Today with Kuba we played small pitched battle on 1000 points per side. Bretonnians wanted to take ancient Khemri relicts, but there were guardians – Tomb Kings raised from they graves to defend they treasure from Bretonnian thiefs.

We played in Aga i Ada in Leclerc – they have more terrains for 40k, so our board was empty, ruined part of Nekkekharan city. So there is another shop new for me, where we can play tabletop games in Wrocław (others are on Podwale, in Astra and on Bielany and Feniks on Kołłątaja).

From Bretonnian side:
– 10 peasant archers in skirmish
– 6 Knights of the Realm (full command group)
– 20 men at arms with spears (full command group)
– 5 Grail Knights (full command group)
– paladin, battle standard bearer and damsel of the Lady.

From Tomb Kings side:
– 25 Tomb Guards (full command group)
– 20 archers
– Screaming skull catapult
– scorpion
– if I’m correct – priest and one more hero.

– it was interesting game, as I don’t remember when I played against Tomb Kings – I remember games against Vampires.
– Grail Knights killed scorpion plus in some way catapult, as it got misfire when was shooting against them and was destroyed.
– I should charge archers with every knight, so probably I would get in touch with Tomb Guards faster.
– my battle standard bearer (Grail Vow, Sword of Might and Gromril Great Helm) plus KoTR unit – the most succesfull units from this battle.
– Men at arms – this game they were here – never get into combat. Archers did nothing as well.