WFB: Hochland pistoliers Wtorek, Mar 2 2021 

Yesterday night around 20 o’clock I realized that I need to finish some started soldiers for my Empire and Kislev army. I’m really good in starting new projects and leaving them to start another one, which is not good, as I have many almost finished models on my deck.

This time from thinking about it, I started painting pistoliers and they horses. Most of work I did up to the midnight, with some details today morning before starting work.

Four more Hochland pistoliers join single one I painted in past. Now I have valuable unit of Empire noble sons, ready to fight for they elector Adelbrand Ludenhof, for Emperor Karl Franz from Holswig-Shliestein family, in the name of Sigmar!

WFB: bloody struggle beetwen Bretonnia and Empire Sobota, Lu 13 2021 

Today we played with Marian bigger game on 2250 points per side. Marian played Reikland and I played Bretonnians from border area of Parravon and Quenneles. We are still learning again new things, as we still do mistakes.

– It’s hard to counter magic, when your enemy have three wizards (lvl 4, lvl 2 and lvl 1) and you have one (lvl 2).
– first time from a long time I meet so many shooting, three cannons, two hellblaster volley guns.
– my best unit of Grail Knights was eliminated by enemy fire, even banner increasing ward save didn’t help them.
– Men at arms did nothing, at least the survived along bowmen.
– My army standard bearer – worked well as always, my Duc did not succed well.
– army list, maybe I will add it later here.
– at least we played good game – which finish was a Draw – Marian got 1472 points and I got 1542 points.

WFB: Empire and Kislev, High Elves vs evil Beastmen Sobota, Sty 23 2021 

On the Saturday of 23.01.2021 we played pitched battle – four players, four armies – each army value was up to 1500 points. So we played two on two. On the good side was my Empire and Kislev and Piotrek’s High Elves, on the bad side were two armies of Beastmens – lead by Marian and Marcin.

Good armies can have variety of reasons to join they forces against evil side – in this case it could be High Elves looking for they ancient treasures or artefacts left in the Old World, when they had colonies centuries ago. Empire and Kislev force where send to check what they are doing – with no conflict or almost in, they realize that common enemy want also check what is hidden inside old elven ruins.

– first big battle in 2021, wish more such battles.
– need to read again 7th Rulebook, as we still had some doubts and still have.
– we played on Marian’s board on Marcin’s improvised table with my terrains (photos below).
– first time my mortar did something to someone and not exploded. Cannon was more succesfull than ever.
– my roster was almost the same as in previous games.
– first time I used Lore of Shadows and those spells are really nice (4 and 5 are my favourites) – first Total Power from a long time (three 6’s).

WFB: Empire and Kislev vs Night Goblins Czwartek, Sty 14 2021 

On 14.01.2021 we played with Marian (from small game – 1000 points per side, we played in 7th edition, still I used army book for 6th edition Empire. Both sides had everything painted, so it’s a kind of game I like. It happend somewhere in Kislev, on the border with World Edge Mountains.

Empire troops were composed of:
7 Knights Panther with full command group, lead by a captain (equiped as knights) with Banner of Valour
7 Kislev Winged Lancers with full command group, lead by a boyar (equiped as lancer) with Enchanted Shield
10 handgunners with marksman
2 x 5 Ungol Horse archers
Great Cannon

Night Goblins were composed of:
49 Night Goblins with full command group, three fanatics, lead by a hero with Mad Cap Mushrooms
30 Night Goblins with full command group, three fanatcis
10 Squig Hoppers
15 Squigs in a herd, pushed by 9 night goblins
3 Stone Trolls

– great game with minor victory for Marian’s Night Goblins – it was 1031 for Marian vs 795 for me (we counted standards, generals, half of units and quarters).
– I really need to replace in such small games one heavy cavalry unit with infantry with detachment.
– there weren’t any magic spells in games and not many magic items at all.

WFB: Hochland halbaldier Piątek, Sty 1 2021 

First model painted in 2021 is old Empire clone halbaldier from time of 4th edition. Wanted to check which colours should I use for painting whole regiment (around 25-30 models). I painted him in colours of Hochland, green and red. So Karl is ready to defend Empire and is waiting for the rest of his unit.

Anyway wish great 2021, many painted models and played games, health and return of normality!

WFB: Empire engineer Poniedziałek, Gru 28 2020 

Bought him along some other Empire troops on Polish internet shop Allegro, few years ago and painted him today. He will join small Empire battery from Bergsburg in Hochland. If I find some bits I will add him a bag or roll of paper. Still no idea how to name this character.

WFB: Empire and Kislev vs Tomb Kings Sobota, Gru 12 2020 

Somewhere in Border Princes ancient tomb was discovered in heavily forested area. Area was heavily influenced by magic. Two groups of adventurers never returned and from third one only one hero returned totally insane. Empire along it Kislev ally gathered troops, as only survivor told horrific story about legion of living death.

We played with Jakub on 1600 points per side in Aga i Ala shop in Wrocław.

Empire and Kislev:
– Empire captain with Sword of Might and Icon of Magnus, full plate armour and barded warhorse
– Kislev boyar with Bitting Blade, Enchanted Shield, heavy armour, lance and warhorse.
– Empire lvl 2 wizard using Fire Magic with Dispel Scroll and Wizard’s Staff.
– 9 Knights Panthers with full command group and War Banner.
– 9 Winged Lancers with full command group.
– 10 Kislev Ungol archers with full command group.
– 5 Kislev Ungol archers with champion and musician.
– 10 Handgunners.
– 10 Great Swords.
– Great Cannon and Mortar.

Tomb Kings:
– Tomb Prince and two liches (don’t remember what they had).
– around 25 Tomb Guards.
– two units of 10 skeleton archers.
– 3 Ushabanti.
– 3 Carrions.
– Casket of Souls and Screaming Skull catapult (yes, we knew that it shouldn’t happen as both are Rare choice).

– my first game with other WFB army than Bretonnia, around one hundred models for Empire still wait for painting, then I can start with Lizardmen. As I play with only painted models, I need to paint them.
– did some mistakes, probably I should place all heavy cavalry – right flank, not left.
– now I will remember – champion of Kislev Ungol archers have one more attack, he don’t have higher Ballistic Skill.
– Casket of Souls is dangerous for troops with low morale.
– I losed this battle – it was medium victory for Tomb Kings. Generally treasures of the crypt are still save.

WFB: artillery of Hochland Wtorek, Gru 8 2020 

Finally I managed to finish some Imperial artillery for Hochland.

WFB: Empire and Kislev cavalry Wtorek, List 24 2020 

Twenty three years ago (1997′) I read article about WFB in PC games magazine Gambler and around this I started collecting Bretonnians, who was my first and for around fifteen years my only army. I was young and played Warcraft and WFB was interesting for me. Now Bretonnia is still my favourite army, but I wanted to have few other armies – so here are small cavalry contingent of Empire and Kislev cavalry:
– unit of Knights Panther of Inner Circle from Middenheim, lead by grandmaster Heinrich the Pious.
– unit of Kislev Winged Lancers from town Wrotizla.
– two units of Kislev Ungol riders, one composed of Gospodars and another bigger one from friendly Ungol tribe – who are employed as mercenaries.

With addition of two more small unit’s of pistoliers this army will be highly mobile. In addition there will be two infantry units: spearmens and halberdiers with detachments plus cannon and mortar. In 4th edition there will be also unit of Empire Dwarfs.

Damsel, elven sorceress and Empire captain Wtorek, Kwi 14 2020 

W Święta Wielkanocne udało mi się skończyć posiadane od lat modele, a w jednym przypadku zacząć i skończyć. Troje bohaterów do armii Bretonni, Imperium oraz leśna elfka która skończy jako czarodziejka dla Imperium.

Panna Graala którą posiadałem od bardzo dawna, długo czekała na lepsze czasy. Malowana z przerwami zbyt długo, aż w końcu została skończona.

On Easter I was able to finish my long-standing models, in one case start and finish. Three heroes for armies of Bretonnia, Empire and one woodelven women, which will end as Empire sorceress.

Damsel of Grail which I had for a long time, waited a long time for better times. Painted with breaks too long, to the moment when I finished her.




Czarodziejka leśnych elfów – równie długi staż co u swojej koleżanki, mogłem ją skończyć z rok, albo dwa temu, ale wolałem zacząć coś innego.

Sorceress of Wood Elfs – as long and intership as her Bretonnian friend, I could have finished her a year or two ago, but I preffered to start something new.



Mistrz Gwardii Imperialnej z IV edycji, obecnie kapitan Bergsburskich halabardników których kiedyś pomaluję.

Champion of Empire Reiksguard from IV edition, now captain of Bergsburgs halberdiers, which I will paint someday.



Cała trójka, przed przydrożną karczmą gdzieś na pograniczu Bretonni i Imperium. All three, near tavern, somewhere on the border of Bretonnia and Empire.



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