Sharp Practice: Struggle of four gamers Czwartek, Lip 29 2021 

Today we played in with Krzysiek, Tomek and Krystian. For Krystian it was first game in Sharp Practice. Victory points were for taking camp occupied at start of the game by Spanish light infantry and to capture a supply train from German Russian alliance – or safety go out with it from a field of battle. On one side were Germans and Russians, on the other English and Spanish.

– it was really bad idea in taking lvl 1 leaders – I did this mistake.
– sometimes that cards can be really disappointing – when your enemy activate his units and you stay and wait few turns for doing it – of course under enemy fire. Tiff is nice card, but sometimes It could be shuffled out.
– still it was a great game and I hope that we will start all campaing from it.

Almost like Kingdom Come: Deliverance Środa, Lip 28 2021 

On Thurdsay we meet with Egor in Graciarnia – he proposed a journey to Trójgarb hill, I agreed that I will think about and agree. Then I asked few friends if they want to go – only Miłosz answered yes on Saturday. We travelled with Egor as a driver to Trójgarb and to castle Cisy. By accident we were on event there – event in Cisy. It was a great trip last Sunday, thank you Egor and Miłosz – just wanted to publish those photos – to maybe share that event to the others – Poles as well as foreigns. It was combined Polish-Russian trip, wish more.

Sharp Practice: Russia vs Wittenberg Poniedziałek, Lip 26 2021 

Today we started new campaing with Krzysiek – during last one my Russians did not found moonshine recipe, so they changed area. Last time we played Russian – French campaign, now we started with Russia vs Wittenberg.

I guess that if you want to have fun from cavalry – u need to take them more – they are really cheap – group of 8 costs 5 points plus leader in case of uhlans. Maybe two groups of 16 can do special things.
– we played on 61 points in
– Sharp Practice is great system for narrative playing – one Krzysiek leaders broke his leg, other one was heavily wounded by Russian Jagers bullet.

Black Powder: Austria vs Russia, somewhere in Galizia Piątek, Lip 23 2021 

Today we played small, fast game in Black Powder with Marian from Maniexite – direct link to his Austrians is here. He played 6th army corps of Hiller,
2nd division of Kottulinski:
– Hoffmeister’s brigade, 31st pulk of Bieniowskis Hungarian infantry.
– Wallmoden’s brigade, 7th pulk of Liechtensteins hussars, 8th pulk of Kienmayers hussars, half battery of 6th pounders guns.
Reserve corps of Liechtenstein:
– 2nd division of Prochaszkas grenadiers, brigade Steyrer composed of Legrad grenadiers from 9, 55 i 56 infantry pulks.
4th army corps of Rozenberg:
– 4th column of Bartenstein, Newstädters brigade, 9th pulk of Czartoryskis German infantry (Galizien).
Awangards of Klenau:
– 1st Jagers batallion.

My Russians were composed of three batallions of infantry from modern day eastern Poland and Bialorussia (former territories of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), Polish Uhlans in Tzar service and battery of cannons.

We played in centre of Wrocław –, thank you for table and terrains.

it was great, fast game of forces composed of one brigade per side – this game is great in big battles as well as in smaller ones.
– as Marian said many times – forces many times weren’t equal – we weren’t sure if this time they were – it’s observation after the battle. But everyone can imagine 300 of Spartans against much more Persians, Wohlynian cavalry brigade fighting against German panzers during 1939′, defense of Paris against Vikings, battle of Vienna 1683 were besieged capital of Austria held until release force of Poland, German states and Austria itself released city from the siege, Rohan warriors defending Helms Deep, Gotrek and Felix fighting to the last goblin – forces weren’t equal many times. Our history or fantasy – doesn’t matter. Battles weren’t equal. Thank you Marian for those words.
– I will try in the future write something more about this system – at least about orders, as this is that kind of game – when you give order to batallion or brigade you need to tell – march to the crossroads with a chapel, reform into battle column and march to bridge – if you fail, unit can read map and say – that village is not exist, are we on the appropriate road?
– our community is located in Wrocław and we are open for international contacts as well as contacts inside our country – here is our page: Wrocławscy Bonapartyści.
– let’s have nice weekend friends!

Black Powder: Battle of many nations Niedziela, Lip 18 2021 

Today we played a battle which we play monthly – big battle with many participants – there were two Russian brigades my and Michał, Marian’s Austrian brigade, British brigade of Bartosz and on the other side French brigades of Mikołaj, Gargamel’s Italian brigade and Spanish brigade of Grzegorze. Thank you for terrains and place we played. Our brigades started marching on the roads – each player came from different direction. There were three sides of conflict – Austria and Russia, United Kingdom and Spain and French with Italy. There were also Krzysiek as gamekeeper.

It was great game, thanks everyone – will try to update some informations about this battle soon.
– Next time need to split my brigade on two – one composed of infantry and another one of cavalry, as I had all time issues with giving order. Need to paint more cavalry – not sure if I can do it, I have a month.
– in Wrocław we are avaible under this page: Wrocławscy bonapartyści.
– After game with Bartosz we went for some lunch to the nearest pub SOTE – wine pub & food and next to Tacos Locos – hope next time more people will go with us.

Black Powder: Austrians vs Russians Piątek, Lip 9 2021 

Today we played with Marian from Maniexite a game in Thank you Rafał and Piotr for help with terrains. Any time, any way – good game.

fast and nice game won by Marian Austrians.
– lost of my main batallion happened too fast.

Black Powder: UK vs Russia – smaller games were tested Niedziela, Lip 4 2021 

With Damian we played last Friday two games – armies were small and the games were great. Smaller battles can be good in this system as well as bigger ones. We played in in Wrocław.

– thank you Damian for a game, Piotrek and Rafał for everything best in It was a best part of this fucking weekend.

Hope to see you again Bafik, my four leg friend Sobota, Lip 3 2021 

With Damian we played two nice games on Friday – both games were great, then everything worst happened in my life. I had to go to meet my cousin and his girlfriend – jet to get to them I went home before, to leave miniatures. At home I started looking for my cat Bafik – one of three of my cats. I looked in bathroom, then around a flat which is big one, then came back again to toilet, to find Bafik on the floor – I guess he was hiding well in bathroom. Tried to look on him, but he looked like he needs a help – after I saw that he is crying I runned with him to veterinarian. In first veterinarian I spend two hours – they checked his blood and temperature – both were bad and low – they say, that I should do some more in other veterinarian – like checking if there is no open wound inside etc. We went to another one and they checked more things, because they have possibility to do it. I agreed for transfussion of blood and left him in hospital for a night and next day. It was a chance for him, I believed in it, as document’s said – transfussion was succesfull.

Trying to find hope I started assembling church on 2:00, I cannot slept. Few hours later, around 7:00 I started cleaning, then did some shopping and came back home. Went to bed around 11:00, as I wasn’t sleeping. Around 12:00 phone called, that there are problems with Bafik, I was scared. Then sometime later they called again, to tell me, that Bafik heart stopped working after they tried to make it workable.

Sharp Practice: A game with game master Czwartek, Lip 1 2021 

Today evening we played with Marian and Krzysiek into a game, where Krzysiek was game master. This was of course continuation of our campaign. This time Russians from two different batallions realized, that in the centre of a village is someone who know recipe for great moonshine. Leaders of both batallions send they men and never contacted themselfs.

– thank you Krzysiek, Marian for nice game, for Piotrek and for place to play and Rafał for great terrains,
– It was rainy evening, but happilly we were inside.
– it was great game with Game Master and interesting scenario.
– Uhlans, my heart was broken – no idea how to use this beautiful models in this game, I guess that skirmishers are more useful.
– happilly I did not get my salary today, if so I would buy few three buildings for North and South conflict (I will do that probably tomorrow).
– we are based in Poland, Wrocław under this adress – Wrocławscy Bonapartyści we are open to play Black Powder and know our neighbours Germans, Czechs, Russians etc.