Last Saturday it was pleasure to participate in event done by Martin and Alex in Prague. It was great that after WROHammer vol.3 I was able to rejoin them in Prague. Event was great and we have plans for repeating it in Prague (Czech Republic) and in Wrocław (Poland). We want to do events abroad those two cities too. Praha (PRAAGHammer) and Wrocław (WROHammer) communities have bond we want to continue to grow up!

Friendship and friends are important for everyone, as I had abroad most friends from Russia I have meet many great ppl from Czech Republic, want to meet more!

– it’s great to play with friends abroad, we want to repeat it in July, then probably Wrocław, then Praha. Then repeat.
– thank you Ludek, Tomas and Vladimir for three great games.
– I love our talk about everything.
– Alessandro mate, thank you for believing in me!