Bolt Action: Salerno – Allied landing by air and sea Środa, Czer 1 2022 

Today we played second part of campaign on Sicily. It was recreation of combined action of Allies forces in area of Salerno, Italy. American and British troops landed by air and sea in area of Salerno. This campaing we play in Bolter and is supported by Polish Institute of Remembrance,

– thank you all for good game.
– as German side we forgot briefing and losed initiative.
– Allied side won this battle.

Bolt Action: Seelow Heights, on road to Berlin Niedziela, Maj 29 2022 

This windy Sunday we played with Karol average battle in case of points, as both forces had 1250 points. On one side were brave German Fallschirmjägers (paratroopers) supported by powerful feline – Königstiger – better known as Tiger II. On the other side were advancing Red Army accompanied by famous T-34-85 tank. After ordering some tosts and drink I was ready to start playing. It was great idea to have to include snacks and tosts in hobby shop. We played in Bolter, which has next Saturday birthday event.

– thank you Karol for great game! It was great to see Tiger II on the table.
– main problem of big cats are points, I had 16 Order dices vs Karols 7. In such disproportion one side should be defender (half of units hidden) with some units in reserves.
– I guess I was here for up to five hours, we played maybe 2,5h, then I had some interesting conversations after – thank you Adam, Arek, Karol, Rafał and the others, really great day after playing Witcher 2 until morning.
– we had some points with Adam and Arek about updating few things in Black Powder.
– some talk related to Wendesday landing in Salerno, Italy.

Bolt Action: Night fighting near Salerno Piątek, Maj 27 2022 

Today we played a part of Italian campaing which took place beetwen small forces of American Rangers and German patrols and crews of batteries covering a bay near the Salerno itself. Scenario was provided by Karol and I took Germans and Olek took forces of USA. We played it as part of bigger campaing we played last Wendesday in Bolter, Wrocław, PL. So it was a night…

– interesting game with objectives and many inexperienced units on German side with all veterans on the other side.
– thank you Karol for interesting scenario and Olek for game.
– today my strenght of will had been passed and my Confederates still don’t have cannon.

81 years ago German battleship Bismarck was sunk.

Bolt Action: Italian campaign – A race to Messina Środa, Maj 25 2022 

Today (25.05.2022) we played in Bolter first struggle of campaing on Sicyly – when Allies forces raced up to take Messina. This campaing is supported by Institute of Remembrance (IPN). One table were British against Germans and on the other USA against Germans and Italians. Who would be first in Messina general Bernard Montgomery or general George Patton?

Table of USA and Germans&Italians:

Table of British and Germans:

– thank you for great game to Karol (and for borrowed to me models), to everyone who participated, to sponsor Institute of Remembrance (IPN) and to place we played – Bolter!
– Victory belonged to British, as they were faster than USA – historically general Patton was much better than his British counterpart.

Bolt Action: Ambush and counterstrike Piątek, Kwi 29 2022 

Today we played in Bolter two games with Karol – first was an ambush when Red Army tried to escape from a trap and another one was a typical Tank War.

– two good games, first one took us more time and second was much shorter.
– we still think how to improve some rules and setups.

Battle for Festung Breslau – assault from north Czwartek, Kwi 14 2022 

Today with Marian from Maniexite we played alternative history, where Red Army took north of the city of Breslau by fast attack of mechanized troops, took districts Kleczków, Nadodrze, Ołbin – all important bridges in the centre like Bridges: Pomorski, Uniwersytecki, Mieszczańskie, Piaskowe, Pokoju were blown up by brave German defenders – jet for maintain contact with all Grunwaldzki area gorgeus Grunwaldzki Bridge (former Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge) was spared.

Originally Red Army crossed Oder River to the west of Breslau and assaulted from west and south – those areas were heavily destroyed and trace of it is still visible – as Germans were blowing up whole quarters to made they artillery clear field of fire, also Soviet artillery and air bombings did destruction – this was total war.

– it was great game and scenery was part of Wrocław in area of Grunwaldzka (before Wrocław was Wrotizla, Wratislavia, Preslau, Breslau and Wrocław) – we should remember all of people who were living there.
– it was alternative story – as Soviets troops took Festung Breslau from west and south – area of Grunwaldzki and few others never saw street fighting.
– we cheated each other together – so it’s fair for us 🙂 .
– few more games and it will be Marian fully returned to Bolt Action!
– farewell to Planszó in Astra, many great games and many great people I meet there – still they will be avaible as internet shop. Thank you for everything and wish you return stationary as a Fenix!

Bolt Action: Breaktrough to Tunisia Środa, Kwi 13 2022 

Today we played bigger battle where Germans tried to do last attempt in stopping combined Allied forces from taking Tunisia and gaining good position to further assault on Sicily. In this game all Germans vehicles plus unit transported by trucks were first wave and started game on the table, all the others were 2nd wave. Then Allies started coming off board – units without transports were coming then, also as 2nd wave.

– thank you all for great time!
– This time Allied troops won!

Bolt Action: From Tobruk to Kasserine Poniedziałek, Kwi 11 2022 

As you maybe know in Wrocław, Poland we play many different games – among them WFB, Middle Earth, 40k, Black Powder, many skirmishes – among those games is great Bolt Action from Warlord Games. While last time I had some serious things on my head, which was moving IT stuff from one office to the other, so I wasn’t playing games for last two weeks, but I’ve been on „last” game of African campaign supported by Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (IPN).

On last Wendesday 6.04.2022 we participated in event connected to history, model making, education and reconstruction.

Event was open by no one than director of Wrocław IPN dr. Paweł Rozdżestwieński and head of the branch (in PL called Naczelnik Oddziału) of the Office of National Education in Wrocław dr. Katarzyna Pawlak-Weiss. Then all fluff about Tunisian campaing were told, especially about battle of Kasserine Pass and fights for Mareth Line. In first part one of us – Maciej Molczyk said words about Polish Independent Carpatian Brigade up to the moment were it was changed to 3rd Division of Carpatians rifles, being part of 2nd Polish Corps. In addition there were ppl in uniforms of this unit.

In meantime IPN got great diorama, painted by Bonapartist Paint Studio.

After prelection Bolt Action games on two tables started, I said that I will be there for minutes, finally I left at the end of event.

Below photos are mix of photos done by Wrocław IPN with logo of IPN and some photos done by me. Text was translated from IPN post.

Bolt Action: Pre-tournament excercises Środa, Mar 16 2022 

Today on the Bolt Action evening we played 1,000 games on tournament conditions – there were four of us – me, Jędrzej, Karol and Marek – we played two different games, me on Jędrzej and Karol on Marek – so it was Red Army on Heer and Great Britain on Heer.

Jędrzej and Marek if I’m correct goes to tournament in UK on May and they wanted to play with someone they want play, I agreed and asked Karol if he can too – with Karol we are not tournament players (I was in past in WFB 5-7th editions).

– it was nice to play 1 vs 1 on Jędrzej, we usually play bigger battles in Black Powder, jet we played some WFB game too.
– with Karol we manage to build two nice tables from terrain avaible in Bolter.
– we played scenario from Fortress Budapest – it was to take control over some important things placed on table, in case of my battle with Jędrzej I lost 10 to 5.
– thank you all for game and shop for place to play!

Bolt Action: Making bridgehead Sobota, Mar 12 2022 

Yesterday we played in, Wrocław, PL game on 2000 points per side – I with Franek played on Red Army side and Karol played Germans, we were supported by Krisu at some point of the game to the end of it.

On table were four objectives and bridge – each objective was worth one dice – main objective – river crossing was our target – side with most soldiers up to 10″ could take bridge.

– another interesting scenario we played last time and I think it’s the best way to play games,
– during game KV-1 and Panther tanks were destroyed, there were many lost soldiers on Soviet side, Germans loses were much smaller.
– Franek – next time do your rosteer sheet – it’s easy with Easy Army.
– my mortar was really good with hitting Karols infantry – I guess did biggest casultaties.
– thank you all for game, wish more – unfortunately next Friday or two of them I will be off as I have some work related duties.

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