Bolter Action vol.2 – again in Wrocław Wtorek, Lu 28 2023 

On last Saturday I participated in event which happened in Bolter – Bolter Action vol.2 . Event was done by Fort from Ostrów Wielkopolski and Bolter from Wrocław. Warlord spirit was also there as they supported event.

I had three great games – first against Roberts Canadians – it could be a draw, but I managed to win. Second against Jędrzej Soviet Union, I’ve been massacred, jet it was great game and our civil war were are bitter game to the end. The last game I played against Mateusz US, it was game which result wasn’t sure till the end. I losed it, but we weren’t sure to the end who will win.

Just some photos from this event below.

Bolt Action: September 1939′ – railroad to Romania Piątek, Lu 24 2023 

Today we played bigger game on ‚Early war’ 1800 points per side – where army of IInd Republic of Poland were securing railroad depot in area of Lwów, waiting for a train with important officials. Unfortunately German Abwehra and Soviet intelligence got information about that fact. In the railway station were half of Polish troops. Germany start on the one table side, Soviet started on the other with half units in reserves.

– Axis and Soviet Union got victory 12:6.
– great game during early war period of time, need to paint more Soviets for early.
– thank you Maciej and Łukasz for good game, with 3600 points of table – we managed to play it during 2h 30 m – we were really fast, as we played till turn 6 and turn 7 hadn’t arrived.

Middle Earth: Dunharrow vs Dol Guldur Czwartek, Lu 23 2023 

Today I played a game on 450 points against Dawid’s Dol Guldur – it was great game and again I know that I had to paint some more army than Dunharrow, as they are limited to two units and two heroes – King and Herald of Dead – of course, in legendary legion I can take Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas – but on larger amount of points.

– it was great game, thank you Dawid!
– I’m still learning and I know that for 450 points games I should just paint Gondor or Rohan.
– have to paint Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas for Dunharrow – on higher points I need them.

WFB: Neigbours disputes over Marienburg Środa, Lu 22 2023 

Last days I had too much free time, sometimes things happen unusual way. Still there are positives – I can play more games including WFB – today 7th edition. With Bartłomiej we played game on 1250 points per side, I played my Empire and Kislev, my opponent played first time his Bretonnia.

– it was great game and it’s nice to see that younger generations are intrested in file and rank system, especially WFB.
– need to paint some meele infantry and more missile armed handgunners and crossbowmens, maybe hellblaster, as again I saw that I have too much cavalry which should fight with enemy weakend by my own fire.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – In search of lost artifact Wtorek, Lu 21 2023 

Yesterday we played with Łukasz a game against the game – first time I was playing in cooperative way in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and it was good experience. It was a long time ago, when I last played with Łukasz. So it was nice to play again and even some plan of playing campaign was born. I had to finish some more USA style building – the church on the table was painted by me around 1,5 year ago and finally it was used in Fallout. I got this church for Sharp Practice during American Civil War, but happilly it can be used in one more game.

We played it on Monday evening in Bolter. Need to play more often in this game, still need to change one important think in my life, as something collapsed week ago at the end of Monday.

– great time spend on playing with Łukasz against the game. Thank you Łukasz!
– have some inspiration to finish more building and paint some more miniatures for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.
– hope we will start some campaign against game, I bought book for it in past. Now book is under milimeters of dust.
– need to find STL. files I bought several years ago and ask someone from my friends to print some appropriate terrains.
– our team were looking for something, part of some engine or maybe a Holy Christian book – we don’t know it jet, as we weren’t able to get inside the church.

War never changes – which is quote used in Fallouts – yes, war never changes.

WFB: A clash with enemy who doesn’t exists Niedziela, Lu 19 2023 

Last Saturday I played another game in 2022-2023 league of WROHammer, which was started due efforts of Palen. I had chance to play against Piotr’s Skaven’s. We played with rules attached to page mentioned on the top. We play 7th edition rulebook and army books are generally from this edition as well.

– it was great game, although I have to rethink how to play against such monstrous things like abomination.
– some more days to thinking about changes, not only in tabletop games.

One common thing with my battle, one side was tablet from the field.

General d’Armee: Battle for crossroads Poniedziałek, Lu 13 2023 

On last Saturday we played bigger battle in General d’Armee – on one side were British and Portugal led by generals Damian and Tomek, on the other side were mix of many different European nations represented by French, Prussia and Russia led by Bartosz, Jakub, Piotr and me.

– it was great battle – from initial four players we grow up to six generals around the table.
– victory belonged to continentals and cavalry did great job on the left flank.