Today with Duderson we played in Bolter bigger game on 2,000 points per side, I had Russian fleet composed of Borodino, Varyag, Aurora, Novik, Ushakov and two squads of Buynyi destroyers – two on one base. My oponent has Japanese fleet composed of Mikasa, Niitaka, Izumu, Skikishima, Takachiho and one squad of Hayabusa torpedo boats. We played scenario number one – line battle with exiting on the opposite corner of the table. So it begun with setting our fleets on the table.

– next time I should avoid mines, I tried to clear them, but without success, so I losed Aurora and Novik on minefield, Borodino and Varyag were heavily damaged because of them.
– we have plans to play big game again 🙂 .
– thank you Duderson for great game.
– in case of result, it was achievement on the level of Tsushima for Japanese.

Stopping ship or warship weren’t simple, it was time costing opearation involving many people.