Yesterday night I painted Polish TKS with 20 mm NKM (najcięższy karabin maszynowy – heaviest machine gun). Around 570 tankettes TK-3 and TKS were used by Polish Army in September 1939′ – of whom around 20 were armed with NKM. Polish tank ace Edmund Roman Orlik fought on this vehicle and during one fight near Pociecha village he as leader of platoon managed to destroyed two German Pz.35 and Panzer IV commanded by Wiktor IV Albrecht of Racibor – who father was antinazist and his service was probably just revenge.

Polish tankettes were most numerous vehicles of Polish Army in 1939′. Next to them were 7-TP light tank – 132-134, wz. 34 – around 90, FT-17 – around 50 mobilized, Vickers E – around 32. There were also around 50 R-35 French tanks, but only three were used in combat.

In case of Polish armour, support vehicles, trucks and armoured trains – look on this great page: