Today we played with Marian bigger game on 2250 points per side. Marian played Reikland and I played Bretonnians from border area of Parravon and Quenneles. We are still learning again new things, as we still do mistakes.

– It’s hard to counter magic, when your enemy have three wizards (lvl 4, lvl 2 and lvl 1) and you have one (lvl 2).
– first time from a long time I meet so many shooting, three cannons, two hellblaster volley guns.
– my best unit of Grail Knights was eliminated by enemy fire, even banner increasing ward save didn’t help them.
– Men at arms did nothing, at least the survived along bowmen.
– My army standard bearer – worked well as always, my Duc did not succed well.
– army list, maybe I will add it later here.
– at least we played good game – which finish was a Draw – Marian got 1472 points and I got 1542 points.