Today with Kuba we played probably last time in 2020. Main reason is another lockdown which starts from 28th in Poland – I suppose that there will be no place to play until 17th of January. But let’s come back to our game. We played on 1600 points per side, using army books from 6th edition and rules from 7th edition.

Empire and Kislev:
– Empire captain with Sword of Might and Icon of Magnus, full plate armour and barded warhorse
– Kislev boyar with Bitting Blade, Enchanted Shield, heavy armour, lance and warhorse.
– Empire lvl 2 wizard using Fire Magic with two Dispel Scrolls (never used, as we assumed, that I cannot dispel incantations with scrolls).
– 9 Knights Panthers with full command group and War Banner.
– 9 Winged Lancers with full command group.
– 10 Kislev Ungol archers with full command group.
– 5 Kislev Ungol archers with champion and musician.
– 10 Handgunners.
– 10 Great Swords.
– Great Cannon and Mortar.

Tomb Kings:
– Tomb Prince and two liches (don’t remember what they had).
– around 25-30 Tomb Guards.
– unit of 20 skeleton archers.
– around 25-30 skeletons with spears.
– 4 Carrions.
– Screaming Skull catapult.

– my second game with other WFB army than Bretonnia, decided to use heavy cavalry working together.
– did nothing with my artillery, the same with Kuba’s catapult.
– I won minor victory. It was 818 points I got versus 512 points got by Kuba on me.