Gods of War: Togo – Line battle on Japanese Sea Poniedziałek, Maj 8 2023 

Today with Witosław we played a battle on 2,000 of points per side, I played my Russian Baltic fleet and Witosław took his Japanese. Our game took around two hours, the losses were smaller than usually – I losed group of torpedo boats because of my mistake.

When we played a game designer announced new fleet – Royal Navy – some details of it on the bottom 😉 .

– it was great game in our never ending struggle with Witosław, at the end we counted points and it was 62 to 58 for Japanese – it was a Draw.
– one good thing I can say – Royal Navy is on sight and there is incoming project for it on Kickstarter HERE and some words on GM Boardgames on they Facebook HERE. Plus some words about it on my blog HERE.

Mordheim – a bandits in the temple of Sigmar Sobota, Maj 6 2023 

We played another games in Mordheim. First game was a clash beetwen Dark Elves and Dwarf treasure hunter around Sigmar temple occupied by bandits shooting at closest warband. Seconde game was a struggle of Bretonnians, Dark Elves, Dwarfs and Pirates of Sartosa.

„Hans, I spoted several warbands, coming from differents directions, I can smell Dwarfs, sounds that wine drinkers Bretonnians, roar of something big and maybe Tilean? Karl – let say to everyone to take position and aim crossbows – they will not take us.”
a talk beetwen Hans and Karl, Stirland tax collectors

So we played Warhammer in smaller scale again in a row.

– we tried something new, as four players on one table and it was good. We had to train before we start playing campaign.
– we know we had to do some terrains for this skirmish, old houses or walls from Bolt Action perform well, but we need more.
– I guess I will write some article about how to do warband for Mordheim without selling nerkeys 😉 .

Helm’s Deep/Helmowy Jar/Pasaż Grunwaldzki Niedziela, Kwi 30 2023 

W niedzielę 30.04.2023 tak się stało, Cornholio sprawił, że graliśmy w Pasażu Grunwaldzkim bitwę o Helmowy Jar. I zagraliśmy, był to festiwal mangi i anime, mnóstwo osób odgrywało różne role w Cosplay, a my z Łukaszem odgrywaliśmy nas, graczy, którzy w najważniejszym momencie na kości K6 rzucają 1. Mieliśmy trochę ulotek z miejsca w którym zawsze gramy i mieliśmy okazję rozmawiać z różnymi ludźmi, byli wśród nich fani twórczości Tolkiena, fani gier RPG którzy dowiedzieli się o nocy tych systemów w Bolterze.

On Sunday of 30.04.2023 it happend, with Cornholio we played in Pasaż Grunwaldzki battle of Helm’s Deep. We played, there was a lot of manga and anime, many Cosplayers and me and Łukasz playing as gamers, players who rolls in most important moments on D6 – 1. We had some hundresds of leaflets from place we play and we had many occasions to talk with different ppl, among them were fans of Tolkien, fans of RPG’s who were informed that there are nights of RPG in Bolter and among other events there.

– it was great to be there anyway, but I see that I’m to shy for such events.
– it was manga, anime and one of the greatest tabletop system Middle Earth: SBG – Cornholio and Tancred, it was great!

– było świetnie być tutaj, ale nadal widzę, że dla takich wydarzeń jestem po prostu wycofany.
– tam była manga, anime i jeden z najlepszych systemów bitewnych – Middle Earth: SBG – Cornholio i Tancred, to było świetne!

Coming back to Mordheim Czwartek, Kwi 27 2023 

Today with Alessandro we came back to ruined capital of Osternmark and we played three great games in city forgotten by Sigmar.

„I saw a graveyard and big temple around it, Lady told me that there is something important to her, to the king, to Bretonnia – my lord, there is nothing, we looked everywhere and we cannot found anything. Some steps on the street, some more steps and hearable Reikspiel. Etienne came to the Armand: My lord, they are coming!”

– it was great to visit Mordheim again, last time I had only bad memories about last game – facing hardly shooting Kislev with a bear wasn’t great experience with almost empty table without terrains, but it was ten years ago.
– we have plans to play campaign in city of the damned, so yes, along WFB it will be my favourite system in Old World.
– we played in Bolter as almost always we do and today we played next to really popular in Wrocław system Conquest, probably I could step in as I know players, but as I have WFB, Mordheim, Middle Earth SBG, Bolt Action/Chain of Command and Gods of War: Togo, I wouldn’t have time and time is some kind of value we cannot extend unfortunately.

Middle Earth SBG: Master in Wrocław 2023 Wtorek, Kwi 25 2023 

On last weekend (22-23 of April) in Wrocław we had an tournament in Middle Earh SBG: Individual World Championship (in polish Indywidualne Mistrzostwa Wszechświata). In large hall of Politechnika Wrocławska were a lot of tables and 64 gamers of 68 formerly enlisted, playing each other six games for eternal glory and good fun. This event was organized by Marian supported by Pola and a group of people, responsible for different things from finding a place up to organizing some transport.

Event had following sponsors:
Bolter – wargaming and rpg store in Wrocław
Playmaty – shop with game mats and other accessories
Unreleased Miniatures – shop with miniatures

In addition Bolter supported this tournament with numerous game mats and terrains, accessory for seven tables were provided byWarsaw team. To not forget – players from Wrocław community provided their own terrains and mats.

W ostatni weekend (22-23 kwietnia) we Wrocławiu odbył się turniej w Middle Earth SBG: Indywidualne Mistrzostwa Wszechświata. W wielkiej sali Politechniki wrocławskiej było mnóstwo stołów i 64 gracz z pierwotnie zapisanych 68, grających sześć gier dla zdobycia wiecznej chwały i dobrej zabawy. Wydarzenie to zostało zorganizowane przez Mariana, wspieranego przez Polę i grupę osób odpowiedzialną za różne rzeczy, od znalezienia miejsca do grania, po zorganizowanie transportu.

Wydarzenie miało sponsorów w postaci:
Bolter – sklep z grami bitewnymi i rpg we Wrocławiu
Playmaty – sklep z matami i innymi akcesoriami do gier bitewnych
Unreleased Miniatures – sklep z figurkami do gier bitewnych

W dodatku Bolter wspierał turniej licznymi matami i terenami, akcesoria dla siedmu stołów przywiozła drużyna z Warszawy. By nie zapomnieć – gracze z Wrocławskiej społeczności dostarczyli także swoje tereny i maty.

– this year I was there only as a support, usually observing Cornholio battles and moving around with camera, original plan for me was to go to Prague for WFB – event done by my friends.
– it was great to be there and next time I would like to participate as player.
– Wrocław will organize Master next year, so if you want to come, just come!
– thanks to organizers and participants – Lublin, Warsaw and others! Hope to see you again!
– if you want to know about events in Wrocław – HERE is our Wrocław group.

– w tym roku byłem tutaj jako wsparcie, przeważnie obserwując bitwy Cornholio i włócząc się z aparatem dookoła, oryginalny plan był taki, bym był w Pradze na WFB – wydarzeniu organizowanym przez moich przyjaciół.
– było wspaniale być tutaj i następnym razem z chęcią będę uczestniczył jako gracz.
– Wrocław zorganizuje Mastera w przyszłym roku, tak więc jeśli macie ochotę wpaść, wpadajcie!
– dziękuję organizatorom i wszystkim którzy brali udział – Lublinowi, Warszawie i reszcie! Mam nadzieję zobaczyć was znowu!
– jeśli chcecie wiedzieć więcej o wydarzeniach we Wrocławiu – TUTAJ jest nasza wrocławska grupa.

WFB: Exploration of Albion – a fight for lost comrades Czwartek, Kwi 20 2023 

„One more beer for our friendship said Rurik Brassgaze, one more said his new fellow, young knight Louis de Beauville! – camp was full of Bretonnians knights and they servants and Dwarfs they meet during travel in wild area of the Albion. Both parties agreed that they will rejoin they forces, to achieve they mission together, both were tracking Dark Elves who catched they kinsmen in area close to small port Neue Reikdorf in Albion. Both sides had many common in tracking they enemy”.

Today we played smaller game in WFB with army books from 6th and rulebook from 7th edition. It was game played two on two with 600 points per gamer. Together with Alessandro Dwarfs we played on one side, on the other were Dark Elves of Bartek and Krzysiek.

– good to hear before game, that I’m looking happy – strange, as I’m looking for some interesting job – not remote anymore.
– It was nice game and we will repeat it with maybe more points, next time we want to just give a try to old Mordheim.
– we are open to play smaller points, I’m still thinking about some form of campaing, where everyone have a castle and three random places like a town, village, mine, shrine, forest etc. so troops can be a little bit different – still no idea how to organize it.
– next WROHammer will be probably something different to previous one, but anyway, we have to talk about it, in small team.

„Do you smell they fear? Yes, it’s delicious – we have more captives, but we should go for more – release Cold One Knights, they smell them! Yes, let’s start hunting for hummies and davies, run! Catch them all!”.

WFB: In a search of tomb of long forsaken Khorne warrior Wtorek, Kwi 18 2023 

„Somewhere in the north Bretonnia Khorne warriors party landed from the sea and were looking for long forgotten tomb of ancient Khorne warrior, which name was cursed in past and only in they sagas is sung as ‚Bloody whip for Bretonnians’ – damsel of the lady Eleonora had dream about horrors buried in ancient grave, she warned duc Tancred de Beauville to ride forth, as they were on the road in area of tomb – so Bretonnians ordered by they duc had to investigate a tomb, when they appeard – another party emerged from the forest.”

Today we played with Basiorek in Bolter on one thousand points in classical 6th edition of WFB with 7th edition rulebook. Basiorek was playing Khorne army from Norsca or even more to the north, while I was playing my classical Bretonnians from barony of Beauville. As I have to mention some armies from Old World and areas far beyond can be still done with use of current Games Workshop offer – look HERE.

Photos done from Khorne side were done by Basiorek, from my side were done by me.

– at the end we counted scores and Basiorek owned 732 to my 712 – so with such love difference it was draw.
– great game on smaller points, hope to repeat it in the close future.
– it’s funny, I know Basiorek because of our common friend Klocek for many years and we played a lot of Warhammer: Invasion card game, but it was first time we played tabletop game and it was WFB 🙂 .

„When the dust of battle settled, the crypt was found empty, and the Chosen of Khorne withdrew into the forest with the coffin. Duc Tancred ordered his squires to scout next day, as night fell, a few of the best have convinced the duke to move now.”

Gods of War: Togo – Somewhere on Japan Sea Poniedziałek, Kwi 17 2023 

Today we played with Duderson battle on 2,000 per side – I played with Russian Baltic fleet composed of the same fleet I played last time. Duderson played Japan Imperial Navy. Both of us participate in Gods of War: Togo – league 2023 – so our result was send to organizer after game was over.

– at the end we counted points and it was 44 for Duderson and 56 for me meaning minor victory for my fleet.
– another great game, when I was taking care about mines in the water. Thank you Duderson!

Happy Easter! Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych! Sobota, Kwi 8 2023 

I wish everyone believers or not Happy Easter – health, wealth and peace! Wish peace for Russia and Ukraine, Poland neigbours – I know people from both countries and have friends among Russians, wish peace in Palestine and Minor Asia, in Africa. Wish cooperate beetwen people of „The Book” – Christians, Jews, Muslims and all the other religions and ateists – I have friends who don’t believe. My best wishes to my friends from Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Moldova, Phillipines, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and all the others!

Życzę wszystkim wierzącym lub nie Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych – zdrowia, zamożności i pokoju! Życzę pokoju dla Rosji i Ukrainy, polskich sąsiadów – znam ludzi z obu państw i mam przyjaciół wśród Rosjan, życzę pokoju w Palestynie i Azji Mniejszej, w Afryce. Życzę współpracy pomiędzy ludźmi „Księgi” – chrześcijanami, muzułmanami, żydami i wyznawcami innych religii, jak i ateistami, mam przyjaciół którzy nie wierzą. Moje życzenia kieruję do przyjaciół w Australii, Belgii, Czechach, Filipinach, Królestwie Niderlandów, Niemczech, Mołdawii, Rosji, Wielkiej Brytanii i wszędzie indziej!

Gods of War – Togo: Borodino’s vs Mikasa Piątek, Kwi 7 2023 

Today with Witosław we had game on higher points – 2,000 points per player. I used fleet of two Borodino class battleships, three cruisers – Varyag, Pallada class – Aurora, Novik and one group of torpedo boats. On the other side were Mikasa, three cruisers and three fleets of torpedo boats. We spend good time playing on „Wieczór weteranów” (in en – veteran evening) – day when Bolter is opened longer and all different games are played, today also painting evening was organised.

Somewhere in Pacific Ocean the story begun.

– good game which resulted as Draw – I had 50 points to Witosławs 54.
– we agreed to play revenge game in next two weeks.

Nothing related to navy, rediscovered this great song.

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