many thanks to fellow players and to Rafał from for preparing our field of battle.
– of course most of the Poles were fighting for Napoleon and some were in units created by Tzar. Still one of the best cavalry in the word was Polish cavalry from winged hussars up to the uhlans cavalry brigades in 2nd world war.
– this day was full of history, due fact that I wanted to be on time and was late at work, I took taxi to take my miniatures and talked with driver – his father was Polish tankist in 1939′ and his unit was deployed near Kutno, I guess that he served in 1st Polish tank batallion using 7-TP tanks – everyone have interesting story behind.
– one of two photos sent to Gazeta Wrocławska was presented on they page – photo with old Polish adds on my building in Wrocław – I only used word Breslau (Wrocław in German) and no one read that those adds are Polish after 1945′ and even if they would be German what’s a difference – we should remember history and ppl who lived before, I’m not sure what reaction I could saw, if I wrote that my grandmother I never meet, was Austrian or German (dispute beetwen my dad and aunt is still living) – unhapilly she died before I was born.
– in case of friendship – different people of different nations can be friends ignoring even hard stories beetwen they countries – I guess that I really like Russians and Germans, but found great people among Moldovians, Indians (thank you Govinda), Phillipinnes, Basks, Italians, Ukrainians, Bialorussians, Dutch, Belgians, Iranians, Americans. I wish to know more ppl, as it’s always to know they opinions, story, they culture. Cheers from Wrocław, Poland.

Black Powder: Polish Uhlan Regiment – Russian Empire Wtorek, Czer 8 2021 

After painting batallion of Russian infantry year ago, I started investigating if there were any Polish units in Russian army and I discovered, that there were Polish uhlans. It was fast decision – I wanted to have them in my Tzar army. Many thanks to friend from Maniexite for help in case of sending me this URL and then great pictures of different uhlan units uniforms in Russian Empire army (if I want more uhlans, next one unit will be Wohlynian Uhlans) – I added picture of Polish uhlans I got at the end. As we have discussion on our FB group about banners in light cavalry, I will give standard bearer banner I found here. First unit for light cavalry brigade is finished, more to be done in the future.

Sharp Practice: warehouse, townhall and marquetrys house Piątek, Czer 4 2021 

Today we played with Kris in Sharp Practice – his French versus my Russians. We played on 50 points plus some more. On his side were unit of Dragoons, line infantry, two skirmishing units and a cannon. On my side were line infantry under banner, grenadiers, two units of jagers. Of course still learning this great skirmish game and need to paint some more models to create universal list for me (maybe when I finish uhlans I will check them?).

We played scenario where one side was defending and the other was attacking. Main target was three objectives we called warehouse/stables, townhouse and brothel.

– interesting game, I know that I should place 2nd entry marker more wisely next time.