General d’Armee: Battle of nations – take the bridges! Czwartek, Maj 18 2023 

On last weekend we played a battle in General d’Armee, there were four of us, Bartek and Jędrzej were playing France and me and Tomek were playing coalition lead by Great Britain with Portugal, Russia and Spanish as here allies.

Many thanks to all participants for great game and for great time after, on dinner in SOTE pub close to Bolter. Of course I hope that we will continue our games and I will wake up again on Sunday mornings.

– at the end French succesfully secured one bridge, another one was still in hands of Allied troops. I think that we need more time to play such game – we played around four hours.
– thank you to Rafał for showing me rulebook for this, after small talk why I losed interest in Black Powder ruleset, which is simple, but few things with really bad rolls can destroy your will to play. Then tests with Kuba and Tomek – that’s it, I’m waiting for second edition of General d’Armee.

General d’Armee: Battle for crossroads Poniedziałek, Lu 13 2023 

On last Saturday we played bigger battle in General d’Armee – on one side were British and Portugal led by generals Damian and Tomek, on the other side were mix of many different European nations represented by French, Prussia and Russia led by Bartosz, Jakub, Piotr and me.

– it was great battle – from initial four players we grow up to six generals around the table.
– victory belonged to continentals and cavalry did great job on the left flank.

Black Powder: Civil war Sobota, Sier 14 2021 

Today we played our monthly game in Black Powder, one one side was Arek with British and Portugal, on the other were Bartek, Tomek and me with British and Russians. So in someway it was civil war beetwen British .

– my artillery studied maps off the field for whole time.
– it was great game – usually there were more generals and bigger table.
– one of those big battles with all models painted.
– need to paint another officer group, to make separate cavalry regiment.
– thank you everyone for game.

Black Powder: First game Sobota, Mar 20 2021 

Today I played my first game in Black Powder and first game in Bolter shop. We played three on three in scenario when main object is to secure and held monastery. As I don’t have too many painted Russians I used borrowed models plus my only painted battalion with command group. It was interesting game. I played with Damian (Portuguese) and Rafał (British) vs Adam (Vistula Legion), Marian and Mikołaj (French).

– nice return to Napoleonic era. I guess it could be good idea to read about those times and units.
– game written by Rick Priestley and Jerwish Johnson cannot be bad and is really nice, a little bit different to games I know.
– shame on my, that my army is not painted with exception of commander, infantry batallion and two cannons. Need to finish some WFB and go back to Black Powder.
– hopefully it’s not last game. We played this game in Wrocław, Lower Silesia – there is group on Facebook – Wrocławscy Bonapartyści.
– my first game in Bolter, first game in Black Powder. List of nice places to play in Wrocław extended – as I like all time to play in (I returned to playing by ordering from them WFB/Bolt Action before AoS started) and in Aga and Ada, I hope to return to Bolter, at least to play and learn Black Powder.