Today we played in Bolter with Alessandro two games in WFB 7th edition for one thousand points per side. I played Bretonnians and Alessandro played Dwarfs. We spend around two and half hour for those games, knowing rules helps make game faster – plus we had two different armies – one which was moving more and another which was shooting more.

– it was great to play with Alessandro again and our game was in some way demo for Marco.
– today the best units were commoners and the worst were knights – with exception to my army standard bearer.
– anyway format of 500 points work best for Border Patrol, 1000 points worked well with no limits – we will increase point number, but still we will play on smaller numbers.
– explosion of a gun or organ gun hurts in such games, as player is limited with those machines.
– I used magic – it was a Lore of Beasts. For all time I played with Lore of Life, but now it’s time to combine some other tactics.
– first time I used Icon of Quenneles and I like this item.
– it’s always great to talk about hobby which happened today with Alessandro, Kris, Piotrek and first time talk in real with Maciek.