Warhammer 40k: HQ Sobota, Lu 27 2021 

I managed to finish some models I started painting some time ago. There are some more models still to be finished or started at all. Someday.

WFB: bloody struggle beetwen Bretonnia and Empire Sobota, Lu 13 2021 

Today we played with Marian bigger game on 2250 points per side. Marian played Reikland and I played Bretonnians from border area of Parravon and Quenneles. We are still learning again new things, as we still do mistakes.

– It’s hard to counter magic, when your enemy have three wizards (lvl 4, lvl 2 and lvl 1) and you have one (lvl 2).
– first time from a long time I meet so many shooting, three cannons, two hellblaster volley guns.
– my best unit of Grail Knights was eliminated by enemy fire, even banner increasing ward save didn’t help them.
– Men at arms did nothing, at least the survived along bowmen.
– My army standard bearer – worked well as always, my Duc did not succed well.
– army list, maybe I will add it later here.
– at least we played good game – which finish was a Draw – Marian got 1472 points and I got 1542 points.

WFB: Just playing Bretonnia Piątek, Lu 12 2021 

Many years passed since I first time played 6th edition (started in 5th around 1997). I played less and less and stopped somewhere around 2005. My only army stand on shelf above my desk for a long time, and I played her rarely – once a year or not, up to the 2015. In 2015 when I started new job, I meet friend (thank you Krzysztof Sz.) who played Orcs and Goblins in 9th Age, I got it. I heard that GW has some plans for WFB, so I bought Green Knight, two trebuchets, three boxes of Men at Arms. It was good choice, as GW discontinued my beloved system. Then everything started – I got Bolt Action and due that meet great ppl I never know before – it was 2016, I started new work, greatest one. Then I realized, that among ppl I meet are many ppl collecting or playing WFB, happilly I refreshed contacts with ppl I losed 15 years ago (thank you Marian P, Marcin S, Piotr K, Rafał W. and many more). We started playing smaller games, like for 1000, 1200, 1500 points per side, but now is historical moment – 2250 points, my army looks almost the same as on last tournament I played in Sfan (shop in Wrocław) with exception – now I have Men at Arms I hadn’t had in past, plus I have some more archers. Some magic items and virtues on characters are different, still I don’t remember all stuff my Duc Tancred de Beauville had in past. Many things changed, like most of time I’m playing 7th edition, but I like to return to 5th and 6th.

I have more Bretonnians, still many need to be repainted, refreshed or bases need to be done again.
Some of the banners where hand painted, I should use Latin on them, not English.