Last time when I was painting at home with friends few months ago I decided to strip my old Bretonnians archers from old paint and repaint them. Then two or three months later I finished them. In late 90′ I took two units of archers in addition to two units of KoTR and I managed to get third place (don’t remember convent name – Szederiada or Melkoriada – event which happend on weekend in schoold on Romualda Traugutta in Wrocław). I won some blisters as well as 24 more Bretonnian archers – now I want to paint or repaint most of them.

I love Bretonnian fluff – especially that from 5th edition, as well from 1st edition of WFRP – when I was young I tried to combine both with strange effects. Then 6th edition and 2nd edition of WFRP happened. After years I can say – I prefer fluff from 5th edition rather than from 6th, but in case of diversity of units I prefer 6th over 5th (still miss some better infantry and better archers – like Bergerac company). Generally in case of fluff – I guess that no one could shoot longbow in 6th edition fluff – as commoners paid 90% tax to they lord – on Chaos where we are, too dark reality for me.

To paint them I used following paints and contrasts from Games Workshop:
– basecoated them using Wraith Bone.
– bases are Death Forest Green – as I realized that I’m not sure which colour replaced Goblin Green and after tests I liked that new paint.
– skin colour is Contrast Guilliman Flesh.
– belts, bags etc. Doombull Brown.
– bows, arrows were done by Contrast Wyldwood.
– uniforms were painted with Contrast Apothecary White and Contrast Talassar Blue.
– boots were painted with Contrast Black Templar.
– metal elements including helmets, buttons etc. Leadbelcher with Nuln Oil.
– fleur-de-lys on banner – first was Leadbelcher, then Zamestri Desert, then Auric Armour Gold and some wash with Reilkand Fleshshade.