Somewhere in Border Princes ancient tomb was discovered in heavily forested area. Area was heavily influenced by magic. Two groups of adventurers never returned and from third one only one hero returned totally insane. Empire along it Kislev ally gathered troops, as only survivor told horrific story about legion of living death.

We played with Jakub on 1600 points per side in Aga i Ala shop in Wrocław.

Empire and Kislev:
– Empire captain with Sword of Might and Icon of Magnus, full plate armour and barded warhorse
– Kislev boyar with Bitting Blade, Enchanted Shield, heavy armour, lance and warhorse.
– Empire lvl 2 wizard using Fire Magic with Dispel Scroll and Wizard’s Staff.
– 9 Knights Panthers with full command group and War Banner.
– 9 Winged Lancers with full command group.
– 10 Kislev Ungol archers with full command group.
– 5 Kislev Ungol archers with champion and musician.
– 10 Handgunners.
– 10 Great Swords.
– Great Cannon and Mortar.

Tomb Kings:
– Tomb Prince and two liches (don’t remember what they had).
– around 25 Tomb Guards.
– two units of 10 skeleton archers.
– 3 Ushabanti.
– 3 Carrions.
– Casket of Souls and Screaming Skull catapult (yes, we knew that it shouldn’t happen as both are Rare choice).

– my first game with other WFB army than Bretonnia, around one hundred models for Empire still wait for painting, then I can start with Lizardmen. As I play with only painted models, I need to paint them.
– did some mistakes, probably I should place all heavy cavalry – right flank, not left.
– now I will remember – champion of Kislev Ungol archers have one more attack, he don’t have higher Ballistic Skill.
– Casket of Souls is dangerous for troops with low morale.
– I losed this battle – it was medium victory for Tomb Kings. Generally treasures of the crypt are still save.