Today we played small Black Powder game with Damian in Typically Black Powder games looks better with many batallions of infantry and regiments of cavalry formed in brigades. Today we played equal forces of infatry brigade composed of two infantry batallions each plus battery of artillery attached. There were also brigade of cavalry composed of one regiment on each side.

– it’s nice format to play, still few more batallions and it could be even better.
– good occasion to meet some friends and talk about other systems.
– I realized that my top three systems for bigger games are:
1. Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4-7th editions.
2. Black Powder.
3. Bolt Actions.
– for skirmish I’m not sure, but probably:
1. Sharp Practice.
2. wish to play Mordheim or Warheim as I like Warhammer world (thank you old team from Games Workshop).
3. wish to came back to Fallout Wasteland Warfare.