This windy Sunday we played with Karol average battle in case of points, as both forces had 1250 points. On one side were brave German Fallschirmjägers (paratroopers) supported by powerful feline – Königstiger – better known as Tiger II. On the other side were advancing Red Army accompanied by famous T-34-85 tank. After ordering some tosts and drink I was ready to start playing. It was great idea to have to include snacks and tosts in hobby shop. We played in Bolter, which has next Saturday birthday event.

– thank you Karol for great game! It was great to see Tiger II on the table.
– main problem of big cats are points, I had 16 Order dices vs Karols 7. In such disproportion one side should be defender (half of units hidden) with some units in reserves.
– I guess I was here for up to five hours, we played maybe 2,5h, then I had some interesting conversations after – thank you Adam, Arek, Karol, Rafał and the others, really great day after playing Witcher 2 until morning.
– we had some points with Adam and Arek about updating few things in Black Powder.
– some talk related to Wendesday landing in Salerno, Italy.