On last Saturday 11.03 we played another event in WFB 7th edition in Wrocław, Bolter. Last edition had more players, but we look for the future, as we know next one will be even better! Our friends from Prague arrived on time and event started on time and we finished in time accepted by Bolter. Then we went for some dinner and beers.

We played on modified rules of Grumpy made by Alex avaible here.

Some photos I did after my first and only game.

– great time with many great ppl, many thanks to Piotr from Bolter for all time support!
– there were different armies as there were: Bretonnia, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, The Empire, Greenskins, Ogre Kingdoms, Vampire Counts and evil Chaos minions called Skavens.
– first place belonged to Daniel with Ogre Kingdoms (44), second place belonged to Alessandro (43) with Greenskins and third place belonged to Wojciech with evil Skavens (42 if I’m correct).
– everyone took prizes, three for everyone plus there were vouchers for 1st, 2nd, 3rd plus Ranald luck and Shalya mercy.
– thank you Alessandro for being judge and to Marian for photos, sorry for losing first match 12:8, I’m usually play weaker cavalry Empire plus Kislev 😉 .