Sharp Practice: Struggle of four gamers Czwartek, Lip 29 2021 

Today we played in with Krzysiek, Tomek and Krystian. For Krystian it was first game in Sharp Practice. Victory points were for taking camp occupied at start of the game by Spanish light infantry and to capture a supply train from German Russian alliance – or safety go out with it from a field of battle. On one side were Germans and Russians, on the other English and Spanish.

– it was really bad idea in taking lvl 1 leaders – I did this mistake.
– sometimes that cards can be really disappointing – when your enemy activate his units and you stay and wait few turns for doing it – of course under enemy fire. Tiff is nice card, but sometimes It could be shuffled out.
– still it was a great game and I hope that we will start all campaing from it.

Sharp Practice: Meeting engagment Czwartek, Maj 27 2021 

Today with Rafał we played Sharp Practice game on 50 points in Bolter shop in Wrocław. My Russians were composed of line infantry with command group, group of grenadiers and two units of jagers. Rafał force was composed from line infantry, group of infantry, skirmishers and consript cavalry.

– it’s really interesting skirmish game with interesting events which can happen sometimes.
– rallying infantry after they start shooting sometimes is problematic – the man doesn’t wanted to listen to they officers.
– Ivan was promoted to a sergant.
– faith can reduce shock – shock is something like pin system in Bolt Action – unit with many shock points work less and less reliable.
– many thanks to Rafał and Piotrek for great game and helping me finding appropriate priest model – need to work on him with some green stuff to made orthodox pop.