On last Saturday in Bolter we had event organized by „Torgill” – Maciej Molczyk in system developed by GM Boardgames – company from Wrocław, Poland. They have two great systems I had possibility to own Gods of War: General Lee and Gods of War: Togo.

So it was – I had three great games before I went to my another birthday party, great time spend with several admirals including Torgill with whom I played our first game in Togo ever. If you want to ask any questions about Gods of War: Togo – here you can try to find answer – they Facebook profile.

So it begun!

From Torgill – GM Boardgames – organiser of this event:

– it was great to play my first tournament in Togo with many great people, wish to play again and one more time I had to do list before event, mines were waiting and did critical job.
– thank you Maciej for patience, but this time as I was a little bit late, I had to talk with my great neighbour and go back home for token orders.

Polish TV used it for one programme – „Morze”.