Black Powder: Albion vs European alliance Niedziela, Wrz 19 2021 

Today we played big game in Black Powder on one side were Damians and Tomeks British, on other side were Kris French, Grzegorz Prussians, Jędrzej Spanish and Portugals and my Russians with Polish uhlan regiment. Our target was to secure both bridges. We played our game in

– it was good game – we played around 3,5 hours.
– I missed few photos, as Grzesiek cavalry brigade was looking for a ford and they charged on Damians cavalry, routing them.

WFB 7th: Averland, Dwarfs, Greenskins and Ogres Sobota, Wrz 18 2021 

Today we meet to play event in Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition. Our games were for 800 points. Today four of us came: me with Orcs & Goblins (my first game ever with them), Alessandro with his Dwarfs, Kris with his Ogre Kingdoms and Maciej with his Empire. We played in Bolter – today was also a tournament in Lord of the Rings and after talk with Piotrek I think, about playing in it.

– we did small event in WFB 7th edition, hope to see more ppl next time – today were almost five of us.
– thanks to for place to play.
– today I decided to start someting new, still need to stop playing Cyberpunk 2077 first and start waking up early to have more time for painting.
– in few days I want to write some kind of article about current offer of Games Workshop – there are still many sets which can be used in Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
– everyone wish good weekend!

WFB 7th: Battle near the „Lonely Rock” Sobota, Wrz 11 2021 

Today we played a game on 1.000 points in WFB 7th edition. My Bretonnians vs Alessandro Dwarfs. We find a table in Alessandro was faster, so he placed scenery.

– it was good game as always.
– with Alessandro we had discussion and next battle will be on more points, but we still reserve less points for players who are painting and newcomers.
– we talked about detail for events – special characters. Now I have mindfuck.
– I’m closer and closer to find time and wrote about current Games Workshop products which can be still used in WFB.

Now I would like to teleport to Svetlana, to Moscow.

Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition: First blood Środa, Wrz 8 2021 

Today we played with Marian our first game in old edition of Warhammer 40,000 and it was much more interesting for me than last editions of this game. So I need to look for rulebook, some dices and army book for Imperial Guards.

thank you Marian for interesting game and we should repeat it soon.
– thanks for team for place to play and terrains.

WFB 7th: Bretonnians vs Dwarfs Sobota, Wrz 4 2021 

Today we played in Bolter with Alessandro two games in WFB 7th edition for one thousand points per side. I played Bretonnians and Alessandro played Dwarfs. We spend around two and half hour for those games, knowing rules helps make game faster – plus we had two different armies – one which was moving more and another which was shooting more.

– it was great to play with Alessandro again and our game was in some way demo for Marco.
– today the best units were commoners and the worst were knights – with exception to my army standard bearer.
– anyway format of 500 points work best for Border Patrol, 1000 points worked well with no limits – we will increase point number, but still we will play on smaller numbers.
– explosion of a gun or organ gun hurts in such games, as player is limited with those machines.
– I used magic – it was a Lore of Beasts. For all time I played with Lore of Life, but now it’s time to combine some other tactics.
– first time I used Icon of Quenneles and I like this item.
– it’s always great to talk about hobby which happened today with Alessandro, Kris, Piotrek and first time talk in real with Maciek.

Black Powder: Battle for the river crossing Czwartek, Wrz 2 2021 

Today we played small Black Powder game with Damian in Typically Black Powder games looks better with many batallions of infantry and regiments of cavalry formed in brigades. Today we played equal forces of infatry brigade composed of two infantry batallions each plus battery of artillery attached. There were also brigade of cavalry composed of one regiment on each side.

– it’s nice format to play, still few more batallions and it could be even better.
– good occasion to meet some friends and talk about other systems.
– I realized that my top three systems for bigger games are:
1. Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4-7th editions.
2. Black Powder.
3. Bolt Actions.
– for skirmish I’m not sure, but probably:
1. Sharp Practice.
2. wish to play Mordheim or Warheim as I like Warhammer world (thank you old team from Games Workshop).
3. wish to came back to Fallout Wasteland Warfare.