Today we played a bigger battle in Black Powder. There were two manors – one held by my Russians and another held by Gargamels Italians. There were two British – forces of Damian and Tomek – my Russians were on their side. There were Marians French, Kris Württemberg and Barteks Neapolitanians and Würzburg. I don’t remember how manors were threated at the end.

– Black Powder is really nice game, thank you to my game dealer Marian – I’m involved, jet not so fast with painting – unhapilly there is Cyberpunk 2077 which is blocker.
-I guess that we have a chance to build great community in all systems related to Black Powder era – I mean Black Powder, Sharp Practice etc.
– from Bartek we know, that in Praga there is local community playing Black Powder, hope we can find a contact with them.
– thanks for Rafał for terrains and for place to play.
– thank you Bartek, Damian, Grzesiek, Krzysiek, Marian and Tomek for great game.
Bistro Narożnik have great dumplings – they are my favourite pub on Nadodrze in Wrocław. Great that they survived plandemy.
– I want to support our hobby in Wrocław –,, Ada i Aga – whenever we will play, I will add it under raport. I miss Centrum Gier Bitewnych, old Bard and Sfan, but they got great replacement.