Gods of War: Togo – Bolter event on 25.03 Środa, Mar 29 2023 

On last Saturday in Bolter we had event organized by „Torgill” – Maciej Molczyk in system developed by GM Boardgames – company from Wrocław, Poland. They have two great systems I had possibility to own Gods of War: General Lee and Gods of War: Togo.

So it was – I had three great games before I went to my another birthday party, great time spend with several admirals including Torgill with whom I played our first game in Togo ever. If you want to ask any questions about Gods of War: Togo – here you can try to find answer – they Facebook profile.

So it begun!

From Torgill – GM Boardgames – organiser of this event:

– it was great to play my first tournament in Togo with many great people, wish to play again and one more time I had to do list before event, mines were waiting and did critical job.
– thank you Maciej for patience, but this time as I was a little bit late, I had to talk with my great neighbour and go back home for token orders.

Polish TV used it for one programme – „Morze”.

Chain of Command: Barbarossa 1941′ – „Secure a bridge” Środa, Mar 29 2023 

Today I played my first game in Chain of Command (CoC) with Kris in Wrocław Bolter. It was nice game in system which is at some points similar to Sharp Practice which is also from Too Fat Lardies, but during Napoleonic/American Civil War era.

We played a battle for bridge in the are of pre-war Polish Wohlyn (Wołyń) – there was objective in the middle – a bridge allowing trucks and wheeled vehicles to move without problems. German Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) had to secure it and Soviet Russia had to blow it up or at least held enemy away on the other side.

– similarities to Sharp Practice are well visible, jet only similarities.
– it was my first game, hopefully not last, still learning it.
– it was great game, moving patrols is important to create deployment zone, vehicles starts on the road, soldiers cannot shoot stayin behing they friends and probably some more things I don’t know now. Need to play more games, to know such things.

Compared to Bolt Action:
– it’s just different and I can say that I like both systems.
– big plus is that models from ‚Bolt Action’ can be used in ‚Chain of Command’.
– don’t be affraid to jump from one ruleset to another, I like both – one from Warlord Games and other one from TooFatLardies.