WFB: Empire and Kislev, High Elves vs evil Beastmen Sobota, Sty 23 2021 

On the Saturday of 23.01.2021 we played pitched battle – four players, four armies – each army value was up to 1500 points. So we played two on two. On the good side was my Empire and Kislev and Piotrek’s High Elves, on the bad side were two armies of Beastmens – lead by Marian and Marcin.

Good armies can have variety of reasons to join they forces against evil side – in this case it could be High Elves looking for they ancient treasures or artefacts left in the Old World, when they had colonies centuries ago. Empire and Kislev force where send to check what they are doing – with no conflict or almost in, they realize that common enemy want also check what is hidden inside old elven ruins.

– first big battle in 2021, wish more such battles.
– need to read again 7th Rulebook, as we still had some doubts and still have.
– we played on Marian’s board on Marcin’s improvised table with my terrains (photos below).
– first time my mortar did something to someone and not exploded. Cannon was more succesfull than ever.
– my roster was almost the same as in previous games.
– first time I used Lore of Shadows and those spells are really nice (4 and 5 are my favourites) – first Total Power from a long time (three 6’s).

WFB: Empire and Kislev vs Night Goblins Czwartek, Sty 14 2021 

On 14.01.2021 we played with Marian (from small game – 1000 points per side, we played in 7th edition, still I used army book for 6th edition Empire. Both sides had everything painted, so it’s a kind of game I like. It happend somewhere in Kislev, on the border with World Edge Mountains.

Empire troops were composed of:
7 Knights Panther with full command group, lead by a captain (equiped as knights) with Banner of Valour
7 Kislev Winged Lancers with full command group, lead by a boyar (equiped as lancer) with Enchanted Shield
10 handgunners with marksman
2 x 5 Ungol Horse archers
Great Cannon

Night Goblins were composed of:
49 Night Goblins with full command group, three fanatics, lead by a hero with Mad Cap Mushrooms
30 Night Goblins with full command group, three fanatcis
10 Squig Hoppers
15 Squigs in a herd, pushed by 9 night goblins
3 Stone Trolls

– great game with minor victory for Marian’s Night Goblins – it was 1031 for Marian vs 795 for me (we counted standards, generals, half of units and quarters).
– I really need to replace in such small games one heavy cavalry unit with infantry with detachment.
– there weren’t any magic spells in games and not many magic items at all.

WFB: Bretonnian archers Sobota, Sty 9 2021 

Last time when I was painting at home with friends few months ago I decided to strip my old Bretonnians archers from old paint and repaint them. Then two or three months later I finished them. In late 90′ I took two units of archers in addition to two units of KoTR and I managed to get third place (don’t remember convent name – Szederiada or Melkoriada – event which happend on weekend in schoold on Romualda Traugutta in Wrocław). I won some blisters as well as 24 more Bretonnian archers – now I want to paint or repaint most of them.

I love Bretonnian fluff – especially that from 5th edition, as well from 1st edition of WFRP – when I was young I tried to combine both with strange effects. Then 6th edition and 2nd edition of WFRP happened. After years I can say – I prefer fluff from 5th edition rather than from 6th, but in case of diversity of units I prefer 6th over 5th (still miss some better infantry and better archers – like Bergerac company). Generally in case of fluff – I guess that no one could shoot longbow in 6th edition fluff – as commoners paid 90% tax to they lord – on Chaos where we are, too dark reality for me.

To paint them I used following paints and contrasts from Games Workshop:
– basecoated them using Wraith Bone.
– bases are Death Forest Green – as I realized that I’m not sure which colour replaced Goblin Green and after tests I liked that new paint.
– skin colour is Contrast Guilliman Flesh.
– belts, bags etc. Doombull Brown.
– bows, arrows were done by Contrast Wyldwood.
– uniforms were painted with Contrast Apothecary White and Contrast Talassar Blue.
– boots were painted with Contrast Black Templar.
– metal elements including helmets, buttons etc. Leadbelcher with Nuln Oil.
– fleur-de-lys on banner – first was Leadbelcher, then Zamestri Desert, then Auric Armour Gold and some wash with Reilkand Fleshshade.

WFB: Tristan le Troubadour and Jules le Jongleur Wtorek, Sty 5 2021 

Last year I realized that I want to repaint Tristan and Jules. Firstly I painted them around 20 years ago, but it wasn’t great job and they had few layers of paints. So I strip them from old paints and repainted. I started painting those two on last day or days of 2020. Those two appeard in 5th edition Bretonnia army book, but also got they rules in 6th edition. In both edition they are balanced character/hero choice and I hope to use them in my games either as special characters or as musician for my Knight of the Realm unit. Now Tristan is ready to continue his quest to seek a Grail.

Tried to paint with contrasts as well as ordinary paints.
Buildings are around 20 years around.
This character and more are here.

WFB: Hochland halbaldier Piątek, Sty 1 2021 

First model painted in 2021 is old Empire clone halbaldier from time of 4th edition. Wanted to check which colours should I use for painting whole regiment (around 25-30 models). I painted him in colours of Hochland, green and red. So Karl is ready to defend Empire and is waiting for the rest of his unit.

Anyway wish great 2021, many painted models and played games, health and return of normality!