Today we played nice tournament in Gods of war: Lee organized by one of it’s creator – Maciej Molczyk – event happend in Bolter, Wrocław, PL. More about game is on GM Boardgames. Gods of war are avaible in Bolter – official distributor.

It was totally cameral event called tournament, I played with Maciej – creator of this system against his French and with Marek against Union. Big thanks to Wojtek, for providing me army of my beloved Dixie. My own army is not assembled with several exceptions.

– I prefer spirit of the game, don’t care if I win or not, meeting good people is most important point in wargaming for me. That tournament was great!
– thank you Maciek for patience, as I was late. My fault – playing Witcher till 5:00 wasn’t clever idea.
– will participate in next tournament, know it.

One of the best advertisement I saw. People are created for better things that wars. Just too many things on my mind. Wish peace in Eastern Europe.