Into the 3rd Reich – Outskirts of Berlin Piątek, Sier 26 2022 

Today we played with Karol scenario where Soviet Union sappers were building bridge and German army had to prevent them from doing it. Additional points were for Red Army for crossing river via constructed bridge. I had force of 1100 points, as I was defender with my Red Army, Karol had around 1600 points. In addition I had free sappers constructing bridge. At this moment I cannot say more as scenario can be changed a little bit.

My list was something experimental for me and is here. Karols stuff is on photo on the plate.


  • it was interesting game and some kind of test we done as well. Thank you Karol!
  • In case of objective – it was Red Army victory, in case of dices Germans took more.
One of the Russian songs I love and understand as many words are similar.

Suburbs of Voronhez – war on eastern front Środa, Sier 17 2022 

Today we played with Maciek battle in times before Tigers and Panthers arrived to eastern front. Both sides had they HQ close to front line and main target for each player was to take and destroy enemy HQ placed in tents.

– thank you Maciej for great game!
– it was Maciek’s German victory.
my list – yet at game T-34 wasn’t participating – Maciek took less models – when I saw what he has, I said that for having fun game I will take down T-34.

Gods of war: Lee – Skirmish on Yellow Creek Sobota, Sier 13 2022 

Today we played nice tournament in Gods of war: Lee organized by one of it’s creator – Maciej Molczyk – event happend in Bolter, Wrocław, PL. More about game is on GM Boardgames. Gods of war are avaible in Bolter – official distributor.

It was totally cameral event called tournament, I played with Maciej – creator of this system against his French and with Marek against Union. Big thanks to Wojtek, for providing me army of my beloved Dixie. My own army is not assembled with several exceptions.

– I prefer spirit of the game, don’t care if I win or not, meeting good people is most important point in wargaming for me. That tournament was great!
– thank you Maciek for patience, as I was late. My fault – playing Witcher till 5:00 wasn’t clever idea.
– will participate in next tournament, know it.

One of the best advertisement I saw. People are created for better things that wars. Just too many things on my mind. Wish peace in Eastern Europe.

Finland at war: outskirts of Vyborg Piątek, Sier 12 2022 

Today in Bolter we played with Łukasz Winter War – 1200 points per side. Both sides had to control important crossroad and roads to the west and east of it. A

– thank you Łukasz for great game.
– today it was my second game with Łukasz, first one was another attempt to correct Ambush scenario.
– we should remember story beyond and soldiers of both sides.

Duel in the sun: British vs DAK Czwartek, Sier 11 2022 

Today we played in Marian estate small game which happened in the African desert not far away from Tobruk. Both sides seem similar – jet Germans were a little bit more mobile. Marian played DAK (Deutsche African Corps) and I took his British 8th Army.

Main target were to take and hold lone 8,8 anti air gun – holding it to an end was worth 3 VP, each unit was worth 1 VP. Half of units were placed 20″ from each corner and other half came in second turn as wave.

– it was DAK victory over British Commonwealth – 10 to 3 VP.
– thank you for great game Marian from Maniexite.

General d’Armee – Prussia vs Russia (EN/PL) Sobota, Sier 6 2022 

Last Tuesday we played with Karaś small battle in General d’Armee – we still learn this system and it was third game I played and second one with field marshal Karaś. I played with my Russians and Karaś played with his Prussians.

W ostatni wtorek zagraliśmy z Karasiem małą grę w General d’Armee – nadal uczymy się systemu i to była moja trzecia gra i druga w którą zagrałem z marszałkiem polowym Karasiem. Grałem swoimi Rosjanami i Karaś grał swoimi Prusakami.

– Prussians took bridge and route Russians.

– Prusacy zdobyli most i odrzucili Rosjan.

Warsaw Uprising 1944′ – Ambush on Marszałkowska Poniedziałek, Sier 1 2022 

Last time I was asked if I can organize game related to Warsaw Uprising 1944 – something historical and victorious – I was interested in history of uprising in the past, so I started searching what part of this can be used for scenario. In my mind were different battles beetwen Home Army (Armia Krajowa) and German forces occupying Warsaw. I had at start five possible city battles:

1. Liberation of Gęsiówka concentration camp, where Home Army of batallion „Zośka” liberated 348 European Jews – Panther tank captured by insurgents were used in this action. Most of the then free Jews joined Home Army.

2. Battle for Warsaw University, where soldiers of Polish army attemt to capture building of univeristy with use of self made armoured car „Kubuś” and captured German APC called „Jaś/Szary Wilk”.

3. Battle of landings at Czerniaków – river landing of Polish People Army (Ludowe Wojsko Polskie) of general Berling – to support Home Army in they battle for Polish capital. Many soldiers of LWP were from Kresy Wschodnie of 2nd Republic of Poland.

4. Battle for Pasta – after I realized that we don’t have building representing Pasta itself, I started searching and realized that I can develop scenario related to ambush on Marszałkowska street on forces going to support garrison of Pasta.

5. Defence of Michl palace – valiant defence done by batallion: „Parasol” (Umbrella). Soldiers managed to hold on against five enemy attacks supported by tanks and elite SS soldiers.

In case of Warsaw Uprising its heroic as well tragic part of Poland and Poles history – we shouldn’t forget about it. Up to 200,000 of Poles were killed or murdered – not to forget about massacres of Ochota and Wola. After uprising which started on 1st of August and lasted 2nd of October 1944′ Hitler orders were clear – to destroy Warsaw completly and build new city in her place. Fortunately city was rebuild and it’s still capital of Poland.

Let’s return to scenario, I realized what terrains are in Bolter and started drawing map of Marszałkowska and surrounding streets. Of course I miscalculated with terrains – but I realized it when we started building table composed of three table 48″ on 72″. Whole scenario will be published when I correct it.

Main targets were for:
– Home Army to not allow Germans to leave field going north to Marszałkowska and Sienna.
– German column had to leave with as many units as they could via Marszałkowska and Sienna.

– I overcharged with tables and buildings – we should use two tables 48″ on 72″.
– game was good and I was moderator and scenario was also of my own – jet before publishing it I have to correct it and maybe retest with someone even with other kind of WW II participants.
– all ruins on the left should be buildings as Marszałkowska wasn’t destroyed in days I wanted to do ambush on German column going to PAST’a building.
– I have to rewrite rule for hidding set up and finding such units, at least we checked it.
– I added rule for throwing Mołotow coctail with range of 6″ and +2 penetration, always hitting from the top, it will be rewritten with other things before I add this scenario probably in both languages PL/EN.
– main plan focused on three waves, but we soon realized that we have much more German miniatures – Home Army soldiers unit’s which were lost respawned again in some points – that must be corrected too.
– thank you Bolter stuff and Rafał for moderation, to Home Army players Łukasz and Michał and for German players Karaś and Sławek.
– special thanks to dr Piotr Galik who told us some stories I know and some I never get in – as I well remember that on Polish side were ppl of other European and non European nations, I well remember Gęsiówka – but never investigated that fate of freed prisoners is uknown – I hope that some of them survived Uprising. I never knew that Polish and other pilots from Allied side fled to Warsaw as addition to they normal flights. It was great to hear something new!