Black Powder: Battle of many nations Niedziela, Lip 18 2021 

Today we played a battle which we play monthly – big battle with many participants – there were two Russian brigades my and Michał, Marian’s Austrian brigade, British brigade of Bartosz and on the other side French brigades of Mikołaj, Gargamel’s Italian brigade and Spanish brigade of Grzegorze. Thank you for terrains and place we played. Our brigades started marching on the roads – each player came from different direction. There were three sides of conflict – Austria and Russia, United Kingdom and Spain and French with Italy. There were also Krzysiek as gamekeeper.

It was great game, thanks everyone – will try to update some informations about this battle soon.
– Next time need to split my brigade on two – one composed of infantry and another one of cavalry, as I had all time issues with giving order. Need to paint more cavalry – not sure if I can do it, I have a month.
– in Wrocław we are avaible under this page: Wrocławscy bonapartyści.
– After game with Bartosz we went for some lunch to the nearest pub SOTE – wine pub & food and next to Tacos Locos – hope next time more people will go with us.

Black Powder: Hold the ground! Sobota, Czer 26 2021 

Today we played a bigger battle in Black Powder. There were two manors – one held by my Russians and another held by Gargamels Italians. There were two British – forces of Damian and Tomek – my Russians were on their side. There were Marians French, Kris Württemberg and Barteks Neapolitanians and Würzburg. I don’t remember how manors were threated at the end.

– Black Powder is really nice game, thank you to my game dealer Marian – I’m involved, jet not so fast with painting – unhapilly there is Cyberpunk 2077 which is blocker.
-I guess that we have a chance to build great community in all systems related to Black Powder era – I mean Black Powder, Sharp Practice etc.
– from Bartek we know, that in Praga there is local community playing Black Powder, hope we can find a contact with them.
– thanks for Rafał for terrains and for place to play.
– thank you Bartek, Damian, Grzesiek, Krzysiek, Marian and Tomek for great game.
Bistro Narożnik have great dumplings – they are my favourite pub on Nadodrze in Wrocław. Great that they survived plandemy.
– I want to support our hobby in Wrocław –,, Ada i Aga – whenever we will play, I will add it under raport. I miss Centrum Gier Bitewnych, old Bard and Sfan, but they got great replacement.