Black Powder: Unexpected alliance Sobota, Maj 29 2021 

Saturday 29.05.2021 we played game with Marian, Jędrzej and me on one side (French, Polish, Russian) and Tomek and Damian on the British/Hannoverian side. Each side had six brigades. I assume that Tzar recognized Napoleon reign and splited Europe beetwen them – but there were still United Kingdom.

– nice game with many miniatures, need to finish my Russian brigade by adding one more batallion.
– do not roll before giving unit order.
– hope to have more painted soldiers next time, including maybe Russian uhlans.

Sharp Practice: Meeting engagment Czwartek, Maj 27 2021 

Today with Rafał we played Sharp Practice game on 50 points in Bolter shop in Wrocław. My Russians were composed of line infantry with command group, group of grenadiers and two units of jagers. Rafał force was composed from line infantry, group of infantry, skirmishers and consript cavalry.

– it’s really interesting skirmish game with interesting events which can happen sometimes.
– rallying infantry after they start shooting sometimes is problematic – the man doesn’t wanted to listen to they officers.
– Ivan was promoted to a sergant.
– faith can reduce shock – shock is something like pin system in Bolt Action – unit with many shock points work less and less reliable.
– many thanks to Rafał and Piotrek for great game and helping me finding appropriate priest model – need to work on him with some green stuff to made orthodox pop.

WFB: Bretonnians vs Dwarfs Sobota, Maj 22 2021 

Today I played with Alessandro our first game in WFB 7th edition. It was interesting games with some rules used to make game playable for weaker armies like Beastmens.

– victory belongs to Alessandro – I losed 1526 points of army and killed 604 points, I guess Dwarfs wone over me by massacre.
– interesting play, wants to play again, first tabletop game in English I played (before I played board games in English).
– first time meet Long Drong Slayer pirates who were playing as Troll Slayers. Now I think, that we should agree for use of mercenacy regiments and allies, as they can give more live to the Old World.
– 2000 points formad need to be tested more with those rules, I got those rules from Davide on FB and translated to English from Italian. Maybe we will add something more and play them – test them.

Black Powder: 2nd batalion of Brest Litovsk, Lithuania, Livonia and Smolensk inspections Niedziela, Maj 16 2021 

Today I finished second batalion of Brest Litovsk, Lithuania, Livonia and Smolensk inspections – at least I hope that such regiment existed – research before me, still guys are under Moscow banner. I have plan to create brigade composed of three batalions.

Models in unit are compositions of Warlord Games and Perrys Miniatures and they fit well. Paintes used there are mix of GW ordinary paints and shades plus contrasts (black, green and skin) – I will add list later to this post.

From today I know one more thing about cartridge boxes – I guess that in such big organization which was tzar army someone send them wrong ones 😀 .

WFB: Grail Knight Niedziela, Maj 9 2021 

Several years ago I bought on internet shop two Grail Knights, this weekend one of them joined ranks od my army. Still need to find appropriate decal sheet and create pennant.

There were loses, Agrax Earthshade was over desk, happilly only 1/3 of it.

WFB: Bretonnian sorceress Sobota, Maj 1 2021 

One more model finished – Bretonnian sorceress Caroline de Aques join ranks of Bretonnia or they allies Empire and Kislev (in time of need). Caroline speak well in Bretonnian and in Imperial Reikspiel. When she was young, her parent’s saw her magical talent. To avoid they daughter to be taken by the Fay Enchantress, they send her to magical school in Middenheim. After years of magical studies Caroline is ready to return to Bretonnia.

I bought this lady on internet shop, she lost her sword before I got her. Book, dispel scroll and bag are from Frostgrave set Wizards I bought with one of my friends year or two ago.