With Damian we played two nice games on Friday – both games were great, then everything worst happened in my life. I had to go to meet my cousin and his girlfriend – jet to get to them I went home before, to leave miniatures. At home I started looking for my cat Bafik – one of three of my cats. I looked in bathroom, then around a flat which is big one, then came back again to toilet, to find Bafik on the floor – I guess he was hiding well in bathroom. Tried to look on him, but he looked like he needs a help – after I saw that he is crying I runned with him to veterinarian. In first veterinarian I spend two hours – they checked his blood and temperature – both were bad and low – they say, that I should do some more in other veterinarian – like checking if there is no open wound inside etc. We went to another one and they checked more things, because they have possibility to do it. I agreed for transfussion of blood and left him in hospital for a night and next day. It was a chance for him, I believed in it, as document’s said – transfussion was succesfull.

Trying to find hope I started assembling church on 2:00, I cannot slept. Few hours later, around 7:00 I started cleaning, then did some shopping and came back home. Went to bed around 11:00, as I wasn’t sleeping. Around 12:00 phone called, that there are problems with Bafik, I was scared. Then sometime later they called again, to tell me, that Bafik heart stopped working after they tried to make it workable.