Today evening we played with Marian and Krzysiek into a game, where Krzysiek was game master. This was of course continuation of our campaign. This time Russians from two different batallions realized, that in the centre of a village is someone who know recipe for great moonshine. Leaders of both batallions send they men and never contacted themselfs.

– thank you Krzysiek, Marian for nice game, for Piotrek and for place to play and Rafał for great terrains,
– It was rainy evening, but happilly we were inside.
– it was great game with Game Master and interesting scenario.
– Uhlans, my heart was broken – no idea how to use this beautiful models in this game, I guess that skirmishers are more useful.
– happilly I did not get my salary today, if so I would buy few three buildings for North and South conflict (I will do that probably tomorrow).
– we are based in Poland, Wrocław under this adress – Wrocławscy Bonapartyści we are open to play Black Powder and know our neighbours Germans, Czechs, Russians etc.